Monday, September 12, 2011

Playing with my Neighbors...

Camryn here:
Since Pippin and Doc my Hafly blog friends over at Living A Dream introduced their neighbors.  I thought it appropriate to introduce a few of mine too.  You know, Doc and Pippin that imitation is the sincerest form of flattery don't ya!  I also mismatched your names above so neither of you would get jealous and think I play favorites :)
So anyhow introducing my bestest friends:
On your left is my friend Dakota with her Mom Danette.  On the right is Eclipse, he's my other best friend, he's with his Mom Lori.  They both live next door, just like 90 feet away.  I can see them from my paddock, pasture and my bedroom window.  During certain times of the month (You mares know what I'm talking bout), Dakota holler back and forth lots complaing bout our ovaries n stuff...
Dakota is kinda embarrased here.  Her and Eclipse are going on a riding getaway at the end of the month and having dress rehersals to make sure their new gear doesn't bother them.  Dakota thinks her boots look like bedroom slippers.  Her's aren't a pretty red like mine!!!
I'm not going on the trip cause there are cliffs and Mom is afraid of high places like that.  Her did say maybe next year though, she'll just take some valium and let me worry bout the cliffs <kidding>...
What is it with humans?  They see a camera then drop everything to smile and wave.  Don't they know cameras can't wave back???  Eclipse is like "Moooom, your embarresing me"!!!  I mean he's standing there half dressed with his breast collar just hanging and all.  I don't blame him a bit.


  1. Hi there, Camryn, I think it's neat that you copied our post. And, I know that you really like me best 'cause I'm the cutest! Also, when I was bucking (in case you couldn't tell from the rear view) I was the second one out of the gate. So, I was the one doing all of the fancy kicks... to the right, to the left and on down the hill. As to the, er, sounds we sometimes make from that place, I believe I may have let one or two fly... but maybe with the wind blowin' you couldn't hear them! Oh, but did you hear the squeak after the gate made that groaning sound? That was me squealing as I went out the gate! It was nice to meet your neighbors - take care, Pippin!

  2. Camryn, It looks like you have very nice neighbors! I love the view from the top of your head!

  3. About those hills - FYI - I just got back from a four day camping ride in a provincial park. One day we had a four hour ride with hills all the way. I had no idea how unfit I was until that ride. I was a wet noodle at the end and my horse had to take over on the way back. I really needed core strength to deal with the hills. Also, I learned I really don't enjoy the hills. I'd rather ride flat. Now I know Camryn that your Mom is much fitter than I am, but this was new for me as we don't have many hills in our area. It also tests your saddle fit with all the vertical pull. Riding hills was something I considered to be a problem. Love your Blog!