Thursday, August 28, 2014

Training Trainer...

Camryn here:
Lil Man Lincoln has potential for sure. He's got all us wrapped round his tiny little finger. 
I hear his lil voice and just gotta come talk to him. He's got lots to say. 

If you look past Lil Mans feet, you'll see Margeaux going for wagon ride with him. I think it's an important meeting they're having. 

Lincoln: "Hey Theo, get over here so Mom can take our picture"

Though now that I thinks about it. Theo is the one doing the training. Theo is always bringing Lil Man Hims Jolly Ball. He has high hope for making a good ball thrower/fetch player. 


Saturday, August 23, 2014


Camryn here:
My house has a nice big upstairs. Perfect for lots of yummy hay. Only access though is a staircase. Not so perfect for fillin with yummy hay. We've been keeping my yummy hay just outside my stall. Great for my making sure I always got enough. But, it means I only gots about 20 bales at a time. 
So, my dear Dad is hard at work...

He'll probably have it all done tomorrow, then he'll put a trap door in too. That way when I'm running low downstairs, Mom can just drop yummy hay down. For a non-horse Dad I must say he's a first rate guy. 
While Dad was hard at work, mom was slacking. She was at ice cream social hanging with Grandfoal. 
His Mom was munching this peach. But, not for long. Lincoln stole it!

Friday, August 22, 2014

Now Theo...

Camryn here,
Theo thought since we'd gotten so behind on blogging for a while that maybe I should talk bout him. SIGH, I suppose I can. 
Theo is doing really good and is super happy here. Cept on Moms workdays anyhow.  He's got separation  issues, just ask the partially eaten love seat. So on workdays he's now in Hims crate. Which he hates too, but he and the house are much safer that way
Mom took him to school, he graduated beginner and advanced Obediance. He's way smart, knows some tricks now, he spins, crawls, talks both loud and whispers. He loves playin fetch, specially my jolly ball. He and Ivy are good friends AND the cats too!!!  Yup took three months of work, he now likes them and for the most part visa versa. He's great with Little Man Lincoln too. He can't wait for Lincoln to play fetch with him. 

Theo "mmmm tastes like chicken"

Theo: "loves my hedgie"

Theo: Me n my purr friends"

Theo: "Don't know who's more confused here. I mean does the kid really think he's a dog?"

Theo: we all be waiting for our Vet to come thru the door together. 

Theo: "I'm a truck dog too. I love going to the feed store with Mom"
So you can see Theo is part of the family for sure. Oh, while we do like each other, Mom keeps him on a lead in my area. Fine with me. 

Wednesday, August 20, 2014

The Littles next door...

Camryn here:
Haven't talked bout the Littles next door in a while. They still love me, nearly daily the come to my fence with something tasty. Carrots, apples, mints, horse treats. Even the smallest Little is in on the action. He just turned two and only knows a few words. Guess what one of those words is. It's his version of my name, Cammy. So sweet.  
Yesterday both my Mom And their Mom both had time for me to give the Littles a ride. Girl Little been taken lessons so didn't need lead, Mom had to walk with us though cause she's Little for a 9 year old. It was easy for me to ignore her and walk back to the barn. Then it was 4 yr old Littles turn. He had his cowboy hat on and had big plans oh galloping like in the movies.   Mom foiled both the hat an the galloping thinking though. 
When Little cowboy is ready to ride, he gets scared and doesn't want to at all.  He does get on but, very worried bout it all. I stood way still for him while Mom assures him that if all he wants is for me to just stay still that's what we'll do. So we did just that for long time.  The wee Little just stood and watched with his Dad. Little Cowboy wanted to try again with his Mom do we tried that. He was still to worried  bout me moving so we just stood still again. We don't mind, may take a few times till he feels safe, then I'll take it easy an walks way slow.  
Girl Little is holding my lead, petting me while Mom Little holds Cowboy Little in the saddle. Hoping we can try again in couple days. 

Monday, August 18, 2014

Yums for all...

Camryn here:
Mom just got home from picking up a load of Yums for me:
Jim our hay guy also has tons of veggie gardens. As Mom climbs in the truck he asks if she'd like some cucumbers. He goes in the barn an comes back out given her two full bags. 

See Yums for all


Tuesday, August 12, 2014

No sleeping in allowed...

Camryn here:
This morning Mom didn't have Lincoln AND she didn't have to go to work. This means her alarm wasn't set. You'd think all this time of getting up early would mean she could get up early on her own. Sadly, that didn't happen this morning. While it's not like she sleeps till noon, 7:30ish is late by my clock. 
While Mom was brushing her teeth the phone dinged with this picture of us. The Bray-bor human took it with her phone and texted it to Mom while feeding the Donks.  Thank You Bray-bor human for alerting Mom to our dire situation.

Sunday, August 10, 2014

Gone to the dogs...

Camryn here:
Dog show that is. The Regional Cardigan Welsh Corgi Club had it's specialty show this weekend. One of my Onyx's (RIP) sons and two of his Grandchildren was entered. So Mom packed up Lincoln and off they went. Weather wise it was an awesome day. Mom wished she'd have thought to look at the judging program, cause she'd have gone Sat. instead of Fri.  Fri. judge is beyond political, so it was boring knowing which dogs would win on account of who was on the other end of the leash.  Lincoln more than made up for it though. 
Anyhow, she still had a good time, seeing and visiting many old friends. This specialty is second in size only to the breeds National show. Lincoln had a blast big time. One of Moms friends has a little girl not quite two yet. Lincoln and Lilly had a grand time together
They shared Cheerios ringside...

They watched over Lilly's Gramma's dogs together...

They chatted a bit...

They even helped serve beverages...

Lincoln helped get My Onyx's son Crowley ready for the ring and wished him luck...

Lilly wished another good luck too. Yeah the wee ones both loves dog dogs...

Lincoln had to show off his 8 teeths...

Since Mom is normally behind the camera, we have a rare sighting of her too even!  Lincoln even got to ride about the show grounds a bit with some Judge friends. Just a teeny circle really but, he loved it. 
Crowley did win his class that day, so did one of my Onyx Grandsons. My Onyx Grandaughter took 2nd in hers. The big news is that yesterday, Crowley took Winners Dog for a 4 point major!  That's big, way big. 5 points is the highest you can get at a show. We haven't heard how it went today, yesterday was a Happy Fance day. Mom cried little remembering my Onyx winning Best of Breed at the same specialty.  We still misses my Onyx.
 Had to add this pic of Crowley being loved on by his young owner/handler as the Judge goes over him. SIGH just like my Onyx.