Thursday, May 30, 2013

Mom sees red...

Camryn here:
     You guys may remember Grampa's little dog Mickey who comed to visit us several times last year?  Well, on account of his health Grampa gived Mickey to one of his daughters.  This daughter is down in WV with Grampa right now while we gets our new house bought and the old house ready for Grampa. 
     Sister wanted her hubby to come down and visit for a while.  Their car won't make the trip so Mom n Dad lended him one of ours.  They also said that Grampa didn't wanna see Mickey for some reason so they was leaving Mickey with us for the week.  Well, upon her husband picking up the truck and dropping Mickey off, Mom decided she was glad Grampa wasn't gonna see Mickey.  He'd have cried at the condition they had her in, as it was Mom was seeing red big time. 
     Mickey has a poodle coat being a Pekeapoo, and course this means she needs groomed and brushed regular like.  SIGH, Mickey hadn't been groomed proper since Mom took her to groomer last year, and we're pretty certain she hadn't met a brush either.  Along with that she hadn't met any toenail trimmers.  Her toenails was over an inch long, poor girl had hard time walking with them, they was so long they actually crossed over each other & her dew claws was curled right up to her leg!  Mom gotted her dremel out and got them back far enough to make her more comfy.  Her coat was beyond just matted, the mats was pulling her skin and making it hurt when she walked, she couldn't even jump on the couch cause the mats pulled on her joints when she tried.  She had poops matted to her bottom, and her girl parts it was like a matt diaper!!!  Dad said she looked like she had dread locks, Mom said she looked like she lived with some of those hoarders on
     Being a holiday weekend Mom had to wait to get her groomed proper, but she got down on the floor, and scissored the matts of poor Mickey for over 5 hours.  And get this Mickey never wiggled onced.  Dad was kinda poo pooing Mom's ranting about animal cruelty and neglect till she needed his help as she cleaned the matt diaper from Mickey's girlie parts.  His eyes bugged outa his head when he "finally" realized Mom's rants were for good reason.  Yesterday Mom got her into her groomer friend, they gived her a bath and trimmed her down proper (she's naked actually).  The groomer is at Vet office Mom used to work for, so they can and did sedate Mickey to get her nails to where they need to be.
     Dad talked to his sister who had tons of excuses, "the groomer closed, I tried to cut the mats, she wouldn't let us, we didn't think she was that bad" kind of excuses. (Mom googled area groomers, there are 5 of them)  
"They didn't notice?  A poop, pee smelling, filthy, matted miserable  in pain little dog in their laps and they didn't notice?" 
 Dad told her to save her excuses and that she'd be lucky if Mom didn't tear her out a new A##% hole when she sawed her next.  Dad also warned her husband that if he saw Mom when picking Mickey up that he'd better be wearing body armor.  The husband tried to get Dad to just leave the keys so he could pick her up when Mom's at work even!  Mom is "NO WAY" I'm gonna drop kick the SOB!  She plans to let him know that she'll be keeping tabs on Mickey and if she ever even gets a sniff of neglect she will take Mickey AND report them too.
     The Sister & her husband aren't mean, they are just STUPID, LAZY & IGNORANT.  They can't even claim they works to much to groom her right, cause they live off the government and watch soap operas all day.  Oh, and it turns out that "they found Mickey's brushes" at Grampas on this visit.  Which of course means that they never even bothered to get the tools to take care of her.  They also only brought enough food for a few days when Mickey is here for a week.  So course on top of payin for Mickey to get cleaned up, we had to buy her food too!!!  Guess they figured with three dogs we'd have enough.  We do but, not same kind Mickey eats.  Mom also gotted Mickey all caught up on her vaccinations so they wouldn't have no excuse as that a groomer wouldn't take her cause of not having them.
     Mom is given them another chance for several reasons, one being Grampa gave her to them, and of course we gots enough animals without taking her.  Mickey also doesn't really fit in with our critter crew at all either.  Our dogs think she's very odd (she is) and she acts like other dogs gots cooties!
     Sorry to go on like this but, just something I had to get offa my chest and vent over.  On a good note, Mom n Dad picked me a load of hay yesterday.  Right now they're just gonna be doing it in small bunches stead of loading this barn, then having to move it when we move.

Sunday, May 26, 2013

Fly Swatting 101...

Camryn here:
Sadly along with lovely grasses, warm weather n sunshine.  Spring brings with it flies & bugs of all shapes & sizes.  Coarse they loooooove us horses, along with our other hooved counterparts.  We however don't love them back.  Luckily I am armed very well with an excellant and lovely if I do say so myself, fly swatter...
As I munch calmly and happily on my lovely green grasses, some of these hateful bugs wanna munch on me.  Sooooo...

I swish it this way....

Then I swish it that way.  If simply swishing doesn't do the trick I then...

"MO-OOOM, fly spray, blankie and mask & hurry it up!"

Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Can't talk now...

Camryn here:
Sorry can't talk right now...Mouth full!!!
This patch looks pretty tasty, nom, nom...

Mmmmm, this patch is good too, nomminy, nom, nom...

Sorry can't look up right now, tooooooo good...

Fly go away, I'm eating...

Heaven, I'm in Heaven...nom, nom, nom!
Yep, finally at last I'm getting more of the green stuff.  Feeling kinda Irish surrounded by it all.  Mom's been letting me graze for longer periods of time.  She started at juat 10 minutes, awesome, but at the same time torture.  I'm now up to 30ish minutes.  Much better and more bearable.  Enjoying my little slice of green heaven thank you very much.
On the new house front, the radon test failed, so awaiting sellers decision on how she wants to take care of this issue.  With it having now been tested and it's being a serious health hazard she can no longer sell it without disclosing the problem.  So, she needs to either have it fixed or deduct the cost of fixing!  There were a few other slight problems that Dad doesn't mind taking care of at our cost, the radon however may be a deal breaker.  Also the bank is appraising the house today to make sure it's worth what the loan amount will be.  We don't think there will be a problem there, however we didn't think there would be a radon problem either.  Dad almost didn't do the test, Mom felt we should, so thankfully we did!

Friday, May 17, 2013

Boring human stuff...

Camryn here:
Well, since Mom did take pix specially for me of (waiting apprasial) the new place, guess it's only fair if I show you guys the boring human part of it...
The front yard, Mom doesn't much like split levels but, it's got everything her wanted/needed (like my barn) so she's OK with it.  She finds the placement of some of the trees unatural and odd.  So expect them to have shrubs n flowers with them come fall if I know my Mom.
The front porch where Mom can watch the cows.  Mom's gonna be moving lots of her flowers over since keeping up with all her flower beds will be way to much for Grampa.  Come next spring it'll be so purty.

This is Mom's kitchen, she finds it odd that the oven/fridge are side by side but, maybe in five years she'll redo it.  The counter tops are outdated, but again in five years she'll change them.  Lots to do and kitchens being so spensive to redo it'll do nicely while she does other less pricey stuff.

This is the family room with Dad checking out the fireplace.  Mom's gotta get rid of the ugly fugly deer hunting border first thing. The deer hunting theme border is in almost every room!!! This'll be the most used room for Dad!

This be the guest bath, it's roomy and needs some updating too. My stuff comes first however.

The living room, Mom says the ugly fugly window covering going bye bye.  The owner is camping as she moves things out!  With this house having more space than our current she'll be furniture shopping for this room and the dining room too. Afer she does my stuff first of course.

This be the Master bedroom, again ugly fugly border going bye bye

Mom says this is gonna be the guest bedroom, on account of the ugly fugly border n carpet will mean they don't stay long hee hee.  The other bedroom isn't as ugly so her's gonna use that for Gramma's staying for Dr. visits.

Oddly enough Mom tooked picture of Dad sitting in the family room via the laundry room.  The laundry room is huge so her's gonna make it her art work area too. She can get pretty messy working on paintings.

Ahhhhh, this last one is Mom's favorite part of the house.  She can look out her bedroom window and watch me in my dining area. 
  The plan is once the closing happens is Mom'll go strip the ugly borders, clean, & paint.  While she's doing this guys'll be running the electric n water to my barn, while other guys put in the dogs fence and mine.  As she gets rooms done, Dad'll moving stuff room by room as he gets our current house readied for Gramma.  Lotsa Mom n Dad teamwork will be in play.  Mom figures she's gonna have to take coupla weeks offa work to Get R Done.
There be more boring room pictures but, like I say they be boring so I won't make you suffer thru any more of those.

Thursday, May 16, 2013

Dining area...

Camryn here:
Mom made sure to take pictures of what is going to be my most favorite part about the move.  The dining area...
 Mom stood way at the back of my dining area for this pic.  See how far away my barn is!!!  I'm hungry just looking at it all!!!
 Then her tooked a picture looking out to the end of my dining area too.  You can make out where my dining area ends and the farmers field begins.  Grass, grass, grass, AND there aren't ducks in the new pasture!  It's higher up than where we live now with much better drainage.  Down side to that is if we have another drought all that lovely green grass will turn brown much quicker.
This is closer up to the barn, Dad is gonna put me in a dutch door at the back.  That way I'll be able to look at and see my new Neigh-Bray-bors on either side when I'm in my room at night.  Oh, and my stall is gonna be much bigger than my 12 X12, it's gonna be 12 X 15.  AWESOME!

I won't have access to the barn aisle like I do now but, with my own "patio"  I can go under there when it's raining.  There are a few young trees, nothing for shade to speak of but, again I'll have my "patio"!  Dad plans to cut in a door on the top to access the loft to load my hay in.  Mom's talking bout getting artsy on it too.  Oh, the shrubs off my "patio" are gonna be moved and Mom'll put gravel where they are now to keep the mud down.  I'm so glad Mom made sure to take pix so I could better imagine my new home.
Dad's got someone all lined up to run the water n electric to my new house too.  With Dad still in college n working full time he's decided to hire someone to put in the fence posts for my new paddock n pasture. 
We be hoping to be moved come late July, maybe early August.  Getting us AND Grampa moved gonna take some doing for sure.
Kinda bummed that with having close by Neigh-Bray-bors I won't be getting a mini something of my very own.  BUT, that also means all that grass is mine and only mine!

Wednesday, May 15, 2013

New Neigh n Bray-bors...

Camryn here:
Today Mom, Dad n da realtor lady all met up with some inspector guy at the new place.  Something bout making sure the house was up to snuff, testing for radon, black mold n other stuffs.
I told Mom since I wouldn't get to meet my upcoming Neigh n Bray-bors, I'd like to at least see what they look like...
 These are the Bray-bors, they live right next door, our fences won't touch they be real close by.  They've also got a big fat goat buddy (he was in the run in) a bunch of chickens and three BIG dogs.  The dogs are contained by one of those invisible fence thingies which Mom don't like or trust.  Mom tried to meet the Bray-bors, they was curious n comed to the fence, but soon as Mom was at the fence they both took off running.  Guessing Mom will be tempting them with carrots.  The darker one needs his feet taken care of pretty bad.  Not elfish or anything that real horrid but, still they need taken care of, Mom be guessing he's skittish and needs teaching for his feets to be done.  Oh, they have 5 kids too, the lady said her one daughter LOVES horses and will be thrilled to have me next door...
 This Neigh-bor, along with 3 or 4 others lives an acre away.  Just bout same distance and my current Neigh-bors.  I wondering if they be geldings maybe.  Sure hope so ;)...
These guys live cross the street, they didn't like Mom being paparazzi and wandered out of camera before Mom cold get good picture.  Would they be called Moo-bors?  There are tons of them over there, Mom said something about them looking very cute yet tasty! They've also got least three spotted Bray-bors, one being a babyee.  Realtor lady said she saw more Neigh-bors there too, Mom didn't see them yet...
Iffen you biggify this one you'll see two barns.  The one in the left corner is a smallish boarding/training barn.  Mom saw a Mare with a buckskin foal by her side as she drove down the road in one of their pastures.  The big long white building right beside it is a HUGE boarding/training barn.  They gots like 40 or more  horses there.  Mom n realtor saw several galloping thru their pasture but, they was to fast n far away for Mom to get pix.  Maybe they gots handsome gelding boys there?  Mom found their website and asked if there were any nearby trails we could access without trailering.  They've got 22 acres of trails BUT only for their boarders.  Mom's gonna ask about lessons there and maybe we can use the trails if we do they be our teachers?  I'm getting kinda excited bout the move!  Almost as excited as Mom n Dad are.  I'm sure Mom'll bore you on another post with pix of the human side of the new place no hopefully more of my new barn too.

Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Flowers on the table...

Camryn here:
OK, so I don't really have flowers on the table unless you count that my back is similar to a table!  And I eat lunch under a Magnolia tree so sometimes the blooms lay on my table back while I nom, nom, nom.  Mom took a picture for my header.  Doesn't the blossom look so beautiful on my back! 

Friday, May 10, 2013

We're pending...

Camryn here:
Finally it "appears" the humans are done with the wheeling dealing and we're now pending on the house with the pretty barn!  Mom n Dad gotta go sign some stuff tomorrow, then course da inspection & bank checking to make sure the house is worth what we're paying. 
Mom says there is soooo much to do!  The seller offered immediate occupation after closing, cept the barn not till July 4th so she could get stuff out.  Then she said "oooooh, I can't possibly be out before July 4th" our agent reminded her that "she offered the immediate occupation & that's the main reason Mom n Dad went with her higher price".   So she's gonna put her stuff in the garage so Mom can least get in and strip ulgly borders n paint.  AND so Dad can get the dog n my fencing up too.  That way soon as the seller is OUT they can move in all the way then begin readying this place for Grampa. 
Projected move for us is early July, for Grampa late July/ early Aug.   Hopefully it'll all go smooth as Cowboy Magic!
Oh, Mom told me having hooved friend of my own may have to wait since they didn't get the house at the price the wanted!  Guess the neighbor equines n my kitties will do for a while right!

Thursday, May 9, 2013

Possible friend? Maybe?...

Camryn here:
Just in case I need a friend once we move (won't know more bout place we have offer on till late tomorrow) Mom's been looking a lot at Craigslist.
She found these two and though they'll most likely have new homes afore we be ready for a new friend I wanted to share them with you.  Gives me something to post about anyhow!
The Mini Donkey is 6 years old, the peoples gotted two donkeys to keep coyotes away from their sheeps.  They only wanted one but, the sellers gave them two!  They be wanting to keep the donkey that prefers just hanging with the sheep.  The guy they be selling prefers to hang with the peoples which they find annoying but, Mom would love.  On account that I'm not a cuddle bug n all.  They call him Donk Heotay if you say it fast it's really a play on words for Don Quixote (hope I spelled that right).  Mom drives by him every day when coming to and from work and says he's a real cutie.

We don't know this little mares name but, she's also nearby.  She apparently gives the peoples 2 & 4 year old daughters rides and she sounds real nice too.  She likes being all brushed and primped over which Mom would enjoy.  Plus with a grandfoal on the way a mini that rides would eventually have a job to do.
Dad knows I might need a friend, he doesn't know Mom is already looking around for one though.  I think they both be totally adorable and would be awesome potential friends.  But, Mom says I can only have one.  I hopes one is still available when it's time!  Mom's seen lota minis and donks available but, for some reason these two are the ones she feels drawn to.

Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Gramma & house stuff...

Camryn here:
Yesterday was Gramma's appointment with Oncologist.  Just like the surgeon a few weeks ago she couldn't feel the cancer.  She says if they did surgery  they'd still most likely find active cancer there.  But, the meds be working so if Gramma didn't want surgery "yet" they'd let it go and continue baby sitting.  Since the cancer isn't being life threatening to Gramma right now & surgery very well could be, Mom gave Gramma the thumbs up to make the call.  Gramma of course voted for no surgery :)  She'll now be seeing the Oncologist every 4 months, she'll keep her surgeon appointment for next month, then most likely see her once a year after that.  Oncologist says if the meds stop working, they'll try a differant one if Gramma is still not wanting surgery.  Gramma's age is taken into consideration being 81 n all the surgery could be just as if not more dangerous at this point since the cancer is under control.  Oncologist has seen these meds help for 6 months and up to 6 years.  So that's real good news and we all be happy.  Gramma most of all.
Yesterday afternoon Mom n Dad made offer on the house.  The lady came back with what she say be her final offer.  This final offer of hers was not a significant drop and considering she hadn't even bothered with stripping deer head wall paper borders and putting up fresh coat of paint, Mom doesn't consider the lady to be particulary motivated to sell.  Even the ladies realtor seems to feel the lady has issues with control. Mom n Dad sent back a counter so we'll have to see if the lady motivates herself a little.  It appears the house was part of her divorce settlement, Mom has a feeling the lady wants to get even with her X by getting top dollar.  Well, her top dollar is more than we be willing to go up to considering updates be needed.  The bank most likely wouldn't appraise at her price either, sooooo even if Mom n Dad agreed with her price the bank would/could nix it so hopefully she'll get reasonable and take the new offer.  Otherwise Mom n Dad will walk away and continue shopping & the lady will still be trying to sell her empty house for top dollar.  Mom says whichever happens is what's meant to be.

Sunday, May 5, 2013

This, that & the other...

Camryn here:
Lots but, at the same time nothing much going on here. 
Mom's been walking me thru the grass with a chain on my halter, teaching me that grass is only really good when she says OK.  Otherwise it's not so good cause the chain kinda bites me SIGH.  Today Mom saddled me up and rode me round the paddock (finally it's dry enough), she made sure my listener was working well.  Then she dismounted and opened the gate to the yard and all it's green splendor!  At first I didn't wanna stand for her to remount cause I wanted in the yard real bad.  So mean Mom made me walk round n round n round the mounting block till my listener was tuned up again.  Mom mounted then we went into the yard, surrounded by nommy greenery and not a bite could I have.  Yes, I'm whining!  Good part is, that since Mom understood the tempation and how cruel she was being, she pulled out the clicker and worked with click n treating.  That helped some. Though I didn't wanna get to close to the paddock gate cause I knowed once thru it there was no chance at grass.  Mom realized that so everytime we headed towards the gate, she'd either whoa, turn, or circle me "before" I decided to revolt on my own.  Something bout it being her idea so we were always successful?  I don't get it but, I was good and never revolted at all.  Mom dismounted while still in the yard, then lead me into the paddock and shut the gate.  I was soooooo sad bout that, but once unsaddled she hooked the chain on my halter and I got to go back in the yard to eat.  On her terms but, I did think that was very nice of Mom.

Mom and Danette went to a tack swap yesterday. Since my diet is working so nicley I needed a new girth, she picked up a really nice comfy one for real cheap. I liked that purchase, the other purchase not so much. A dressage whip so that when I try to lag behind when being led so I can maybe snatch some grass she can keep me catched up. Darn trainer teaching her all these little tricks to trick me BAH I say!

K, the other...Grampa is in the horsespital again.  Actually this is the third time in as many weeks!  They be thinking he might have blood clots in his legs.  Course they think something differant every time, Dad is way stressed out.  He can't leave work, his college classes, the trying to buy new house & Grampa has him on over load.  One of the sisters is going to go down tomorrow or Tues.  Her car won't make the drive so Mom n Dad are letting her borrow one of our trucks to go down.

Gramma is doing good, she goes to see her Oncologist on Tues.  So hoping Oncologist concures with her surgeon and no surgery will be needed.  Gramma's Dr. visits is one of a few reasons Grampa can't just move in here right now.  See, we only gots a two bedroom house and Gramma stays with us for Dr. visits.  So someone would have to sleep with me in the barn if the spare bedroom was occupied I guess!

The weather is BEEAUTIFUL, flowers be a blooming, I'm loving smelling the magnolia blossoms on the tree by my barn door.  And no I don't eat em, they be far to pretty to eat.  Maizee is finally making friendly with Promise and Ivy, still isn't to sure of Tye yet.  Probably cause his fur covers hims eyes.  I suppose if she knew he was blind and deaf she'd realize she didn't need to hide from him?