Saturday, September 29, 2012

It's mine now...

Camryn here:
Headed over to neighbors to play with Jesse n Teddy.  The newest boarder a little Icelandic named Landii was there too.
First we played some groundwork stuff.  Then I spotted one of those big horse balls tucked in the corner of the bedding bags.  I wanted to play with it really bad and kept asking Mom if we could.  Finally her said yes, I was soooo happy.  I went over and picked it up and carried it into the middle of the arena.  Everybody was laughing about how I certainly wasn't afraid of it.  Sadly the ball shoulda been afraid of me though...
How was I supposed to know the darn thing was so fragile? 
So, now I got my own ball, cause Mom said "you broke it, you bought it"!  Her's gonna buy Danette a new one but, I won't be lowed to play with it SIGH  Mom took this picture after we was done playing and the ball was nearly empty of air.  Good thing about my emptying it though, Teddy wasn't afraid of it after it couldn't move about so easily!!!
After the ball, they got all these hoola hoops out.  I'd never seen hoola hoops and coupla of them rattled.  Mom laid one of those down near me, I picked it up and it eventually ended up over my head!  Then Jesse did the same thing with his, good reason to like him hee hee.  Mom was kidding around and put it over my butt, I didn't care but the boys was all looking at me.  One of the girls said I could be a circus pony someday!!! 
Landii and Teddy weren't to fond of the hoola hoops, so Danette and Mom led us over them with those two followin and before you know it the hoola hoops didn't bother them no more either. 
There were some pool noodles too, one was sitting way up high on the stacked bedding bags.  Mom went over there to get something so I reached up and pulled it down, course that got them laughing again cause I was walking round with this big ol noodle in my mouth.  Mom said something bout me being a Golden Retriever?  Oh, I think we bought the pool noodle too, seems they weren't meant for retrieving so much!
Next Mom mounted up and we played with my new broken ball some more.  Very fun day for sure!


  1. Haha! What a day! You sure are quite the retriever. . .and now you know how to get toys for yourself. . .break someone else's!

  2. Ah, you are a mare after Pippin's heart! He would love to chew on a ball... chew up a noodle...anything!

  3. Maybe your mom could get you some new toys while she is replacing the ones you have aquired. I had a lovely ball in my field when lu shared it with me. It was very tough and had a nice handle to pick it up with.

  4. OK, please enlighten me here in Scotland - what on earth is a "pool noodle"?