Sunday, July 31, 2011

Nosy me...

Camryn here:
     Mom always teases that I'm a nosy neighbor, I can't help it that so much goes on nearby that I have to supervise.  I mean the neighbors with a pool, they should thank me for my life guard services right?  They just moved here last year.  When Mom first met them she warned them that they'd be watched by a large buxum blonde.  They were concerned till Mom pointed back to our place and they saw me thru the trees doing what I do best (besides eating) "watching them".  Tonight they're swimming, the people next to them waxing their cars, the people next to them playing loud music.  So, guess I'll be hanging on that side of the fence tonight.
     Finally, started getting some pasture time again.  Took over two weeks for it to be dry enough according to Mom anyway.  Starting over with 15 minutes again.  I sure hope it stays dry enough for me to be back there all day again sometime.  This summer has been a pain for me.  Grazing and bugwise!!!
     Mom decided to annoy me with the hose again too SIGH.  Usually her hangs my net and ties me then hoses me.  Her's decided it's time for me to grow up and deal with being hosed without food or being tied.  I'm making sure it's not easy for her I tell you.  Unfortunatly by doing that I make it not easy for me!!!  Taking me a while but, after two hose jobs tonight, I'm slowly figuring out that it doesn't take so long if I don't act like I'm being longed!!!  Still don't like it, but SIGH it does cool one off.
     Mom feeling lots better, enough that she did the above.  During the last flood a cord of wood that Dad had stacked outside my pasture gate got picked up by the water and scattered all over a 50 foot area.  Mom tossed all that in the ATV trailer, then stacked it near the bonfire in the yard.  I say if getting better means you gotta work as hard as Mom did it's best to stay sick!!!  Just my thoughts on that.

Thursday, July 28, 2011

Human's illness...

Camryn here:  K, so Mom went to see her Dr. Vet yesterday.  Turns out she has something she's read about in horses!!!  It's called celluitus, all the lymph nodes on the left side of her face be swollen, da ear is gynormous, the skin all ouchie n bumpy.  That and her had a fever too.  Dr. Vet looked at it then began with questions, one being does her have exzema, Mom says no but, I does have postular soreiusis (sorry horses can't spell latin real good).  Dr. Vet asks if there be a spot in the swollen area, and TADA, they find the culprit.  Bacteria entered via the sore.  So, now Mom on a strong antibiotic 4 times a day along with a probiotic cause of what the meds might do to good bacteria in her tummy.  Her starting to feel betters but, still way puffy and ouchie.  Her not needing blanket on over 80 degree day either.  Her resting good, (so am i hee hee) cept of course taking care of the princess "ME".
Lucky her boss lady be a former nurse so totally understands what it is, and how Mom feels right now. 

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Learning is hard work...

     Now that the heat wave is over, perhaps temporarily I started back to learning.  SIGH, I likes just hanging out better.
     Last night Mom finally sat my trot, at least better than her had been doing anyhow.  After having ridden a gaited horse for some time,  her butt forgot how to do that. Luckily her hadn't forgot how to post.
We/I also began learning me how to collect.  Not going so good just yet however, I'll get it but teacher says being that I don't know how, and Mom don't know how it will take some time.  I did collect twice for a few micro seconds.  Also we/I worked on sidepassing, that's hard too.  I just don't get it.  Again the fact that it's kind of like "the blind leading the blind" cause neither Mom or I know how.  SIGH homework.
     On the plus side no homework today cause Mom is sick.  Sorry Mom but, I don't want to do any home work.  Her started feeling kind of peaked as we went home for the lesson. Good thing I was in a good girl mood.  We made it home, Mom was feeling all hot but cold.  Under and along her ear is now all swollen and hot.  She's going to the  Doctor Vet  later today.  I  hopes her feels better, really I do.  But, still not doing any homework works for me!!!

"Kilroy was here"

Sunday, July 24, 2011

Relaxin bare nekkid...

As some may have noticed during the summer months it always appears that I'm wearing jammies, most times a mask as well.  I don't wear these cause I look good, I wear them because I suffer from sweet itch.  The jammies I like wearing cause they keep the mean no-see-ums from biting and causing me a sore n itchy break out.  The mask?  Well, not so much, I know an understand it helps keep the bugs off but, I do take that off as quickly as I can most times.
 With the recent heat wave my jammies even as light as they are have become way to hot to wear.  Momma finally found a fly spray that not only keeps the bugs off but, stays on even when I be all sweaty.  It's kinda pricey but, it works grrrreat.  It's called Endure and it really has helped me endure the heat by being nekkid for a change.  Cause of the price as soon as the heat wave ends (if it ends) I'll get my jammies back on an just my legs, n neck will be sprayed.  It does leave a bit of a residue that causes dust n stuff to stick to me, but I can handle that.
So anyway Mom took picks of me relaxing all nekkid, Stallions and geldings you may want to print these to hang in your stalls.  Cause I LOOK GOOD.  Fellow mares please don't hate me cause I'm beautiful. I know you're all just as gorgeous as I...
I be a pin up girl, check out my pouty lip and wink!!! Angelina Jolee eat your heart out
My come hither look...

This one makes me look all demure and hard to get I think...
My "bashful" pose

My totally relaxed look
Who needs Collagen implants?  Not me hee hee

Mom says I Dolly Parton in da front, J-Lo in da rear!

Friday, July 22, 2011

Is this payback?...

Camryn here:
     Shortly before bedtime last night Mom thinks she's doing me a favor and hoses me off AGAIN
Favor smavor, while I behave and stand kinda really good I do show my displeasure.  You horses know what I mean, ears back, rear legs doing a tap dance.  After she's done I figure it's dinner time right?  NOPE not yet.  Mom takes my halter off then LEAVES the barn.  I mean where is she going it's dinner time!!!  I yell really, really loud and come running outta the barn, I lower my head and shake it trying to let her know it's time to eat and NOW.  Well, Mom turns her gets REAL BIG and I'm like "OOPS, scuse me", turn and saunter back into the barn.  Turns out Mom was just getting the hose to put away then planned to give me dinner after all.  Kinda embarrising the way I went all Diva on her.
     Today Mom comes home from work early cause it was over 120 degrees in the greenhouse.  Her sets up my lovely hay net in front of the fan, I'm happy lunch is early and the fan feels good.
     Mom pulls out the camera, I swear her is paying me back for the Diva routine last night.  Her's all "ooooh, you look so cute with your Kramer forelock all blowing back".  Her doesn't realize that I have watched Seinfield and I do know who Kramer is and he ain't cute at all...

Plus it's just plain rude to take pictures of someone with their mouthful!!!
Mom added a new thing at the bottom of each post you can check off one of three thoughts.
It's for those of you who read but, don't comment.  Kind of simplifies things a bit I think.  Course those who do comment keep it up, makes me feel appreciated :*)

Thursday, July 21, 2011

Pretty as a flower...

Camryn here:  Mom was out taking pictures of some of her flowers in the gardens yesterday.  Something even prettier than the flowers managed to sneak in.  Sorry it's not me but, one of my friends...

Can you see her?  That's our Promise, make sure you biggefy to see she's even smiling for the camera!!! 

Now for some of what I call boring pix (means they don't include myself) of Mom's flowers...
biggefy to see the silly snowwoman in the background
OK, so they are pretty.  But still, I know you're all here because of me so I'll fill you in on some of my doings.  It's hot as in HOT, so Mom's been hosing me off not one of my favorite things to do. Her also been cooling my fly sheet down in the human washer (don't tell) an putting it on me still cool n damp.  I of course won't show my appreciation, but was able to lay down and have a comfy little snooze afterwards.  Mom tried to sneak out with the camera, I caught her and stood up ruining that effort.  No one is gonna catch this gurl snoring on film let me tell you. 
Onyx hasn't been volunteering to hop in his pool, so Mom's been making a point of forcing lifting him in to cool down.  Unlike me Onyx does show his appreciation an goes running around, rolling all over n smiling after. 
Mom's got our barn fan going at full blast too.  Her hangs my hay net near it, Mom says I looks like Kramer  TV model with my forelock blowing from it.  One benefit of living in woods is that I don't have to look for shade, it's everywhere.

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Another pool???

Camryn here:
I thought perhaps this was Mom playing some kind of joke regarding the pool in the paddock.  Seems not as Mom was quite alarmed upon discovering a differant sort of pool down at the barn in the  morning...
It rained LOTS over night, rather an understatement I think!

This was is my pasture yesterday morning...

Really Mom. a pool in the paddock now this!!!
Pic taken just before Mom left for work, it had already receded about 6 feet from discovering my new pool...
What it looked like after Mom came home from work...
My bedroom after...
Barn aisle after
Mom guessitmated judging by the water marks on walls that the water had been up to 6 inches deep in the barn at one point!!!  Onyx sleeps on a raised platform so was comfy and dry.  Me not so much, don't worry I be fine, my only concern was room service arriving on time.
Kinda sad that I'd finally built up to 1 hour pasture grazing and now I'll have to start all over cause it's gonna take weeks to dry out again SIGH
Mom stripped out my room really good an let it dry all day, I have excellant room service here.

PS...Lessons are canceled due to heat until further notice

Monday, July 18, 2011

A pool in my paddock!!!

While I was out doing my alotted hour of grazing something happened in my paddock!!!  Mom called for me to bring me back in, I of course headed for my hay net.  Something caught my eye outside, I wondered out to take a look.  It was huge an green, an apparently (to me) it appeared out of nowhere.  I gave a start turning away a bit, looked back an it was still there.  I slowly circled, small circles then bigger circles, the green thing stayed put.  I finally circled close enough to take a good look., sniffed it good and found it was a big green water vessle of some sort. It wouldn't eat me, and it wasn't edible so I was cool.  By then Mom was beside it calling Onyx (my dog) over to it.  Her motioned him in the big green thing, Onyx jumped up and in the water with a splash. He looked pretty happy about the big thing.  Mom began explaining to me that it was a wading pull to help Onyx cool off.  I thought it all rather odd, but had hay waiting so went on about my business of eating.
Another day off as it was well into the 90's.  Was supposed to rain but, all we got was some thunder and wind.

Sunday, July 17, 2011

Got the say off...

Camryn here:  Today I had a very well deserved day off.  Not that Mom's been over working me, but we've been doing something every day for the past 3 weeks.  Mostly riding, sometimes just for 1/2 hour, still it's nice to have the day off.  I've been snoozing under the trees most of the day, Mom loves my droopy sleeping lip.  Got an hour of graze time today too HooRaa on that.
Mom n Dad went to the art fest, then her worked in the gardens all day.  I just watched in between naps.

Saturday, July 16, 2011

Nice little plod about...

Me n Mom had a nice little blod about in the pasture this evening.  I'm so glad she's able to just let things like a crow hop go.  Guess kinda like I be letting no click n treat go I guess.  Mom is still giving me a nice little treat upon mounting up, I'm glad that's remaining the same.  I'm actually still learning things pretty quickly without it.  To bad Mom isn't as quick about learning to sit my trot.  It be driving her plenty crazy, mainly because she worries her may be hurting me.  Her thinking perhaps her should continue to post an just attempt sitting trot under trainers watchful eye.  I think it's a great idea.
Anyhow, we spent bout half hour just chilling in my pasture, walking here, trotting there, stopping to watch the neighbors a bit.  A big tree limb came down while we was doing that part.  We both heard it and I looked up saying "what was that".  I quickly realized it was nothing scary or edible so went on watching the neighbors.  Mom says that's one of the things her loves best about me among many others of course.
After I got to go graze a bit while her tidied things up, then came in for little hay before bedtime.  I'm glad I didn't have to stand tied forever tonight.  Guess that means I did good right?
Mom mentioned doing ground work and trailer loading tomorrow. Her an Dad going to an art fest thing to hang out a while too.  I have to say I'm a happier girl with something to do AND being up to 45 minutes in the pasture now.  Tomorrow starts grazing for an hour YIPPEE!!!

Friday, July 15, 2011

Opinion expressing not allowed?...

Apparently I Camryn are not allowed to express opinion.  At least not in the way I attempted too.  Not fair, not fair, not fair.
So anyhow, I think I mentioned human n I learning to now have me turn my forequarters off her leg.  We already got the hindquarters thing down pretty good and her changing it up on me!!!  Also I gotsa learn how to slow from a trot to a walk, stead of just stopping.  AND Momma learning how to sit the trot JEEZ, that's a lot.
Momma say it's not just me doin the learning that it's both of us.  I gotta admit turning off the legs turning into a good thing.  The trot sitting not so much.
Last night Dakota an Me tooked our Moms over to the arena to play a bit.  We both worked on the turnin stuff.  All the while we was trying to flirt with the boys though ;).  On the way home my Mom wanted to work on her sittin trot, but Dakota needs to learn how to walk on the way back home.  Since that apparently has something to do with safety we were supposed to walk.  Normally I fine with that, last night I knew we was supposed to practice the trot sittin so kept offering to help with that.  Apparently that wasn't appreciated however SIGH.  One rein stops are such a bother.
Tonight Mom n Me stayed in the pasture.  I offered a trot several times an got the one rein thing again.  After a few of those, I did figure out walking when asked worked out best.  I also figured out that a soft one rein meant I could simply go down to a walk and I didn't have to stop.  After a while I was ready to be done and expressed my opinion.  I kinda ducked my head down to the side, and popped my bottom up a bit to the other side.  Mom called it a crow hop of all things, hmmmmph I am not a crow.  Her laughed at my opinion and one reined me inna circle.  I kinda expected the one rein but, the laugh it kind of took the steam right out of my opinion I tell you.  Then if you can belive this, she had me circling every tree in the pasture.  Have I mentioned there are about a dozen trees???  After that her dismounted, I'm thinking "hay, hay hay"!  Wrong!!!!  She tooked off my bridle, tied me and let me stand there for like forever.  Her filled my water, tidied the tack area, then sat on my mounting thing and talked on the phone.  Only like after forever did she take off my saddle, n put my sheet back on.  Then can you believe this, she puttered around again forever before finally giving my hay!!!  I was so bummed with all the waiting all I could do was stand there sighing and yawning and licking my lips. 
So should I go on strike or quit with the crow hops???  What do you all think?  Two days without the clicker, I miss it but am getting over it.

Thursday, July 14, 2011

Been kinda grounded...

     Me n Mom had a lesson last night.  All went purty good ceptin that trainer lady wants Momma to quit the click training for a month to see how I progress without it.  I heard Mom sayin OK, we'll give it a go an I couldn't believe it.  No treats for bein cooperative for an entire month????   Not fair I say.  Trainer lady says her thinks I'm to attached to food for motivation, I say "DUH".  I mean I'm a Haflinger AND on steroids, course I motivate for food.  Good thing is trainer lady say I be real nice horse, an super smart.We already know this but, it be nice to hear.  Momma gived me a hug an agreed I be a keeper for sure.
     At the lesson we worked in direct reining, I got the indirect down pat.  Aparently Mom an Me started things in reverse with that.  Momma also learnin how to "sit" the trot.  Her does posting n having a hard time with sitting the trot.  I'm havin a hard time with that myself.  Neither of us be used to that an I keeps thinkin her wants me to stop.  I'm sure her'll get it I just hope it'll be soon, glad her lost some weight recently for sure. 
     Since our pasture be dry now we walked back to the arena via our woods from the back of my pasture.  Mom was kinda concerned cuz it's all growed over but, I did just fine. 
     Time to eat, later...

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

I Camryn taking over...

     Since this blog is basically about myself "Camryn" otherwise known as "Gurly Gurl", "Princess", "Golden One" and a few others some not worthy of me such as "You Beotch"!!!  I "Camryn" will be taking over blogging duties from my Human also known as Mom.  She feels her writing skills leave a lot to be desired and even though I can't spell, I'd probably be much more facinating than she.  I agree!!!
     As most of you know, I'm a utterly beautiful, highly intelligant, most facinating Haflinger mare.  I was born and raised in Amish country here in Ohio.  I still live in Ohio but, now I'm an only horse.  Though some might think "oooooh poor Camryn", I must say it's pretty good.  I mean I don't have to share hay, feed, my bedroom, paddock, pasture or my Human's time. Instead of bein in a tie down stall I gets to be outside all day long, at night I sleep in a lovely big stall (bedroom).  I even gots my own dog (Onyx) who in is prime was a big time Champion show dog.  He an I gets along real good, he even likes my horse treats, plus him listens real well.  He knows that head low, ears back means get the H outa dodge dood.  My human and I gets along quite famously too, I have her all trained up pretty good.  Feed n Hay first thing in the morning, my fly sheet n mask, fly spray an a hug afore her goes to work.  Affer work, more hay, more fly spray, mask back on (I take it off), then out in my pasture for a bit now that it's dry and the ducks are gone.  Yeah, it flooded bad this spring.  Lately her's been saddling me up an riding lots, that's ok cause I got her trained that when her hears a click she gives me a treat.  See, I got it made in the shade, literaly cause I got lotsa trees in my paddock n pasture.  I digress regarding humans training, at night affer a long hard day of mostly eating, human takes off my fly sheet, not my mask of course cause I did that part already, gives me more food, then fills two bags of hay.  Oh, an I gots a big window that looks over at my friends Dakota an Eclipse nearby.
    I was once rather ummmmmm Rubenesck (some painter facinated with heavy womans forms), I'm now quite svelte and enjoying it.  Yup, I'm a Happy Halflinger, and even though I'm no longer quite portly I'm still a "Drafty Hafy Gurl".
     Todays Human training so far has consisted of teaching her how to give apples when ever I go in the big white box.  Today I gots not one but, two apples, plus hay an all just for walking in the big white box all by my self.  Course I did have to suffer the butt bar, and the ramp being put up.  Still all in all an easy days training my human, an I must say her apple feeding skills are gettin better all the time.
     Darn, 1/2 hour passed, gotta come in from the pasture now.  Somthing about not getting a thing called "founder", I can only go out for short periods while my body adjusts to grass agin.

Monday, July 11, 2011

Progress across the board...

     Sorry, I'm a bad blogger.  Get to busy, to hot to even feel like parking myself at the computer.  I'm equally bad at taking pix as of late.  So that makes for boring blogs for the most part.
Anyway, Camryn has progressed with her self loading to where I can now do the butt bar whilst she munches away.  She is one that will need tied for sure when trailering.  If she drops some hay she's not adverse to perching her apple bottom on the butt bar to attempt to pick up what she's scattered.  I can just imagine my making a turn just as she does so and that would be ugly.  Makes me shiver just thinking of it.
    The pasture finally dried out enough for Camryn to use it.  I've been letting her graze for short periods as we build up to allowing her to graze most of the day.  She's a happy Hafy!!!  The bugs are HORRID however.  And with Camryn suffering from sweet itch she's pretty miserable.  Her Vet switched her meds around since the Dexa had been working so well, she thought we might be able to use Prednisonal.  Pred is safer regarding laminitus, she takes 50 tablets every other day.  Unfortunately the Pred just isn't cutting it for her, so it's back to the Dexamethasone.  With that she takes 3 pills every other day, it's a bit riskier but, so is an infection if she keeps ripping her face up on tree bark.  Poooooooor girl.
     With the pasture now dry enough to graze (though it's storming as I write this) we've now been riding each evening.  Sometimes just 1/2 hour as it's so hot, but at least we get to play.  Camryn's turning with leg cues is going awesome.  For some reason teaching her this took longer than anything else we've worked on.  Once she had her light bulb moment however she's 98% there.  I love not being in her mouth, she loves my not being in her mouth too!!!  Last night for some reason she decided to show off how well she can trot for some reason.  While I'm asking her to "walk on", Camryn is saying "but Mom look how well I can trot now that I'm not a chubby dumpling"!!!  I'm guessing that since last year we worked on her trot in the pasture she figures when we're back there, that's what I still want?  Either that or I'm cueing for a trot without meaning too?  She's not being bad, worried, or trying to escape bugs, it feels like she's trotting simply because that's what she wants to do. She walks when circling, doing serpentine, going thru the barn and in the paddock.  In the pasture if I ask for straight, I get trot!!!   I can ask her to Whoa and she does so, actually her Whoa is a little to good at the trot as I get thrown forward.  Me thinks I need to work on being more balanced LOL.  Also if I do a one rein stop, all I need to do is lift the rein while adding leg and she flexes and disengages happily.  So while trotting when she's supposed to be walking at least I have no problem with stopping her.  I'm thinking if I put her cones out to play with while riding I might be able to fix this odd problem.  If anyone has any suggestions feel free to post in comments.

Friday, July 1, 2011

Week of HUGE progress on several things...

What a grrrrrrreat week for Camryn & I. 
First off Camryn is Amish trained, pull rein to left, she turns to the left, right rein, right turn.  Also she doesn't  always respond with soft hands.  Especially if there was an off chance we could head towards grass. I really hate being in her mouth and want to ride her in the softest way possible. At last weeks training class Barb showed me some things to do with my body.
So, this week she and I began working with the clicker on turning off my leg, and turning softly. Day 1 we had some progress with my leg aides being very strong and exaggerated.  Day 2 while not 100% I was able to exaggerate my body aides a little less.  Yesterday, as I bridled she was quite eager to "play" her cute lips were just wiggling away reaching for her bit.  At last she's thinking Mom is getting somewhere!!! 
If she listened to my soft cues she'd get click/treat, if she just offered what "she thought" I wanted she got NADA.  Once as she began to "second guess" and turn right (which is what earned the last click/treat), I lifted my little finger just a tad, she hesitated and turned left!!!  Yeehaa, jackpot tons of good girls. 
The rest of that session she was turning with very soft gestures from my body and my little finger raising a tad.  Soooo, awesome!!!  Of course we'll have to start over once we get out of the paddock, so we'll stay there till it's 100% and hopefully she'll respond quickly as we start over on different terrain (grass)!!!  I pumped though and know it's in there "progress rather than perfection".
Today was an even bigger breakthrough for us...
I've written about our trailer loading issues.  She'll load but, only if I lead her in and go out the escape door.  This means a second person needs to be there to do the butt bar.  I'd like to do some weekday riding but, needing a second person and hubs at work well, that isn't happening. 
Earlier this week my  dear non horsey hubby asks what Camryn's favorite thing is that she rarely gets, well that'd be apples without doubt.   Dear non horsey hubby suggests that I put an apple in her manger when loading, and that she only gets apple in the trailer.  Today dear non horsey hubby picks up a bag of apples.  I cut one up in little pieces, place three in the manger, the rest in a baggie for reloading manger. 
I hand grazed Camryn a bit then head for the open trailer. First three times I lead her in, she gobbles up the apple, I also click/treat (regular treats) for backing slowly (she normally does) and off the ramp straight.  Recently she began turning while on the ramp, she was backing straight again after the second unload. 
While reloading apple bits in the manger I'd been tying her to the trailer allowing her to graze.  After the third load when I tied her we had a near fiasco!!!  Camryn attempted to self load while tied!!!  So glad she's awesome at backing so instead of going into panic mode she listened and backed.  Thank you God!!! 
I then walked her back to the paddock and tied her to a secure fence post (which is what I'll be doing from now on).  Reloaded the manger with a jackpot of apples, walked her up, pointed and in she went!!!  Camryn self loaded!!!  Can you believe it and all due to my dear non horsey hubbies brilliance to boot.  Yep, I give credit where credit is due.
 I didn't do the butt bar as I wanted to end with Camryn thinking, "trailer loading is awesome".  I have the next three days off, weather permitting we'll be playing "get the apple" several times each day upping the ante (closing the butt bar) when I'm feeling she's feeling good about the whole thing. 
Funny isn't it how something as simple yet inexpensive as a little apple and a non horsey hubbies thinking outside the box leads to such a breakthrough for us :)