Sunday, September 30, 2012

A wee plod...

Camryn here:
As blog friend Zoe would say, "we had a wee plod".  I like the way she says things!  Anyway after our little play session yesterday Jesse and Me had a lovely little ride thru the woods back home.  Kind of romantic actually, to bad he's a gelding SIGH
Danette on Jesse.  This is just behind the boarding barn....

I think maybe Jesse is winking at me here?
The area used to be heavily wooded, but it's been cleared to enlarge pasture.

Just beyond on the left is a long wall of split wood, I come into the trail from our woods just beyond the wood wall... 
The bridge is just beyond our place, it's one of two bridges going to Danette's home barn where Jesse lives...

Hey, Zoe I had Mom take this one just four you.  Doesn't Jesse have a handsome behind!!!  Poster boy material for sure.
Normally Mom n Me come over thru our woods, then we ride with them back to the home barn.  Mom n Me than ride home via the road.  It's kinda scary cause we have to ride between trailers, ATV, and cars, parked between the house and garage.  There is a small pond with scary plastic Blue Heron that I'm not overly fond of.  But, Mom always reminds me that it's not real so I just keep on going with my eye peeled just in case it isn't fake.  I think riding on the road home is Mom's fav, she thinks my hoof falls are very musical. 

Saturday, September 29, 2012

It's mine now...

Camryn here:
Headed over to neighbors to play with Jesse n Teddy.  The newest boarder a little Icelandic named Landii was there too.
First we played some groundwork stuff.  Then I spotted one of those big horse balls tucked in the corner of the bedding bags.  I wanted to play with it really bad and kept asking Mom if we could.  Finally her said yes, I was soooo happy.  I went over and picked it up and carried it into the middle of the arena.  Everybody was laughing about how I certainly wasn't afraid of it.  Sadly the ball shoulda been afraid of me though...
How was I supposed to know the darn thing was so fragile? 
So, now I got my own ball, cause Mom said "you broke it, you bought it"!  Her's gonna buy Danette a new one but, I won't be lowed to play with it SIGH  Mom took this picture after we was done playing and the ball was nearly empty of air.  Good thing about my emptying it though, Teddy wasn't afraid of it after it couldn't move about so easily!!!
After the ball, they got all these hoola hoops out.  I'd never seen hoola hoops and coupla of them rattled.  Mom laid one of those down near me, I picked it up and it eventually ended up over my head!  Then Jesse did the same thing with his, good reason to like him hee hee.  Mom was kidding around and put it over my butt, I didn't care but the boys was all looking at me.  One of the girls said I could be a circus pony someday!!! 
Landii and Teddy weren't to fond of the hoola hoops, so Danette and Mom led us over them with those two followin and before you know it the hoola hoops didn't bother them no more either. 
There were some pool noodles too, one was sitting way up high on the stacked bedding bags.  Mom went over there to get something so I reached up and pulled it down, course that got them laughing again cause I was walking round with this big ol noodle in my mouth.  Mom said something bout me being a Golden Retriever?  Oh, I think we bought the pool noodle too, seems they weren't meant for retrieving so much!
Next Mom mounted up and we played with my new broken ball some more.  Very fun day for sure!

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Dr. Tony #4...

Camryn here:
     Dr. Tony just left, I wasn't grumpy at all this time as Mom left work a tad early to make sure I'd get to eat some lunch before our appointment.  Again no pix, but I getting to eat is what really matters anyway!
     Dr. Tony says he's really pleased with the changes he's seeing and feeling.  So pleased he's not coming back for 2 weeks!  Then if he's still pleased he'll stretch it out to a month, he expects to see me 3 more times.  My neck was only a wee bit ouchie, my shoulders are feeling much better.  The dips behind my withers are filling in noticeably! He says that's cause I can now use myself better! 
     Dr. Tony gave Mom some stretching excersises to do on my legs.  He held off doing it till he'd done it a few visits, he didn't want Mom to try and get hurt.  While I don't particulary enjoy my rear legs getting all stretchied behind me, I don't object and allow it to be done without over reacting.  He says I'm a very good girl.  So anyhow, Mom is to lift and stretch all four of my legs once a day.  He says doing this will get/keep me limber and better able to use myself.
     While Dr. Tony and Mom talked afterward, I stayed right with them offering my head for scritches.  This isn't the norm for me actually, ecspecially when I know Mom has no treats.  Mom can't wait for Sherry to come to my trim next week to see if her feels the differances too.

Sunday, September 23, 2012

Play Day with the boys...

Camryn here:
We was hoping to head out and hit the trails this weekend.  Yesterday was lotsa rain, today cool but, sunny.  Instead of trailering out Danette called to say we'd be hittin the trails out back.  Mom n me were "game on"!
When Mom came back to tack me up she noticed I was acting a bit worried bout something.  Didn't take her long to realize it was Brad just behind our woods, in their woods chopping wood.  The noise didn't bother me none, it was that I could see him, then I couldn't, I'd see him, then I couldn't.  Mom explained to me that when I saw him he was chopping, & when I couldn't he was bent picking up the wood to stack.  Mmmmmmm, I wasn't to sure bout that!!!  So, Mom & I headed back slowly to the back gate to the woods.  We took our time so I could watch Brad more closely.  Once we got into the woods, I got all high headed and snorty.  Mom practiced my whoa, back n stuff with the clicker in hopes that my thinking side would kick in (oh, Mom was leading me from the ground).  Her shouted up to Brad that we was coming & asked him to stop & talk to me.  That helped with him not ducking out of sight so much.  However when we got to a certain place there was so much brush he dissapeared again.  He n Mom kept talking so I knew he was still there.  Once we got outa the brush and we was close I was fine.  Whew close call I tell ya.
Mom n Me continued on  walking and snacking to the arena barn.  Danette had assured Mom that there wouldn't be no more "let the horses loose together".  But, soon as we got there, one said "hey lets turn em loose so they can let off steam"!  Mom said "we'll step outside while you do", her friend didn't understand why, but Danette backed Mom up.  So, since Cameron & Maybe were in their stalls Mom turned me out in their paddock while the boys played a bit.  Guess they'd been in their stalls and needed it.  Mom just had her cell phone camera but, it'll do at least she remembered pix right!
My tail needs a trim & bath I think!

Watching Brad chop wood further up the trail...

Mo-om Brad is chopping wood!!!

Mom just called me in.  Being a good girl I didn't hesitate, being in a differant paddock aided in my haste at listening!
The boys were done, so I came in and did some groundwork stuff.  Then we all retacked and headed out into the woods.  It was really quite fun & relaxing at the same time.  Funny how once surrounded by the boys the wood chopping was no big deal at all.  We rode by them several times.  I think I might like the cute hunk Jesse next door, liked being behind him lots.  We tried touching noses coupla tims but, darn humans said "no visiting."  BAH I SAY!  Lori was riding behind us and commented that my tail was dragging the ground as I walked, which means a tail trim in the near future.  We played for a little over two hours.  After instead of riding to my pasture via the woods, we followed the boys back to Danette's home barn where Jesse, Eclipse & Levi all live right next door to me.  Then Mom n me rode up the drive, between the horse trailer and garage, squeezed between to cars, then out on the road and home.  Mom was like "you have no prob with all that, but a little wood chopping you think will kill you".  Then her laughed and petted me :)

Ohio's #2 crop is mud by the way...

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Snip canters over the Rainbow Bridge

Camryn here:
One of my friends "Snip" was sent cantering over the Rainbow Bridge today SIGH.  I didn't know him well, though Mom did. Being retired for the most part, I only rode out with him twice.  Snip was a 26 year old Thoroughbred, solid bay with a snip, hence his name.  He's been blind in one eye for as long as Mom has known him.  Sadly he suddenly and unexplainably went blind in his good eye.  He also began periodic nose bleeds of the kind that filled his feed bucket, along with stumbling.  Tests didn't show anything conclusive, his peoples wanted to just give him time to see what happened.  But, then the nosebleeds worsened and the stumbling started.  Plus he began just standing with his head down as if in pain.
Sooo, now Snip is young again, he can see, he can run and graze to his hearts content...
This is the only decent pic Mom has on her computer that includes Snip.  He's standing on the left alongside Mom's old TWH Mo.  Everyone loved Snip, he was always kind to other horses and peoples.  He may be gone but, will always be here as a Snip in everyones heart that ever met him.
R.I.P. dear Snip

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Chiro #3...

Camryn here:
Dr.Tony came out again today for my 3rd adjustment.  First off, allow me to apologize for lack of pics AGAIN.  Gonna have to fire that photographer I think!  Can't fault Mom alltogether for that as I was a bit of a putz.  Dr. Tony came a little early just as I was diving into lunch, I was a tad bit grinchy about not just being interupted from my feast.  But, Mom actually gathered it all up and put it away too!  That was down right rude I tell ya.
Dr. Tony still said I was a very good patient though Mom disagreed on that point.  They talked lots about how I felt being ridden, Dr. Tony was thrilled to hear all the positive differances Mom's been noticing.  While they were talking Dr. Tony pointed out to Mom that my neck even looked longer.  Mom hadn't noticed that one but, he was right.  I'm much less compacted in the neck, though that is the one area that he says is still sore right now.  Every thing else is AWE-some!!!  He was thrilled to hear that on our trail ride that I led the pack out and everyone commented on the new horse Mom was riding hee hee!  Mom didn't think about it being from my Chiro stuff till the next day even.  Mom asked Dr. Tony if it was just her imagination or if the dips behind my withers was actually filling in.  He told her she was right, he said he hadn't thought it was atrophy at all just that I was so out of balance my muscles was differant. 
Her wanted to ask about what her can do in between visits in particularly something to help me round up my back.  Her forgot, he's coming again next Tues. so she'll ask then.
Mom, Dr. Tony and me are all very happy with how my adjustments are making me look and feel!

Monday, September 17, 2012

Baths in the barn...

Camryn here:
Mom caught a lot of bathing in the barn on her cell phone!  See Margeaux up top of the hay having her private bath.

Onyx was trying to nap but, Maizee thought he needed a bath instead!  He and Maizee are best buds now.  Mom has to make sure Maizee is busy eating when taking Onyx for his walks.  Otherwise she tries to tag along, which would be fine as Margeaux normally joins the walking.  But, Maizee tends to get worried once off "her turf" so Mom ends up having to carry her back.  Maybe onced she's more growed up her won't get so worried?

Saturday, September 15, 2012

Out with the guys...

Camryn here:
Finally we got to go hit the trails today.  And what a beeeeeutiful day to do it, nice n cool in the high 60's,  not a bug in sight even.  One of the best things was I had someone to ride in the trailer with me even.  His name is Teddy, he's a 20 year old Arabian.  Personally I like older men and he's way handsome and very nice n polite too.  He boards at the neighbors, he and his Mom (Missy) don't have a trailer and haven't been out and about in a coupla years.  So when the ride was being planned her asked if anyone had room in their trailer.  Danette called us and we said "of course".  So, Mom loaded me up, then we drove down the road to the boarding barn to pick up Teddy.  He's like me in that while he loads no problem, he wants to back out before the butt bar, so I knew I'd like riding with him.
We went to a place called "Hinkley Reservation" it's about 20 minutes from us.  Danett & Sally trailered Jesse and Levi.  Levi is actually Lori's horse, but she couldn't go & Sally had to say goodbye to her 36 yr old horse three weeks ago.  So, Lori offered Levi as Sally's ride so she could go, that was very nice of her.  Mom took her camera and actually used it too!  The using it part is actually pretty amazing I think!
That's Teddy & Missy in front of us.  We took all took turns leading, at first I was in the lead on account I was the only mare.  Us mares gotta lead out till we're sure the gelding we're with have brains you know!

 See those leather strings tied behind my ear?  They came in real handy on the way back.  Somehow Levi's bridle kinda fell apart, I mean literally.  It's one with Chicago screws and they fell out.  Now everyone is always gonna tie extra strings like we do just in case.  They got things kinda fixed, though not enough for the bit part.  Fortunatly Lori always rides Levi bitless so he was cool.  Sally on the other hand was VERY nervous being that she's not Levi's person and all.

This is Danette & Jesse. Jesse is a 10 yr old Fresian/Quarter cross.  Can you say "Hubba Hubba"?

This is a closer up of Missy & Teddy! It's nice having such a handsome trailer mate I think.

This is Levi pre bridle falling apart, he's a 5 yr old paint. Mom says he's really to young for an experianced mare like me though.

If you biggify you might be able to see the two TWH coming down the hill.  They blew by us at one point causing a ruckus with the by then bitless Levi.  We'd moved over off the trail for them and they didn't give one hoot about proper trail manners!  Levi calmed down but, not before backing right into one of them.  I'm pretty sure he was saying "don't be so rude dude"!
We ran into another group of riders at a junction in the trail.  We all stopped and had a nice little chat with them.  Very nice peoples and horses they were.
Of course again geldings!!!  What's a girl to do, that big black Warmblood was calling my name I tell ya!
I just can't decide what to do with all these handsome hunks!
Mom put the camera away after this one, we were getting ready to trot and her didn't want the camera banging around her neck.
We only ran into one mare while we were out, all the rest were geldings.  What's up with that?  There were tons hitting the trails today on account of the weather.  When we'd pulled in the there were only two other trailers, when we got back the entire lot was full.  Ran into several hikers and one jogger, Mom thanked the jogger guy for being so polite as he stopped jogging and just walked soon as he saw us then he knew enough to call out a "hello" to us too.
I did really good, even when Mom had to dismount to recinch me a tad.  When she remounted however I told her "you got off, we're done"!  Mom explained that we still had a ways to go though SIGH!  We got to see some deers too, though not many as Sally talks lots so I'm sure they all heard us coming and left the area.  Some of the things Sally said had Mom & Danette laughing so hard they could barely ride, Mom says Sally is a "hoot".
We did come across one Ranger guy driving his ATV on the way back, it had a roof with a shiny glass windshield.  I was in the lead and had never seen anything like it before, I mean who rides ATV's with roofs for goodness sakes.  I wanted to go by it really bad but, my feets just wouldn't move.  Jesse came to my aid as he'd encountered this "thing" before, being a gentleman he kindly came up beside me and we walked past together with him closest to the "thing"
Once back to the trailer Me n Teddy hopped in, we ate and talked about the ride the entire ride home.  Mom took them back to his barn, I wasn't happy when he unloaded and I didn't.  I yelled for him all the way home.  Mom said fortunatly we only live two minutes away or I'd have had a "hoarse throat"  Get it?  A horse with a hoarse throat!  Ha Ha!
My saddle pad is in the wash now and I'm gonna rest up soooooo,

Thursday, September 13, 2012


Camryn here:
     Ride two post 2nd Chiro visit.  Mom was singing the whole time, or humming!  Dr. Tony had asked how I felt riding last week.  Mom was "I gave her the week off to recoup", so he prescribed some riding wanting Mom to make sure to tell him if there were any differances from pre-adjusting.
     There sure were, for one I normally stumble a handful of times in the pasture, 1st ride I did but, just onced and cause my toe dug in as we went up an  incline so good reason.  Today, not one eensy weensy stumble even.  Mom had always attributed my little stumbles to the fact that there are lotsa roots from all my trees.  Mom even made sure by riding over the root areas bunches singing "this is a test, this is only a test". 
     Also while I would trot I was hesitant to do it, except out on trail.  Yesterday I was more than happy to accomadate Mom when her asked, and today I even asked nicely "please can we trot"!  Also I would only trot on the straight, rarely ever would I hold my trot in a turn no matter how big we was making the turn.  Mom had attributed that mainly to the fact that since we went treeless her trotting has gotten very sloppy.  It did and still is, sorry Mom gotta tell it like it is.  Now that I like to trot again we be workin on her trot skills!!! 
     On the ground, while I'm not ear shy, I do begrudge having them messed with.  Mom puts swat in em for debuggin, I know and understand why it needs to be done.  But, I just don't like it.  Now that my atlas (poll) has been adjusted, I'm like "ooooooh, that does feel good".  Stead of Mom feeling me tense, her feels me relax into it.  We both like that.  Her also "swats" my udders, on my bum hip again while I'm polite, Mom would always remind me to stay still as I didn't much like it.  Today I was reaching back with my lip all wiggly cause it felt sooooo good.  AND Mom was able to give me a soft hug and instead of turning my head away a bit, I liked that too!!!  Mom attributed that to me just not needing or wanting to be fawned over. 
     Poor Mom feels really guilty not knowing how I've been feeling, ecspecially since I've been telling her all along! 
     Mom says if I'm feeling so much better that we can only imagine how much betterer and betterer I'll be once I'm all adjusted! 

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Never Forget--2nd Chiro visit...

Camryn here:
First off, please everyone, remember all those lost 11 years ago today. 
Mom keeps hearing that song "Where Were You When The World Stopped Turning" playing over and over again in her head. We hope it gets stuck in your head today too.

Dr. Tony came again today for my 2nd Chiro visit aka Spa Treatment.  Again no pics, bad Mom, bad Mom. Anway as soon as I saw Dr. Tony I came trotting in from my pasture, of course I do this for even the Vet.  I just love having visitors I guess.
Dr. Tony said he could really tell I was feeling better. Specially in the withers, that area is no A-OK now.  I did give just wee ugly face when he started on my neck but, just as quickly stopped with my mean look and started licking and chewing, my lip dropped and when he moved to another spot, I said "go back where you were pretty please" so he did.  My shoulder is better but, still needs work, my hip didn't make me jump at all like it did last time.  I did give wee ugly face on the hip but, didn't pin my ears and threaten but I still didn't like that at all.  By the third time he went over me (he always does each thing three times) I was totally chill.  I kept turning my head back and askin "what ya doing now Doc".  My front leg stretch outs felt way good.  My bum hip stretch out not so much, I didn't like that. He added working on my jaw which I liked too.
Mom says she can tell what I like by my face.  For the most part I was all ears up & interested or licking, chewing and droopy lipped. 
I'm his only Hafy patient and only short patient.  He mainly works on jumpers and racers, so getting up under my neck he finds quite funny!  I can tell he likes me cause he kept telling Mom what a wonderful disposition I have.  Mom let me show off playing basketball and he loved that.  I'm guessing I'm his only hoop shooting patient too!
Mom did take a few pix after:
I bend this way...

Now I bend that way, I'm a regular Gumby I tell ya!
Mom says he wants to hear how I do being ridden next visit.  Mom had given me the week off after my 1st treatment.  She's had Chiro work done before so knew I'd appreciate it.  Did you know that non-horse humans didn't even know us horses had our own Chiro guys?  Imagine that, they just think we can just pack them around with nary a problem DUH!

Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Helper Hafy...

Camryn here:
I'm not just a Drafty Hafy, I'm also a Helper Hafy. One of my blogger friends Zoe asked if Mom took as good care of herself as she does me after my Chiro appointment.  Didn't have to think hard to realize that she takes much better care of me than herself.
After realizing this I had to come up with a way to show my appreciation. While she tidied up around the barn I thought and thought of some way to say "Thanx Mom".  I saw that Mom had left her raincoat hanging on the gate in the barn yesterday, soooooo
"Hey, Mom you forgot this yesterday"

"I bring it to you cause I'm your  Helper Hafy Gurl"

"Here ya go Mom, Thanx for taking such good care of me"

"Mmmmm I don't think it looked quite like this before?"
"Ooooooh Noooooo"

"I think maybe I mighta stepped on it once or twice along the way"

Then Mom informed me this "was" Dad's raincoat!  He's outa town so her be emailing this pic to explain that he needs a new raincoat and why!  When Mom explains I was just being a Helper Hafy I'm sure he'll understand.
Oh, and Mom did say it's the thought that counts so her's happy that I tried & I got hugs too!

Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Visit from the Chiro guy...

Camryn here:
Well, Mom says Dr. Tony is my new friend and I'll think he's my best friend to boot.  Not so sure bout that!!!  I was a good girl, better than he anticipated once he'd gone over me and knew where I was hurting.  I got lotsa owie places, he told Mom that they were all from way before I came here and I been owie a long time.  Mostly caused from being kept in a tie down stall on concrete & my previous obisity.  Mom showed him one of my old pictures, he laughed and said I'd looked like a giant guinea pic, though I was of course now quite beautiful.  Good thing he said that I tell ya.
First he felt me allllll over, told Mom where he could feel issues and where he felt the worsest ones are.  Then he took this little thing that makes popping noises kinda like a clicker.  I kept looking for the treat, then figured out it wasn't Mom's clicker.  He did that from behind me ears, allllllll the way down one side of my back, then started it all over again on the other side.  He did all four legs too, I gave grump face on my owie right rear.  He did the popping thing like that three times, he even did my feets with it.  He told Mom he was using 35 lb of pressure, mostly for that I just chilled and licked Mom's hands some.  I'm not normally a hand licker at all.
Next he worked my owie hip with his body, that wasn't fun but, I was good for him.  Then he started doing things with my Atlas and my neck muscles, at first I didn't like the neck muscle part but, after a bit I just laid my head across him and let him have at it.
My right hip is way the owiest.  That he felt was caused by my run in with barbed wire when I was a  yearling.  The Vet stitched me, but I probably hurt my hip at the same time.  My right shoulder is almost as  owie as my hip, all along my neck and the top of my head (Atlas) too.  Oh and my withers hurt even.
Dr. Tony said I was a remarkably good girl about having my hip manipulated. He said he expected me to kick out at least once but, I didn't.  Dr. Tony is coming to see me every week for the next four weeks, then every other week for a least two more times.  That Mom should see a much happier girl after just a few treatments.
Mom says she feels bad cause I've been so good even though I hurt, and she appreciates that I've never acted out on account of it and kicked her #%&!.  Her says her can't wait for my neck to be better so maybe I'll enjoy hugs instead of having them irraate me too. 
Oh, her didn't take pictures on account of not knowing how I might react to all the stuff.  Dr. Tony had mentioned some horses spook so she felt better safe than pictures.  We'll try next time I promise.

Sunday, September 2, 2012

Bestest Bucket Cleaner...

Camryn here:
I'm thinking maybe I have something worth marketing here?  The Newest, Bestest, Cutest Bucket Cleaning Solution ever:
Maizee just learned she could jump high recently, in doing so she accidently fell in my bucket while traversing across my stall wall.  Once in the bucket she decided it needed a good cleaning using her rough tongue like a steel wool pad.  Mom pulled out her cell phone and caught her still licking her lips.  This has since become routine for our little Maizee girl.  Mom wonders what's gonna happen if I don't realize she's in the bottom of the bucket sometime!!!  Probably I'll jump so high, I'll end up in the loft!!!
So maybe I should take my new product on Shark Tank to see if they'd invest?