Thursday, November 29, 2012

Nothing much...

Camryn here:
Nothing much going on around here.  Mom has been taking me out into the yard to graze a bit, take note of the chain across my nose in my newest header pix...I'm not amused even remotely about only taking a grab of grass when the old bag Mom says I can.  AND I can only graze in the areas that the old bag Mom says I can.  Because when I try to take the old bag Mom to where I want in the yard, the old bag Mom says "NO" with the chain!!!  The old bag Mom says I should just appreciate the fact that I am getting to munch grass. 
Bet you can tell by my expression what I think of the old bag Mom thinking that!!!

Sunday, November 25, 2012

All nighter...

Camryn here:
Margeaux the clockwork cat wasn't at the back door last night to escort Mom to the barn.  Very odd, since being spayed Margeaux has only missed the escort twice due to time change.  Mom wasn't to worried as she knew that when letting the dogs out last thing that Margeaux would be waiting there.  She'ds have to escort Margeaux to the barn in the cold but,, was OK with that. But, Margeaux wasn't waiting in her usual kitchen window sill waiting seat!!!  Mom was worried then, she walked around the yard a bit calling quietly, Margeaux still didn't come.  Being in jammies and in the 20's Mom just prayed that Margeaux was OK and holed up somewhere warm.
Enter morning, Margeaux wasn't there still when the dogs went out to water the yard before breakfast.  Mom fed the house dogs, then headed for the barn, figuring Margeaux would meet her on the way.  Nope, no Margeaux!  Maizee didn't go right to breakfast but, stood looking out the barn door a bit first.  Onyx didn't eat at all just headed out into the paddock.  I of course know you need a full belly to properly worry so tucked into my breakfast.
Mom assured us she'd find our Margeaux, she checked Dads shed, the trailer, was headed to the road...passed her truck, opened the truck door AND.....Out popped Margeaux!  Yup she'd highjacked the truck!  Luckily Mom has the back seat covered with old horse blankets so Margeaux cozied up in them overnight.  Hopefully this is the last time Margeaux attempts a vehicle hijacking at least without keys!
Mom cuddled her all the way back to the barn, she's very relieved cause of coarse as she says "Margeaux is a good cat".  Margeaux didn't have to wait long for Mom to fill her breakfast bowl for her.

Friday, November 23, 2012

Mom's Thanksgiving

Camryn here:
While I didn't get to share it with Mom and the other humans, I do understand they had a wonderful Thanksgiving time together. 
The weather beyond amazing...
Mom's brother Mike with Adam's honey Ashley looking for "sea glass".  Though it's really Lake Erie they still call washed bits of glass "sea glass".

Our Christopher waves for Mom from a breakwall!
Ashley hands Our/Her Adam some "sea glass" she's discovered for saving.  The little hill Ashely is on and beside just looks like sand.  It's really mussel shells washed up from Hurricane Sandy!

The waters were so clear and blue, just amazing for a November day!  Mom just had her cell phone so no pix of peoples kayaking along the shore...

Our Adam way out, with Mike and Our Chris hopefully not contemplating a swim.  With Our Chris you just never know!

Mom's sis-in-law Diane standing with Dad.  After Hurricane Sandy washed up lots of smelly mussels they weren't into walking the beach so much.  Plus Dad didn't want to spill his coffee I'm thinking!

Our Adam contemplating the cosmos or something like that!  I'm thinking the bottle in his hand aides in the contemplating perhaps?
Mike & Diane live in Avon Lake, Ohio and their house is just across the road from Lake Erie.  With such lovely weather everyone decided on a little beach walk as dinner cooked.  Normally on Thanksgiving doing such a thing due to the weather would be impossible.  The weather was/is just one of many things we give Thanks for this year...
 Family, mostly all together is one thing to be Thankful for.  Jillian & her Jesse had to be elsewhere, but we'll see them this weekend.  Or at least Mom & Dad will...
Good food is yet another!  Our Chris after having been to Iraq and home again safely twice is something Mom is Thankful for each and every day,  Gramma's cancer getting smaller is another big one.  Just being with & enjoying family is yet another.  Mom says she always feels blessed in her life, and of course I'm one of the those reason that has her feeling so very blessed to have as  part of her life.
And not to worry, I was feeling very Thankful too, Mom hung not one but three hay nets for me yesterday!!!  Darned slow feed ones, but still like the humans an abundance of food to enjoy and count my blessings on as I ate!
And of course we give Huge Thanks to our Troops who couldn't be home with their families so that Mom could be with hers.

Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Special Thanksgiving news...

Camryn here:
We've got some really special Thanksgiving news, see it's not just for humans but horses too you know.  Anyway, you may remember a post back in September about a friend named Snip going to the Rainbow Bridge?  His peoples Anna & Dave had just begun the search for a horse to fill the gynormous gap left by Snip.
Well, Mom follows this rescue "Sugarcreek Horse Save" on facebook.  They usually rescue Haflingers from the kill auctions, on occasion they save others too.  Mom saw they'd rescued a big black TWH with a "snip" on his nose.  Knowing Anna's fondness for Walkers Mom forwarded her the video. Mom had real good vibes, specially the "snip" on the Walkers nose, kinda like "Snip" saying this is the one.  Anna hurried and contacted the rescue, they went to see him last night:
Tada...This is "Steady Eddie" and Dave.  Yup, they falled in love with him all right and brought him home last night.  The kill buyer was bidding on him but, the "Sugarcreek Horse Save" peoples outbid them.  Eddie is for sure one lucky horse, he escaped the kill buyer, and is now right thru the woods from me where he'll get all the loving and food any horse could hope for.  Something everyone is very thankful for.
Happy Thanksgiving to all and specially Anna, Dave & my new friend Eddie.

Sunday, November 18, 2012

I'm quilted?

Camryn here:
Mom's noticed something differant about this years winter woolies.  I appear to be quilted!  Even Sherry my trimmer noticed it, so Mom thought she'd try to get pix of my quilting to see what you guys all thought.

Odd isn't it!  Mom n Sherry both thought it was like my dapples got all furry in the middle before the outside dapple rings did.  It shows more off camera and was more apparent a few weeks ago.  We're thinking it's on account of the Omega 3 supplements I've been on since spring? 

I'll just rest here and wait for any thoughts you may have about my odd winter woolies.

Saturday, November 17, 2012

Feets trim time...

Camryn here:
Funny how I used to have my Mani/Pedicure every 8 weeks, now that I've been on Omega's however it's been bumped up to every 6 week the past few trims.  Mom "FINALLY" brought the camera down for my mani/pedicure session too.  Poor Sherry, I'm sure she appreciated her bum being in every shot! "NOT"

"Hey Sherry could yu do some sparkly holiday polish this time round?"

"Don't humans sit in nice cushy chairs listening to lovely music while having their Mani/Pedicure?"

"SIGH, this is soooo boring, but wait...

"I spy my hay bag tied behind me"

"Hay bag come to me, come to me Oh, lovely hay bag"

"Dang hay bag chant didn't work, but at least the Mani/Pedicure session is nearly done now"

The above pic was my "don't wanna lift it leg", now post Chiro I lift with no prob.  Coarse I still gotta lean cause I can!  Kinda bummed about not getting the sparkly holiday polish stuff though SIGH!

Thursday, November 15, 2012

Just inhale deeply...

Camryn here:
I was wondering if any of your humans do this?  Lately specially on gloomy days Mom leans into me, puts her face right up againts me.  Then her just inhales deeply, sometimes just once, sometimes for several minutes.  When she's done she always thanks me.    Odd I think but, it does seem to please her.  She tells me the only thing that remotely compares to a smell as pleasing as mine is puppy breath!  Odd, odd, odd!

Sunday, November 11, 2012

Almost got a ride...

Camryn here:
No I didn't almost get a ride Margeaux did!  Some friends came over with their little ones Carly & Cameron.  Yep a little boy named Cameron, they were both soooo cute.  Carly has her own pony named Bullseye & her Mom has several mares too.  They've got lotsa chickens and needed a something to keep the newest ones in.  So while all the grown ups talked bout the kennels Mom don't need and they do, the little ones visited with all us furry ones. 
I loved up on the kids from over the fence, little Cameron (he's only 2) giggles when he gets his hair snuffled, so I snuffled him a lot just to hear the giggles.  Carly who's almost 5 I think likes rubbing my nose. They both loved me honking my horn and fetching a ball. 
Margeaux really schmoozed them up big time.  She's an odd cat for sure, she was letting those kids pet her all up like she knew them forever.  As Mom showed their Momma her garden areas, the little humas & Margeaux followed along.  Mom warned them even before Margeaux put in an appearance to keep their car doors closed. 
They forgot to close the windows though, bet you can guess what happened...
Carly wasn't just tickled to pieces when she went to climb in the car to find Margeaux all snuggled up in her car seat!  After Mom lifted Margeaux out, Carly climbed in saying "Oh, she got it all warmed up for me"! 
Like I've said before Margeaux is a good cat :)

Friday, November 9, 2012

Resident Supervisor...

Camryn here:
You know when you do any job there is always someone who just stands and watches?  I believe they are called Supervisor's.  They get paid well though don't really do much, they're just really good at appearing to make sure others work hard.
After I use the trailer Mom always cleans it up for next time.   And as usual our resident Supervisor puts in an appearance:
Yup that's Margeaux sitting in the manger making sure Mom doesn't slack...

As you can see from Margeaux expression she doesn't think taking pictures of her Supervising is appropriate and Mom should get back to work!

Supervising must be exhausting as this is Margeaux second fav thing to do.  Nap!!!  Mom was cleaning my bedroom which normaly "the Supervisor" supervises.  Margeaux was much to tired after making sure the trailer got done though.  Probably cause before Mom did my trailer her cleaned out the truck (don't leave any door open at our house as Margeaux also likes napping in vehicles) all the work Margeaux did that day probably put her into overtime.

Thursday, November 8, 2012

Happy Gramma news...

Camryn here:
Mom took Gramma to the Oncologist today, she has been on her hormone therapy for just over a month.  It's working "whoot whoot". all three cancer tumors were unmeasurable!  The Dr. was shocked and thrilled by how quickly it's working. There was almost a party in the exam room!  Dr. said the tumor board had met and looked at Gramma's stuff and the three tumors aren't three from cancer spreading but, actually three differant cancers!!!  When thinking it was cancer spreading Gramma was rated at stage 2 or 3, now that they know it's not from spreading but three differant cancers Dr. says she's more like stage 1!!!  Gramma is no longer in an emergancy situation with surgery right around the corner.  While she'll still most likely need surgery as the meds won't work forever, it can be done when Gramma feels she's ready for it, and perhaps not be a total masectomy to boot.  Whoot, whoot!!!  The Oncolgist lady and Surgeon lady will be rotating visits, Gramma will see Surgeon lady next month, Oncoligist lady the month after and so on and so forth...Course more MRI's n stuff to keep eyes on it too.
 Mom got a speeding ticket on the way home, her didn't care not one bit.  When handing Mom her ticket the officer asked "what brings you to this area?"   Mom said she'd just taken Gramma to her Oncolgist and was told the cancer was shrinking "so this ticket isn't bothering me in the least"!  Officer told Mom he was happy bout that and for Mom to behave herself :)
On the Grampa front, One daughter stayed with him for two weeks.  Dad brought him here and he stayed a week, another daughter is staying with him now for two weeks, a grandaughter will then take her turn for a week.  Lots of hurry up and wait, they'll be taking him to Dr's. while surgery is decided.  Lots of hurry up and wait with Grampa right now.

Sunday, November 4, 2012

A Hafy Halloween...

Camryn here:
Oh what fun, yesterday a nearby barn had a Halloween themed obstacle thing.  While it wasn't supposed to be just a Hafy Halloween it sure seemed that way as 6 of us turned up.  Only 5 played with the course as one guy just came along for a horse switch.  One of Mom's friends Judy told Mom about it and that she was bringing her new Hafy boy Danny. 

That's Danny & Judy standing in the middle.  Me n Mom with a silly grin on her face off to the side.  If you biggify you might notice a new piece of jewerly on my face.  Seems I was being a tad pushy upon arriving.  The trainer suggested a chain might assist my manners a bit.  SIGH, it did & now Mom is planning on making this piece of jewelry an ungoing thing!
Another lady Heather who Mom'd never met was trailering her n Danny over along with, mmmm I think two others?  Not sure bout that actually. All the peoples and horses were VERY nice.
We had a short clinic beforehand (when my jewerly was added), then we all waited outside while the in saddle portion did their thing.  Just one horse at a time in the HUGE arena doing the course.
First thing was Mom hit the timer thingie to start the coarse.
1. I was to back between all that wood stuff in a pattern!

So, you can see how that went hee hee.  Honestly I coulda done it but, didn't wanna be a show off.

2. Was something called the "children of the corn gate", cornstalks hung from the ceiling.  Mom had to unlatch a rope gate that hung under the corn, walk me thru then rehook the gate.  Easy peazy.

3. was "gruesome grooming", there was a corner filled with lighted halloween things with a witches pot in the middle.  Mom was to take a stick from the pot that had a rubber hand attached.  Then she groomed each shoulder, each hip and for extra points between my ears.  Sooooo boring, I decided to just go ahead and pee while we did this.  Why on earth do humans laugh so hard when a girls gotta go?

Oh, some pix didn't turn out and some of the obstacles were behind a big wall on the far side of the arena so not pix of these.

4. "Web of terror" this was a pin wheel of posts that we had to walk thru without leaving the pin wheel.  Points deducted if for a foot going outside, a start over if all four feet left the pinwheel.  No one told us that the ghoul in the center was ALIVE!!!  Apparently it was motion activated, well Mom spooked so course I did too, though only my rear feets left the pinwheel. Glad I'd already pee'd!  I regained composure but, kept a very close eye on the ghoul.  Mom's first thought was one of being thankful she'd chosen to do this with me in hand!!!

5. "Skeleton spear", Mom was to take a  pool noodle spear from a barrel, then over to a hoola hoop that was hanging in front of a skeleton.  Then she was to stab the skeleton with the noodle spear thru the center of the hoop.  I wasn't sure what would happen so I decided to back Mom up and grabbed a noodle spear of my own just in case!  I realized it wasn't needed when the "judges" started laughing hard at my attempt to assist!  Mmmmph, shoulda gotten bonus points I say!!!

6. Was a "creepy curtain"  Curtains was hung, two heavy ones with a lighter curtain in the middle.  We was to walk thru this.  I kinda hurried thru that, just a bit though!

After we got thru the curtain was an extra bonus thing.  A scary face, Mom had to push the button that made the face scream!  Good thing I'd already pee'd on that one!  Seriously I didn't jump but, did make myself much bigger than the norm!

7. "Tunnel to hell", tarps were hung a  few feet out from the wall, with lots of scary stuff hanging down in the middle (between the wall and tarps).  Upon entering we had to cross a wood bridge, a few steps after that a  blue smooshy squishy thing that kind of made you think the ground wasn't good (Mom called this a mattress)  I had to place two feet on each thing.  I did this too of course, admit to doing it rather quickly.

8 "Ghost Busters"...

(you can see tarps from "tunnel to hell behind me") for the "ghost busters", Mom picked up a rope attached to a post, the other end was suspended from the ceiling.  Then we was to walk a full circle with Mom holding the post...hung around us in that circle was ghosts that we had to walk thru as they swooshed about our heads and in our face. 

9. Was called "Grave Robbers...

We had to walk thru a mock graveyard without stepping on any tombstones.  While walking thru Mom was to drag that white thing (dead body though you can't tell in the pic) behind us.  Well, duh I used to pull wagons so dragging a dead or live body wasn't nothing to get bothered about!

10. "Super Hero Costume Change"...

 First I had to listen closely to the directions so Mom didn't screw it up!!!  The Judge lady is in blue.  We had to go get that black thingie (a cape) hanging on the wall....

After Mom grabbed it, she had to attach the cape to this "creature".  He was a really ugly, strange, odd smelling guy.  I tried to introduce myself but, he rather rudely remained silent.  Probably my beauty rendered him speechess maybe?

11. "Apple Dunk" woulda been my fav but, they didn't use apples to my liking.  Mom told them before we even started that I was quite picky about my apples. 

As you can see, while tempted I knew they wasn't my fav Granny Smiths floating in the bowls, so passed on the treat!

 Tada, Mom n Me are released from the Haunted Arena all safe and in one piece together.  No I didn't win!  Not only cause I chose to not back or dunk for not my fav apples.  But, Mom said we're in it for the fun and experiance so her didn't bother to rush.  Her just casually walked us thru.
But, even though I didn't win a pretty girl Haflinger called Charm won the in saddle part, a hunky Haflinger boy named Ladd won second, he was all in costume too.  Then another hunky Haflinger boy Harry won the in hand, I could've gone for him big time.  Sorry there was several hunky Haflinger boys so I gotted kinda confused which was named what!  I know there was a Danny, a Lad, a Andy, and a Midas there though!  Someone joked that since the Hafly did so good, that we wouldn't be invited back.  They was just kidding though I know, cause several were talking about what fun we were too.
We was supposed to do a Haflinger group picture after.  But, Judy had an emergancy and left soon as Danny was done.  Then it was getting late, I was loaded up already and since Mom can't back a trailer yet!!!  We had to leave onced the trainer had backed us out of our spot.  Sorry Heather, I'd have loved to be pictured with you and all those hunky boys!!!
Me n Mom really had a super great time.  We plan to go there and play again, and maybe play with those other Haflingers sometime too.  If there are pix posted on Facebook we'll try to post them if we can. Hope you enjoyed my looooong tale of scary stuff.

Thursday, November 1, 2012

Poor tree...

Camryn here:
Mom had thought there was no damage from Sandy aside from branches/limbs down everywhere.  But, she hadn't gone behind the barn till yesterday when she found this...
It's a pine tree, not to round but pretty tall and as you can see it had a decent root system.  It's about 50 feet from the barn, lucky me none of the trees close to the barn had issues. If you biggify you can see it's got my electric rope fence all pulled up too.  Dad gets to play lumberjack this weekend LOL Mom says we're very blessed that this is all the damage we had.  Coarse she hasn't been back to the woods yet either!