Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Snip canters over the Rainbow Bridge

Camryn here:
One of my friends "Snip" was sent cantering over the Rainbow Bridge today SIGH.  I didn't know him well, though Mom did. Being retired for the most part, I only rode out with him twice.  Snip was a 26 year old Thoroughbred, solid bay with a snip, hence his name.  He's been blind in one eye for as long as Mom has known him.  Sadly he suddenly and unexplainably went blind in his good eye.  He also began periodic nose bleeds of the kind that filled his feed bucket, along with stumbling.  Tests didn't show anything conclusive, his peoples wanted to just give him time to see what happened.  But, then the nosebleeds worsened and the stumbling started.  Plus he began just standing with his head down as if in pain.
Sooo, now Snip is young again, he can see, he can run and graze to his hearts content...
This is the only decent pic Mom has on her computer that includes Snip.  He's standing on the left alongside Mom's old TWH Mo.  Everyone loved Snip, he was always kind to other horses and peoples.  He may be gone but, will always be here as a Snip in everyones heart that ever met him.
R.I.P. dear Snip


  1. Thoughts of Snip galloping over green grass and stopping to graze every now and then. Sorry to hear about your friend. Sweet journeys, Snip.

  2. So sad to lose an old friend. But there is some comfort in knowing he is not suffering.

  3. Poor old Snip. He sounds like he was a wonderful chap.

  4. He was indeed a wonderful chap. We agree it's better that he's no longer suffering. Vet thinks perhaps a brain lesion of some sort. Mom can picture just what you said Alli, and he's not alone his old best friend Taylor was I'm sure there to greet him.