Saturday, July 20, 2013

Some stressed, some not so much...

Camryn here:
The move is stressing some of the four leggers a bit, some not so much...
Margeaux is in a very stressful state "NOT"!!!  She thought the mattress in the truck bed was put there just for her pleasure.  Silly girl had a bath while the other truck was being loaded up...

Tye is a bit confused by it all.  The dogs was all outside while Mom n Dad put the couch, TV n stuff in the foyer for the night.  Mom knowed Tye would be baffled about "his" couch vanishing from it's normal spot.  So she put some pillows down just for him.  Poor old guy, he's 16 1/2 years old, a tad senile, partialy blind n deaf, he just couldn't figure it out.  Circled for over 10 minutes till he founded the pillows, sighed and curled up for his next 8 hour nap.  Not to worry, if he'd have been truly bothered, she'd have showed him the pillows and/or put him on the couch...

Emily as you can see wasn't stressed at all and found the couch soon as she came back in.  Ivy n Promise did too.  Emily has been a houseguest while Chris is away on Army business.  Her stress is that she's not home but, she stays here often enough it's her home away from home I guess.
Me, I'm like totally unstressed, so long as I gots my foods, waters, and fly spray I'm cool!  Did get my pedicure/manicure yesterday, maybe next time I'll be in my new barn and will get my spa on my patio!!!

Friday, July 19, 2013

Big Moo excitment...

Camryn here:
Today Mom went and got a small load of hay to replace the lost in flood stuff.  Stead of bringing it direct to me here, she took it to the new place.  Just in case we gets floods again, she'll bring it here on an as needed basis.  Anyhow, as she's unloading my hay she notices the five cute little heifers cross the road have a new rather large friend.  Mom's first thought is "mmmm, the heifers a a bit young for breeeding", second thought is "S***, he's not in the fence". 
Yup, a big ol honkin bull is casually strolling down the road!!!  Guessing he stopped to check out the girls?  So Mom hops in the truck to head over and meet the new neighbors.  She has to wait though cause Mr. Bull stops at our driveway!  Mom remembers seeing videos of Bulls not taking kindly to vehicles, and being her truck is kinda red she wanted to give him his space.  After he moseyed on a bit she drove over, two men came outta the barn pointing to the Bull.  Mom hops out of the truck and says "I see you noticed you have a stray".  They said they'd hoped it was her bull!  When she left they was making calls to find out who he belonged too.  They'd sold a young bull to a neighbor a while back that was similar in coloring (dark copper) and hoped that's who he was.  Maybe he wanted to visit his Mom?  In the meantime Mr. Bull had found the fenceline with the main herd and was quite content chewing his cud and figuring out a way in with them. 
Sorry no pics, Mom explained it just wasn't a good time to stop n take pics.  Probably good thinking just in case Mr. Bull didn't like Paparazzi right!!!
I'll be posting kinda hit n miss for a while.  They be moving stuff in the new place, working on things there, then getting things ready to move and working here, so on and so forth.  Don't know why I said "they" cause mostly it be "Mom" since Dad keeps having to travel and when he's not on the road, he's catching up with college stuff.  He'll be done with school after next week, Mom is totally thrilled bout that.  Seems I'll be staying put at least till mid August SIGH.  The fence post peoples can't give a concrete date for the posts, though good news is they can/will do the job.  Seems most don't want to set just posts, and those who will charge like a trillion dollars a post!!! 

Saturday, July 13, 2013

More storm stuff...

Camryn here:
While our Chris was out in the storm helping rescue trapped peoples like Firefighters do, he gave no thought to himself.  He did think of Mom and called in between calls to make sure she was OK.  So, anyhow, two days after the storm he's talking to Mom on the phone while he's got Emily out in the yard.  Suddenly he says in the phone "OH S***"  Seems this happened in the storm...
This is a picture of what was the pavillion and man bridge behind Chris house!!!  Hims insurance will of course take care of this damage.  BUT, in two weeks the baby shower was to be held there!!!  Can it be fixed in two weeks?  We don't know, searching for a plan B place now.  The invites are all sented out and everything though.  Plus all plans revolved being on Chris property where the guys could target shoot while the girls had Sam's baby shower, then a cookout, bonfire, camping and other stuff.  They can't do that at another venue!  The gazebo and barn be fine, so maybe the girls can do their thing in one of those?
Mom n Dad boughted a lovely oak rocking chair.  Samantha doesn't know yet, they're gonna use it at the shower as Sam's unwrap baby gifts thrown, Sam will also get to wear a crown as she's "The Queen" for the day.  Then of course the rocker will be hers to rock little Grandfoal to sleep in when he comes :)  They also gotted a HUGE wood cow with udders n everything for them to use as the target!!!  Mom'll try to remember to get a pic of the cow.  It's really funny!
Oh, Mom's gotted all the spoiled hay outta the barn, Dad's gotta move it back into the woods to open and spread about.  The neighbor lost lots more hay than us did.  We was lucky cause Mom's been buying only small loads till we gets moved.  Next load she'll take to the new place where it's dry, she'll keep a few bales here for immediate use and of course for Margeaux n Maizee to sleep on.

Thursday, July 11, 2013

Lake property...

Camryn here:
Lake property doesn't always mean what you think it means!!!
"Hay, guys welcome to my "lake home"...

"Won't you please come in, I'll give you a little tour"...

"Thirsty anyone?"  Luckily Mom filled my trough just before the storm hit"
Good thing cause the neighbors troughs floated away, being full mine stayed put.

"Yep no matter what goes on around me, give me foods and I be happy"
Mom had to get creative an hang my hay up high though.

"We even be offering boat rides here"  Notice Margeaux (who's foot is all better) she's planning to board the muck bucket boat as it floats by...
Maizee finds a high spot on one of the four bales of hay that came out alive!  The other hays were all floating.  Take not, none of this stuff was close together, it floated that way.  See the saddle stand?  It had my new saddle on it.  Luckily it got wedged between the hay and a crate so it didn't tip over, so it be saved "WHEW"...
Just in case you didn't know this...when you poops in deep water it does float!!!
We've gotten wet befores but, never like this not ever!!! 
I'm wondering just how do ducks know when/where lakes form so quickly?
Yesterday we think will be deemed as "THE FLOOD OF 2012" around here.
Take note that these pics were all taken "after" the water had receded quite a bit, it was indeed a lot higher.  Luckily Mom had come home from working on the new place to clean my room, the storm hit just as she finished.  Oh, yeah a pic of my room please...
You can see from the water lines how it's receded here.  Of course Dad was out of town for the party!  Always seems to be that way, does he plan it I wonder?
The power went out for way long time, AND the generator decided this was a good time to freeze up to boot.  Coarse we didn't have it as bad as others.  Our Chris is a Fireman and was out helping peoples thru the storms.  They'd been on an accident call when it hit in a low area, the floods began immediatly.  They had to load up the uninjured accident peoples to take them to high ground.  On the way they came upon stopped traffic.  As they began to turn to complete their voyage a call came thru for assistance.  The assistance was for a car just in front of them, small kids was in it and it was taking in water.  They lefted their vehicle and peoples being transported to pull the peoples n kids out.  Carried them to their vehicle, loaded them up with the other peoples then began their voyage to high ground again.  They picked up lots more peoples on the way.  It took over an hour to make it to their high ground destination when it shoulda been like 10 minutes.  Once that was accomplished they had to help other peoples out of their homes and places of work via boats!!!  Yep, you read that right!  Chris said the waters were waist deep, a factory had thirty peoples trapped inside that had to be evacuated out via the boats another department broughted them. 
Yeah, to all Fire Peoples!
In the mean time this morning, the waters lefted my barn.  Mom didn't stall me, so's I wouldn't feel trapped and just in case another storm came thru in the night.  Dad'll be home tonight and will most likely have to take the day off to get all the ruined hay out and help Mom clean up the barn.  Mom's getting ready to head to the new place now to check on it.  Rumor has it funnel clouds was spotted there!!!

Friday, July 5, 2013

Margeaux & Promise stuff...

Camryn here:
Mom's gotta take a 1/2 day break from the new house on account of Margeaux having a boo boo.  She became three legged lame so off to the Vet her goes.  Oddly enough it's a year to the day when she had that bad bite that required surgery!!!  This is yet another bite that while it doesn't require surgery it abcessed and needs drained.  Mom's gonna pick her up later once she's woked up from sedation.  Poor Margeaux, Dad hopes that she won't get in so much trouble at the new place.  And whoever says barn cats are inexpensive, well they a. don't have Margeaux or b. don't take em to the Vet!!!  Good thing is she's gonna be OK though.
Now on to Promise...
Ahhhh yes, the face of an innocent girl isn't it
This morning it be raining "as usual", Mom calls the dogs in from their duties.  Towel in hand to wipe down their paws n bellies.  Being Corgis their bellies do get quite wet when it rains.  So as her wipes Promise belly...Promise goes "UGGH GAG" and upchucks.  Not just any upchuck mind you.  Seems she'd just killed then gulped down a CHIPMUNK but, hadn't quite got it down.  So when Mom rubbed her tummy, up it came.  Yep, Mom nearly upchucked too, she made the same noises Promise made as she barfed it.  I'm soooo glad I wasn't there since I can't barf and all, cause it woulda made me sick too.  Imagine an entire large still warm Chipmunk with a big bite would coming outa your dog onto the rug, right by your foot!!!  Feel like barfing now too?

Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Mom is feeling rode hard...

Camryn here:
Mom is feeling rode hard n put away wet, it's not even my fault!!!  I'm being kinda neglected, my needs are being met but, other than that Mom breezes in does her thing then she's gone again.
First thing in the morning she takes care of us four leggers, then she's off to the new house.  Around 2ish she comes to give me lunch, fly spray me, clean my room, fill my water, a quick pet and she's gone again.  Oh, she takes care of the dogs then too, plus maybe does some dishes.  It's almost my dinner time when I see her truck pulling in again.
So far she's vaccumed the house, scrubbed the laundry room walls, pulled out all the stuff from past pictures that had been hung (tons of those), spackled over those holes, let them dry, sanded, respackled...  She's started painting the laundry room (it's big) and hopes to have it done tomorrow, then off to the next room. 
The guy who be running my electric n water connections to the barn came out.  He'll write up his quote then we'll have that done after the 13th.  The old owner is having an auction of all her stuffs stored in the barn on the 13th.  The peoples Mom had lined up for fence posts are booked up now over 2 months out, sooooo Dad might have to squeeze doing that himself.  He's not just working all day but, gots college too, that'll be over on the 23rd thankfully.  Oh, the old owner is coming tomorrow to organize more for her auction.  Mom's hoping she has the sense not to bring her little grandkids, not that Mom doesn't like kids.  But, she doesn't plan to have kids running in and out of the new house while she works. 
Oh, and the new house has "fleas", one hopped on Mom while she was painting.  Where there be one there be a million, so she's now gotta bomb the house.  She says better finding out now than after our dogs move in!!!
The new Mr. & Mrs. D. stopped in to see the new place and really liked it.  Samantha really enjoyed parking her pregger self on the porch and watching the cute cows out front :)
Well, just a forewarning, posting & reading blogs are going to be scattered at best.  Sorry guys

Tuesday, July 2, 2013


Camryn here:
Boy, the blessing they just keep a coming this week.  Something HUGE happened today, Chris and his sweetie (Samantha) became Mr. & Mrs.  D.  They kinda eloped though Mom knew they was doing it, so not sure if that counts as eloping. Chris's Military Chaplain preformed the nuptials.
 After the Grandfoal comes they plan to have a bigger ceremony & reception.  Mom kinda chuckles at that cause of course they won't have time or $ once the Grandfoal comes her says.
Soooo, introducing...
Mr. & Mrs. D
So do ya think Granfoal is gonna be a blonde with blue eyes or what ;)

Monday, July 1, 2013


Camryn here:
Finally, the papers are signed on the new place.  YIPPEE, after this week I know I'm gonna appreciate dry pasture.  Probably gonna be at least a month before I make the move while Mom n Dad get things readied for them too.
Uh Oh, fence peoples just called, they be behind cause of all the rains.  My fence posts wouldn't be done for 2 months!!!  Soooo, Mom's gonna be on the phone all day shopping for new fence peoples cause I don't wanna wait that long SIGH  Dad be traveling lots so doesn't have time for the posts, mmmmm he may have to make time I'm thinking!