Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Spring shots & check up...

Today we did spring shots, to save on the farm call I walk Camryn over to the neighbors.  Splitting the farm call between six people is an enourmous savings.  I hadn't had Camryn off our property since November, she also hasn't had grass access all winter.  So, I was a tad concerned about walking down the road, plus the neighbors hubby wouldn't appreciate Camryn attempting to rape his lawn as we walked back to their barn!!!  It was pouring rain, I dressed her in a rope halter for more control and off we went.  I had my hood up at first but, realized I lacked any perifial vision so had to take it down.  Camryn did great, I spotted a large oil truck headed our way stepped into a drive for it to pass then continued on.  She only barged for grass once, I was so happy with her. 
Last time our Vet had seen her she'd dropped quite a lot of weight but, still had a lot to loose.  Today, Dr. Connie walked in spotted Camryn and said "OMG she's lean".  Then mentioned she'd be able to tell better once she had her hands on her.  When it was Camryn's turn first thing she did was run her hands along her side,  she then declared that Camryn was a poster child for Haflinger weight loss and was perfect aside from needing to muscle up after winter.  I was very proud of both of us for that.  Camryn was such a good girl for her exam and shots, she wanted to see everything that was going on as usual.  Dr. Connie remembered that we click train and asked how that was going.  So, Camryn demoed a bit. 
Good girl Camryn...

Saturday, April 16, 2011

Thanx & Fresian dressup EA style

Thank you to all who posted regarding the loss of our Reej.  Warms our hearts knowing others care.
Grooming & cuddling Reej buddies has been therapeutic for me, poor Tye isn't to terribly fond of grooming so he finds my therapy rather suffering LOL  Camryn of course has also been so therapeutic for me, I've upped the ante in playing fetch to where she's now bringing me back an object w/aid of a lead rope.  Don't know why I never thought of adding the lead before DUH!!!  Hay in yesterday, we were practicing while hubs and the hay guys unloaded.  The guys were all agog over our game, stopped their work asking what else she could do.  Hubs is so used to it, he was amazed at how amazed they were LOL
Adding some more AE pix here, some BEAUTIFUL Fresians all dressed up:

Couldn't pick a favorite if you paid me, the costumes, people and horses were over the top.

This gorgeous Fresian was posing for photos all weekend.  He seemed quite happy with his job.

Thursday, April 14, 2011

Goodbye Dear Reej...

I posted a short while ago about our Reej being ill.  While on his meds, he'd have a short rebound, then go down again.  Each time he went down it was harder, each rebound was less of a rebound.  I noticed last night when giving him meds that Reej gums were quite cold.  Not a good sign at all.  Called Vet in the morning & she agreed it was time for Reej.  Such a difficult decision to make, one of my hardest by far.  He will be so very missed, but he's now in a far better place.  Reej always had anxiety issues, he wasn't friendly to many people, but those he cared about always felt special to be one of "the chosen".  While my mother was recuperating from surgery at our place, he became known as "Dr. Reej" to her.  He's now gone to a place where he'll never feel anxious again & he'll greet all as a friend.
"Reej enjoyed stopping to smell the flowers"

"getting a good pic of Reej could be difficult, you had to catch him unaware of the scary black box sometimes"  "Got some of the best photos by catching him unaware at times"

"Just got a bath and feeling refreshed"

"Oh my, big snow & short legs don't work well here"

"Look at me, I'm winning"

"Can I come out and play?"

"Ooooh, Santy Paws came thru big time"

"Reej you made this world a better place"
  Reej left this world knowing much love, from both his humans and his canine pack as well. Our other dogs are looking for him, that hurts my heart big time.  Little Ivy our youngest is so going to miss the evening baths Reej gave her while we watched TV.  He'd have been a wonderful mother.

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Haflingers in harness...

As promised here are he Haflingers in harness:

This little guy (Audios CNH) was helping demo how to harness...

We were on our way to yet another clinic, when I saw this wonderful sight heading out of the arena...

These guys had me drooling bit time.  Once again I missed the Haflingers doing their demo's, coming upon them just after!

I have this pic on our desktop.  Hubby asked "where did you get this picture?"  I said "DUH, I took it!"
He'd thought it was a professional shot LOL

Hubs is rushing me off the computer to do his homework.  Will post more Equine Affair pix tomorrow.  Sorry Hafy peeps, they'll be different breeds this time around :)
Hope you enjoyed my Hafy fixes from the weekend though.

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

More Haflinger pix...

If you think I'm partial to Haflingers, I'd have to agree with you 100%!
If you're partial to them as well, & even if your not I hope you enjoy more Haflinger pix.  I hope it's not inappropriate to show pix of people I don't know on our blog.  I contimplated blurring the faces but, that just felt rude.  If anyone of you are these people or owners of the horses, let me know, I'll be happy to email you pix.  A few I have plans to paint or draw in the future.
"Think they'll be letting us get to the party anytime soon"

"To darn cute for words"

"Can't let Camryn see this, she'll feel left out in the mane department big time"

"I can show her this pic though"

"Love the big manes, but this type mane is soooo cute.  Just want to hug this one"...
Tomorrow will be some pix of Halflingers decked out in cart attire.  Oddly enough, I never saw any Haflingers in western tack!!!  Don't worry non-Hafy peeps, come Thurs. I'll post other breeds.  Though most are Drafts anyway :)

Monday, April 11, 2011

Home from Equine Affaire...

Oh what fun we had, awesome weather, horses, shopping, horses...
My legs are killing me from walking so much, would do it all over again next weekend if I could though.  Didn't buy a whole lot, mainly things useful for trailering, if I had gone there a wealthy woman I'd have left a poor one for sure.  Only two complaints from me: 1. it ended to soon, 2. the food vendors prices were horrendous.  They should honestly be ashamed of themselves.
Did many clinics & seminars, most were very informative &/or entertaining, only left one in the middle due to the fact that it was geared more towards sales than actual information/education.  Another I left as I really wanted to see another that was starting soon.
Rather bummed that I didn't make it to the Haflinger Demo till it was nearly over.  We were just figuring out where everything was, plus time just got away from us.  I did manage to get quite a few Haflinger pix, as well as tons from the Pfizer Fantasia (awesome, beyond description), & of course random horse pix throughout.  Didn't realize till later how much I'm drawn towards Drafts till I uploaded my memory card at home!!!
Of course I'll be sharing many of them here on the Blog.  And of course, I'll start with Haflingers :)  Probably take all week to share them all, so bare with me as it will be a photo heavy week!  Here are just a few of my fav Haflinger pix, as I need to get out to the barn soon will do more tomorrow afternoon.
Hope you enjoy...

So, after the show we'll all meet at the Shire's stall...
You bring the warm mash, I'll handle the Alfalfa, then we'll all...

"Don't hate me because I'm Beeutiful"...

"Gotta wonder, which conversation is the most interesting here!"...

"last nights party really whooped my butt"
More tomorrow...

Friday, April 8, 2011

Equine Affaire...

First thing in the morning, I'm headed off to Equine Affaire Yeee Haaaaa!!!

Going to have a blast, 5 of us are going of course all of us horse crazy.  We're staying Sat. thru Sun. doing the big show Sat. evening.  I'm really looking forward to the trick training seminars, and of course the Haflinger demonstrations.  None of my friends get the trick training as being helpful in your human/horse relationship, so I'll be doing those on my own.  Another friend will be there who likes "playing" with her horse, so most likely we'll hook up and do those together.  Kinda strapped on $$$ due to the Vet bill (last post) so won't be shopping much.  "That's OK Reej, your getting better is more important than shopping, even for horsey stuff".
Hubby is watching all the critters, have Reej meds all together for him, all Camryn's feed (sans hay) in coffee jugs.  Plan to do her stall before heading out to assist hubs a bit.  He'll most likely have his face crammed in books studying, so will call with "feed the crew" reminders thru the weekend. 
Camera is on my "must pack" list, batteries are charging as I type.  I'll try to post some on Mon. evening "if" hubs doesn't have the computer tired up!

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

One sick pupster...

Reej who's 12, has been one sick pupster.  The weekend before last he'd been acting lethargic and off his food.  Reej "never" refuses a meal!  Planned on a Vet visit first thing Mon. morning, however he returned to normal come Sun. evening.  I had caught him eating muck off my barn boots, so thought perhaps he'd upset his tummy and recovered.
Reej last spring taking time to smell the flowers...
This past weekend he was "off" once again.  He added coughing and heavy breathing on Sat., come Sun. he was once again fine!!!  Decided we'd better head to the Vet in the morning anyway.  I used to work there so Doc is pretty good at accommodating me & getting me right in.  So, glad I did, I left him for Doc to run some tests, blood panel, xray & EKG were in order.  Poor Reej, the blood panel showed an infection, the xray fluid in his lungs, The EKG results though inconclusive did show some abnormalities which I guess could be due to the lung infection.  So, he's now on a strong antibiotic & lasix, that's along with his seizure meds.   Reej is feeling better already.  Know clue what would've caused all this, just glad he's on the mend.  I do feel bad that he's holed up in the kitchen (with doggie bed) at night and while we're at work while on the lasix.  Hope he doesn't think it's because he's in trouble or something.