Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Chiro #3...

Camryn here:
Dr.Tony came out again today for my 3rd adjustment.  First off, allow me to apologize for lack of pics AGAIN.  Gonna have to fire that photographer I think!  Can't fault Mom alltogether for that as I was a bit of a putz.  Dr. Tony came a little early just as I was diving into lunch, I was a tad bit grinchy about not just being interupted from my feast.  But, Mom actually gathered it all up and put it away too!  That was down right rude I tell ya.
Dr. Tony still said I was a very good patient though Mom disagreed on that point.  They talked lots about how I felt being ridden, Dr. Tony was thrilled to hear all the positive differances Mom's been noticing.  While they were talking Dr. Tony pointed out to Mom that my neck even looked longer.  Mom hadn't noticed that one but, he was right.  I'm much less compacted in the neck, though that is the one area that he says is still sore right now.  Every thing else is AWE-some!!!  He was thrilled to hear that on our trail ride that I led the pack out and everyone commented on the new horse Mom was riding hee hee!  Mom didn't think about it being from my Chiro stuff till the next day even.  Mom asked Dr. Tony if it was just her imagination or if the dips behind my withers was actually filling in.  He told her she was right, he said he hadn't thought it was atrophy at all just that I was so out of balance my muscles was differant. 
Her wanted to ask about what her can do in between visits in particularly something to help me round up my back.  Her forgot, he's coming again next Tues. so she'll ask then.
Mom, Dr. Tony and me are all very happy with how my adjustments are making me look and feel!


  1. Yay! That sounds awesome, except for the lunch being interrupted and taken away part.

  2. Yeah, I hated that big time. Took any pleasure I may have felt out of my adjustment I tell ya.

  3. Great news about the chiro stuff working. Not so great news about having lunch removed. I am with you on this one just plain rude, rude, rude!

  4. Hooray! How wonderful to feel better!