Sunday, October 23, 2011

Ta da, new saddle...

Camryn here:
My new saddle came on Friday, here it is...

Isn't it beautiful, it's gonna look great with my chestnut coat for sure.   The pad pictured isn't the pad it came with cause it was in the wash.  It's gonna look great on me too though.

Saturday Danette came over and put it on me (Mom can't lift even a light saddle on me yet).  I was eating so didn't bother paying much attention at the time.
Mom was worried it might be to long for my back but, it wasn't.  The pommel though was to small and would pinch me.  Not to worry cause it zips right out and Mom can get an extra wide to fit!!!  Other peoples said they simply put a hand towel in instead of the pommel.  The pad that comes with it (not the one I'm wearing) can do inserts so Mom emailed the skito peoples to see about getting some shims for the atrophy on my shoulder area.  That will hopefully allow the muscles to heal and get back to normal. Danette helped Mom up on me to sit in it.  Mom liked sitting in it, and on me a whole lot.  Danette hopped up to and couldn't get over how soft the saddle is.
Now that Mom has been on me & I has a saddle that won't hurt, her antsy to ride again.


  1. That's a barefoot treeless saddle, yes? It looks great! I'm excited for you!

  2. That looks like a nice saddle! Mom needs to heal up so you guys can get to riding again!

  3. What fun to have a saddle that is comfy for everyone! I love the feather detail.

  4. Love that new saddle, Camryn`s colour too!