Sunday, September 23, 2012

Play Day with the boys...

Camryn here:
We was hoping to head out and hit the trails this weekend.  Yesterday was lotsa rain, today cool but, sunny.  Instead of trailering out Danette called to say we'd be hittin the trails out back.  Mom n me were "game on"!
When Mom came back to tack me up she noticed I was acting a bit worried bout something.  Didn't take her long to realize it was Brad just behind our woods, in their woods chopping wood.  The noise didn't bother me none, it was that I could see him, then I couldn't, I'd see him, then I couldn't.  Mom explained to me that when I saw him he was chopping, & when I couldn't he was bent picking up the wood to stack.  Mmmmmmm, I wasn't to sure bout that!!!  So, Mom & I headed back slowly to the back gate to the woods.  We took our time so I could watch Brad more closely.  Once we got into the woods, I got all high headed and snorty.  Mom practiced my whoa, back n stuff with the clicker in hopes that my thinking side would kick in (oh, Mom was leading me from the ground).  Her shouted up to Brad that we was coming & asked him to stop & talk to me.  That helped with him not ducking out of sight so much.  However when we got to a certain place there was so much brush he dissapeared again.  He n Mom kept talking so I knew he was still there.  Once we got outa the brush and we was close I was fine.  Whew close call I tell ya.
Mom n Me continued on  walking and snacking to the arena barn.  Danette had assured Mom that there wouldn't be no more "let the horses loose together".  But, soon as we got there, one said "hey lets turn em loose so they can let off steam"!  Mom said "we'll step outside while you do", her friend didn't understand why, but Danette backed Mom up.  So, since Cameron & Maybe were in their stalls Mom turned me out in their paddock while the boys played a bit.  Guess they'd been in their stalls and needed it.  Mom just had her cell phone camera but, it'll do at least she remembered pix right!
My tail needs a trim & bath I think!

Watching Brad chop wood further up the trail...

Mo-om Brad is chopping wood!!!

Mom just called me in.  Being a good girl I didn't hesitate, being in a differant paddock aided in my haste at listening!
The boys were done, so I came in and did some groundwork stuff.  Then we all retacked and headed out into the woods.  It was really quite fun & relaxing at the same time.  Funny how once surrounded by the boys the wood chopping was no big deal at all.  We rode by them several times.  I think I might like the cute hunk Jesse next door, liked being behind him lots.  We tried touching noses coupla tims but, darn humans said "no visiting."  BAH I SAY!  Lori was riding behind us and commented that my tail was dragging the ground as I walked, which means a tail trim in the near future.  We played for a little over two hours.  After instead of riding to my pasture via the woods, we followed the boys back to Danette's home barn where Jesse, Eclipse & Levi all live right next door to me.  Then Mom n me rode up the drive, between the horse trailer and garage, squeezed between to cars, then out on the road and home.  Mom was like "you have no prob with all that, but a little wood chopping you think will kill you".  Then her laughed and petted me :)

Ohio's #2 crop is mud by the way...


  1. Ohio needs that rain to grow that delicious grass they have!!

    I am glad mom listens to you so good when you are telling her stuff, then she takes her time to make the stuff not scary! Good mom! You are one lucky Haffie and quite beautiful, too :)

  2. You're pretty lucky and beautiful too. And yeah we need the rain, my paddock isn't nearly as muddy as that one, grateful for that!

  3. Send some rain Kansas' way, please... and your tail is gorgeous!

    1. K, look for it, rain will be there shortly. I wiggled my nose, works on TV!

  4. You can all have some of my rain.
    Well done for being so brave about the chopping man. And well done to your mom for not being pressured into letting you out to let off steam.
    So when do we get to see pics of this handsome Jesse?

    1. There are pix of the handsome Jesse on my post about hitting the trail. I think just 2 or 3 posts ago. He's the big hunky gray.