Friday, September 23, 2011

Playing in our woods...

Camryn here:
For some unknown reason (to mom) I suddenly didn't wanna ride back thru my woods.  Rather than whip me into submission as had been recommended, Mom thank heavens simply broke out her clicker and bag of treats.  Guess what riding in the woods is fun after all.  No instead of bulking and saying "now way", I"m  all "Pa-leese Mom can we go play in da woods".
We was supposed to camp again this weekend.  The weather man said "nope, no camping for you".  The Ohio Horseman's Council is having a obstacle ride tomorrow.  Da area for parking is in a valley and grass, Mom's worried that in spite of 4-wheel drive if today's rains keep up as promised we won't be able to get out, if we can get in.  Her's gonna pack up the trailer just in case cause we really wanna go play.
Hooves crossed we get to to, AND that we can get the truck/trailer in/out if we do.  Yeah, I know I'm trained to pull but, don't have proper equipment to do so.
Oh, Promise eye doesn't look any worse.  Doc said it would, an the comfy tube collar be helping to keep her from rubbing.

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  1. Camryn, I hope you guys get to go camping this weekend!
    And I am so glad that your mom uses the clicker and treats. . .much tastier, huh? And it makes riding much more of a pleasure :)