Saturday, September 15, 2012

Out with the guys...

Camryn here:
Finally we got to go hit the trails today.  And what a beeeeeutiful day to do it, nice n cool in the high 60's,  not a bug in sight even.  One of the best things was I had someone to ride in the trailer with me even.  His name is Teddy, he's a 20 year old Arabian.  Personally I like older men and he's way handsome and very nice n polite too.  He boards at the neighbors, he and his Mom (Missy) don't have a trailer and haven't been out and about in a coupla years.  So when the ride was being planned her asked if anyone had room in their trailer.  Danette called us and we said "of course".  So, Mom loaded me up, then we drove down the road to the boarding barn to pick up Teddy.  He's like me in that while he loads no problem, he wants to back out before the butt bar, so I knew I'd like riding with him.
We went to a place called "Hinkley Reservation" it's about 20 minutes from us.  Danett & Sally trailered Jesse and Levi.  Levi is actually Lori's horse, but she couldn't go & Sally had to say goodbye to her 36 yr old horse three weeks ago.  So, Lori offered Levi as Sally's ride so she could go, that was very nice of her.  Mom took her camera and actually used it too!  The using it part is actually pretty amazing I think!
That's Teddy & Missy in front of us.  We took all took turns leading, at first I was in the lead on account I was the only mare.  Us mares gotta lead out till we're sure the gelding we're with have brains you know!

 See those leather strings tied behind my ear?  They came in real handy on the way back.  Somehow Levi's bridle kinda fell apart, I mean literally.  It's one with Chicago screws and they fell out.  Now everyone is always gonna tie extra strings like we do just in case.  They got things kinda fixed, though not enough for the bit part.  Fortunatly Lori always rides Levi bitless so he was cool.  Sally on the other hand was VERY nervous being that she's not Levi's person and all.

This is Danette & Jesse. Jesse is a 10 yr old Fresian/Quarter cross.  Can you say "Hubba Hubba"?

This is a closer up of Missy & Teddy! It's nice having such a handsome trailer mate I think.

This is Levi pre bridle falling apart, he's a 5 yr old paint. Mom says he's really to young for an experianced mare like me though.

If you biggify you might be able to see the two TWH coming down the hill.  They blew by us at one point causing a ruckus with the by then bitless Levi.  We'd moved over off the trail for them and they didn't give one hoot about proper trail manners!  Levi calmed down but, not before backing right into one of them.  I'm pretty sure he was saying "don't be so rude dude"!
We ran into another group of riders at a junction in the trail.  We all stopped and had a nice little chat with them.  Very nice peoples and horses they were.
Of course again geldings!!!  What's a girl to do, that big black Warmblood was calling my name I tell ya!
I just can't decide what to do with all these handsome hunks!
Mom put the camera away after this one, we were getting ready to trot and her didn't want the camera banging around her neck.
We only ran into one mare while we were out, all the rest were geldings.  What's up with that?  There were tons hitting the trails today on account of the weather.  When we'd pulled in the there were only two other trailers, when we got back the entire lot was full.  Ran into several hikers and one jogger, Mom thanked the jogger guy for being so polite as he stopped jogging and just walked soon as he saw us then he knew enough to call out a "hello" to us too.
I did really good, even when Mom had to dismount to recinch me a tad.  When she remounted however I told her "you got off, we're done"!  Mom explained that we still had a ways to go though SIGH!  We got to see some deers too, though not many as Sally talks lots so I'm sure they all heard us coming and left the area.  Some of the things Sally said had Mom & Danette laughing so hard they could barely ride, Mom says Sally is a "hoot".
We did come across one Ranger guy driving his ATV on the way back, it had a roof with a shiny glass windshield.  I was in the lead and had never seen anything like it before, I mean who rides ATV's with roofs for goodness sakes.  I wanted to go by it really bad but, my feets just wouldn't move.  Jesse came to my aid as he'd encountered this "thing" before, being a gentleman he kindly came up beside me and we walked past together with him closest to the "thing"
Once back to the trailer Me n Teddy hopped in, we ate and talked about the ride the entire ride home.  Mom took them back to his barn, I wasn't happy when he unloaded and I didn't.  I yelled for him all the way home.  Mom said fortunatly we only live two minutes away or I'd have had a "hoarse throat"  Get it?  A horse with a hoarse throat!  Ha Ha!
My saddle pad is in the wash now and I'm gonna rest up soooooo,


  1. Sounds like a fun ride! Shy is usually the only mare around, too. I think she likes it. There are only 3 other mares in our barn.

    It is fun to be the only mare, you and Shy get all the attention! ;)

    1. I know it's awesome being the onliest girl. Jesse the Hunka Hunka kept trying to ride with me :) Guess he likes girls with "junk in the trunk"

  2. Hey Camryn, Mattie here! Guess what? i get to move to a barn with nothing but boys!! I L-O-V-E them geldings! Only one's my brother "Willie" he's such a turkey! And "Scout", well, he's just so-so. But, oh, there's a handsome Boy named Paddi and he's a thoroughbred who used to race! He's such a gentleman!

    We mares have to lead those boys on the trails, don't we? They'd be lost without us!


    1. Hi Mattie. Your gonna love being the only girl, just like Me n Shy. Geldings got no ballz is what Mom says!

  3. Hell of a ride Camryn! Well done you!....Dont worry about them ATV`s, one came pst me and my rider some months ago, didnt give a hoot either! Scared me! But got my own back last week, saw him in a ditch the ATV was upside down, and another car was all banged up!
    (nobody hurt!)

    1. Glad nobody was hurt, and maybe the driver learned a lesson. don't normally mind ATV's but this one had a roof and windshield that was totally strange to me.