Thursday, March 24, 2011

BFF's looking for a treat...

First off, my computer time as of late has been sorely limited.  Once I get home from work I head to the barn, feed Camryn, give Onyx some cookies & lovin, clean Camyrn's "bedroom", clean the paddock most days.  Putz around either playing with Camryn or deshedding her.  Most of the time now is deshedding of course.  By the time I come back up to the house, Hubby is home from work.  He's now working on another degree via the Internet.  So it's his fault actually that I'm unable to post often.  He works approx. 4 to 5 hours each evening on the computer.  I love teasing him that he's "home schooled".  His school work will come in handy once the weather turns though.  While he's on the computer I'll be riding my gurly gurl :)
Thought I'd add a couple of pix of BFF's heading for the gate ready to mooch some food together.  Lately the twosome have been napping together, Onyx lays under the Magnolia tree just outside the barn, while Camryn stands and snoozes.  I can't figure out how to get any pix of this though.  As soon as they see me coming from the house, nap time ends, a tree blocks a good shot from the window.  Maybe someday I'll catch them by surprise!
Onyx: "here comes Mom Camryn, look hungry"...
Camryn: "DUH, I always look hungry"...
Onyx: "Ok, then let's just go with looking cute"...
Camryn: "Again DUH!"  "When don't I look cute?"...
Onyx: "Why do I have to live with such a Diva Mom?"

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

dirt bike in the neighborhood...

Came home from work, headed down to the barn.  Camryn was as usual watching over the neighborhood at the fence.  She has a clear view of 5 properties so there is usually something worth watching.   Normally, when she sees me coming, she leaves her nosy neighbor station meeting me at the gate.  Today however she stayed where she was, so I knew something really interesting must be going on. 
Seems Kevin who's property is pretty close had just unloaded a dirt bike from his truck.  Camryn is very used to 4 wheelers, I'm guessing a dirt bike is something new to her.  I'd just walked into the paddock when they started up the bike, you know how they sound like a swarm of very large bees.  Camryn whirled away, she was getting the H out of Dodge.  She'd taken only a few steps upon realizing she was headed right at me.  Did a perfect reining horse stop & spin away from me, then proceeded to buck her way across the paddock.  Once stopped, she stood there like "wow, why did I do that" & headed back to the fence to check it our further.  I hung her hay along the fence nearest the action.  My thinking being, eating being Camryns most favorite thing to do that in the future perhaps good thoughts would emit when she hears a dirt bike!  Works with puppies LOL

Sunday, March 20, 2011

Tail trimming...

I unbraided Camryn's tail the other day.  I learned to keep it braided so snow/mud balls don't form on the ends during the winter.  With today being the 1st day of spring (YEAH), I figured it was time to allow her a fly swatter again. Found it to have grown quite a bit since last springs trimming.  Yesterday, I headed down the the barn with scissors to trim a few inches off.  First I had to comb the bedding out, I find it amusing that I wake with "bed head", Camryn aways with "bed tail".  Probably should have taken more off, but I just find it unbearable to cut to much off.  Her tail is her glory after all...
"Camryn's bed-tail"...
"B4 trim"...
"After trim"...
Now that I've posted pix, I can see more needs to come off.  I took about 3 inches, I'm guessing another 2 inches <SIGH>
She's still shedding out like crazy, I remove a mini horse from Camryn every day it seems!!!
Been so busy, besides starting back up at work, spring cleaning paddock has begun in earnest.  I kept up 4 most of the winter, then about 5 weeks ago, I began having stomach problems & just wasn't able to do so.  Almost finished, thankfully Camryn is a neat girl & keeps her "business" in the corners. Camryn enjoys watching me clean her yard, & offers tips whenever she feels it necessary (which is often).  So far she hasn't tipped the wheelbarrow over, though not for lack of trying!!!
 Practiced pulling the trailer empty yesterday LOL.  Hope once the weather holds to start riding & make plans to head out and about sometime soon.

Thursday, March 17, 2011

Back to work...

Well, went back to work this week, hence my absence in blogger world.  I work in a greenhouse so it's seasonal.  Kind of wish we worked all winter then off in the summer, unfortunately it's the opposite.  Plus side is working there is similar to going to a gym, sauna, weights, and tanning booth all built into one!!!  I need to loose some serious poundage after having been off work for three months.
We've been planting away, tons of Viola's, Geraniums, just to name two.  Once things start to bloom in earnest, I'll take some pix to post.  It's just gorgeous inside.
And yes, I do have tons of flower beds here at home. 

Friday, March 11, 2011

March snowstorm...

After tons of rain for two days, we now have snow.  This is the first time in the year Camryn has been with us that I insisted she be in her stall for part of the day.  She stands in the rain forever.  Yeah, I know it's the human in me that insists that if I wouldn't be comfortable she wouldn't be either.  This time I succumbed to that human in me.  With temps dropping later in the day, I wanted her inside and dry.  She surprised me by not minding at all.  Basically, she seemed to think "so long as there is room service, I'm cool".  So Hafy of her LOL
     While I'm totally sick of snow, upon waking this morning and looking outside, I really enjoyed the beauty of it all.  Everything is flocked and looking like a Christmas card.  Had to grab the camera and get some pix.  Most taken thru the windows!!! 

"view from foyer window"
"view from my favorite chair"
"love hydrangea no matter the season"
"outside kitchen window"
"small pond outside office window"
"From the back door"
"Mo-om, it's so pretty, do I hafta come in!"

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Family stuff & shedding out...

     Been busy, actually got to be with all three kids all in one place this weekend.  Aside from holidays & family cookouts it's a rare event. 
Two of my three are Army Reserve (same unit). Though Jillian lives a few hours from their unit, she travels up during drill weekends. Christopher is also the units Civilian Administrator, so she needed to stop at his place for some paperwork.  Adam called Fri. evening, the three of them were headed out for a bite to eat at a sports bar that Christopher's girlfriend works at.  Hubs was at a college basketball game that night.  I hesitated for a few as I don't do bars (long story), then decided what the H and went to join them.  So glad I did :).
     Hubby is going back to school & which meant our defunct printer would need replaced.  So, Sat we headed off to Office Max, where Adam (the baby) is Manager.  Got our printer and got to see Adam AGAIN!!!
     Sun. got a call from Christopher & Samantha (his girlfriend), a customer of hers gave her 4 tickets to the Cleveland Auto show.  So, off we went, had a great time, the boys drooling over the classic muscle cars, Samantha at some mid luxury cars that would fit a future posse of kids.  I hopped in & out of nearly every truck they had.  Why, oh why do trucks cost so much?  I mean even used, it's ridiculous.  After the four of us went to lunch.  Then back at Christopher & Samantha's (where by the way Adam lives as well), Jillian shows up to give Chris some paperwork.  What a super weekend filled with my baybees!!!  Wouldn't mind a repeat every weekend, not gonna happen but, would love it.
     Today, I'd depleted the store of hay (usually 30) we keep down on pallets.  Lifted all the pallets, cleaning under them.  This by the way is the first spring where I haven't had to toss the bottom layer due to molding.  Originally, we'd put the hay on pallets, but moisture found it's way to the bottom stack.  So, hubby built a platform for the hay, still moisture seeped thru.  This past year, I put pallets on the platform & walla no hay loss.  After I got that cleaned up, I pulled another 20 or so down from the loft and cleaned up the loft.  Still have a small supply in the loft, though come May we'll be needing to bring in a load for sure.
     After, because I have so much energy!!!  "NOT"  I grabbed the grooming block and had at it with Ms. Camryns shedding.  Actually, I've been having at it daily for the past week but, today took a few pix of the pile.  I find shedding her out rather therapeutic for some odd reason.  Last year I went thru three grooming blocks, I prefer those to metal or rubber curries.  I did find a product online called "SleekEz", google it and check it out.  They have several videos showing how great it works.  However the videos seem to carefully omit a visual of it's underside.  I'd like to know what it's made of, I mean it comes in contact with my horse so to me just makes sense.  I wrote them last week but, no reply.  So, guess I won't be ordering one of those.  If anyone has one or has knowledge of the product, feel free to comment and let me know if it's worth it? 
     OK, so now some pix of future bird nest lining...

"Three strokes worth of hair"

"off one side of neck"
I put all the hair on a tall tree stomp.  I'm hoping lots of baby birds benefit from it's warmth this spring.

Thursday, March 3, 2011

Hubby has a Birthday...

Today is my dear Hubbies Birthday.  Happy Birthday Hon, though I know you won't be reading this.  I won't mention age but, suffice to say, I'm a cradle robber.  Not horribly so, just by 6 years.
Hubby aka Denzil is such a gem.  Seriously, I am truly blessed to have Hubs in my life.  Hope he feels the same, doubtful when it's a hay day LOL.  He cooks, grocery shops, puts up fences, build stalls, puts up with my warped sense of humor.  Just a great guy, I've got stuffed peppers cooking & cupcakes baking. 
Just in case you do choose to check the blog hon:   LOVE, LOVE, LOVE YOU!!!

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Water, Febuary all gone...

     The flooding at my neighbors receded so she was able to bring the horses back yesterday afternoon, before the trails had iced over.  She spent the entire day, clearing out the mess it made.  Luckily she uses stall mats so the horses aren't standing on wet ground.  That & what hay she keeps down was stacked two pallets high.  The water rose only to the top of the bottom pallet, plus it was a small amount so she'll keep her eye out for mold & such.
     One of the best things about February is it's such a short month.  It's always one I'm happy to see well behind me.  It's a sunny 34 degrees right now.
Wondering if as March comes in like a lamb, it's supposed to go out like a lion...does yesterday count as the lion part?
      I just went out and swept out the new (to me) trailer, noticed some condensation inside.  Don't know how to open roof vent so am leaving the top rear & an escape door open to air it out.  I did hook it up yesterday and play with pulling and backing, so much fun LOL.  I was in the process of backing the truck back to hook it up when hubby spotted me.  I was only a few inches off, but still he felt the need to direct me the rest of the way.  I really wanted to see if I could do it myself (could have), but didn't want to brush off his assistance in case I do need it in the future.  I simply pulled and backed it down the drive & gate several times.  Didn't do badly, need lots more practice before I take off and fly.  Did notice some rotting on one floor board, bad weather day of buying I didn't check as good as I could have.  Hubby will take care of that before Camryn & I load up and go...