Thursday, September 13, 2012


Camryn here:
     Ride two post 2nd Chiro visit.  Mom was singing the whole time, or humming!  Dr. Tony had asked how I felt riding last week.  Mom was "I gave her the week off to recoup", so he prescribed some riding wanting Mom to make sure to tell him if there were any differances from pre-adjusting.
     There sure were, for one I normally stumble a handful of times in the pasture, 1st ride I did but, just onced and cause my toe dug in as we went up an  incline so good reason.  Today, not one eensy weensy stumble even.  Mom had always attributed my little stumbles to the fact that there are lotsa roots from all my trees.  Mom even made sure by riding over the root areas bunches singing "this is a test, this is only a test". 
     Also while I would trot I was hesitant to do it, except out on trail.  Yesterday I was more than happy to accomadate Mom when her asked, and today I even asked nicely "please can we trot"!  Also I would only trot on the straight, rarely ever would I hold my trot in a turn no matter how big we was making the turn.  Mom had attributed that mainly to the fact that since we went treeless her trotting has gotten very sloppy.  It did and still is, sorry Mom gotta tell it like it is.  Now that I like to trot again we be workin on her trot skills!!! 
     On the ground, while I'm not ear shy, I do begrudge having them messed with.  Mom puts swat in em for debuggin, I know and understand why it needs to be done.  But, I just don't like it.  Now that my atlas (poll) has been adjusted, I'm like "ooooooh, that does feel good".  Stead of Mom feeling me tense, her feels me relax into it.  We both like that.  Her also "swats" my udders, on my bum hip again while I'm polite, Mom would always remind me to stay still as I didn't much like it.  Today I was reaching back with my lip all wiggly cause it felt sooooo good.  AND Mom was able to give me a soft hug and instead of turning my head away a bit, I liked that too!!!  Mom attributed that to me just not needing or wanting to be fawned over. 
     Poor Mom feels really guilty not knowing how I've been feeling, ecspecially since I've been telling her all along! 
     Mom says if I'm feeling so much better that we can only imagine how much betterer and betterer I'll be once I'm all adjusted! 


  1. Wow! I do remember Mom mentioning you were not very huggy! You must be feeling so much better!
    Shy was so head/ear shy when I got her. She does not like her ears touched now, but will tolerate it.

  2. What a fabulous thing to read. How nice you are feeling soooooo much better. Humans are very good at justifying the tree roots for your stumbling. My favourite thing in the world is having the inside of my ears rubbed with a very stiff brush. Human says I am weird.
    Oh and tell your mom to be careful singing if other humans are about who don't know her. They will think she has gone mad....happened to us once a dog walker gave us a VERY wide berth lol.