Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Never Forget--2nd Chiro visit...

Camryn here:
First off, please everyone, remember all those lost 11 years ago today. 
Mom keeps hearing that song "Where Were You When The World Stopped Turning" playing over and over again in her head. We hope it gets stuck in your head today too.

Dr. Tony came again today for my 2nd Chiro visit aka Spa Treatment.  Again no pics, bad Mom, bad Mom. Anway as soon as I saw Dr. Tony I came trotting in from my pasture, of course I do this for even the Vet.  I just love having visitors I guess.
Dr. Tony said he could really tell I was feeling better. Specially in the withers, that area is no A-OK now.  I did give just wee ugly face when he started on my neck but, just as quickly stopped with my mean look and started licking and chewing, my lip dropped and when he moved to another spot, I said "go back where you were pretty please" so he did.  My shoulder is better but, still needs work, my hip didn't make me jump at all like it did last time.  I did give wee ugly face on the hip but, didn't pin my ears and threaten but I still didn't like that at all.  By the third time he went over me (he always does each thing three times) I was totally chill.  I kept turning my head back and askin "what ya doing now Doc".  My front leg stretch outs felt way good.  My bum hip stretch out not so much, I didn't like that. He added working on my jaw which I liked too.
Mom says she can tell what I like by my face.  For the most part I was all ears up & interested or licking, chewing and droopy lipped. 
I'm his only Hafy patient and only short patient.  He mainly works on jumpers and racers, so getting up under my neck he finds quite funny!  I can tell he likes me cause he kept telling Mom what a wonderful disposition I have.  Mom let me show off playing basketball and he loved that.  I'm guessing I'm his only hoop shooting patient too!
Mom did take a few pix after:
I bend this way...

Now I bend that way, I'm a regular Gumby I tell ya!
Mom says he wants to hear how I do being ridden next visit.  Mom had given me the week off after my 1st treatment.  She's had Chiro work done before so knew I'd appreciate it.  Did you know that non-horse humans didn't even know us horses had our own Chiro guys?  Imagine that, they just think we can just pack them around with nary a problem DUH!


  1. ooooooooh a spa treatment again how wonderful. Ah non horsey humans. Such fun creatures and so cute at times.

  2. LOL I get the Chiro got a kick out of your shorter stature... but I bet he realizes you have just about the same muscle mass as those big guys! It sounds like you had a great report!

  3. Glad the chiro is working out for you! Don't you love being the only Haffie patient? And I bet the only basketball playing horse around! That one is a big hit, I bet!

    I get strange looks when I tell non horsey people that Shy has a chiro. . .oh well. . .what we do for our animals :)