Wednesday, January 30, 2013

My feets...

Camryn here:
More Sunday to Monday weather stuff.  Mom took pix of my feets on Sunday wearing some pretty fancy snowballs:

Wonder if my snowball feets might become a fashion trend?  Mom watched how long it took for them to disappear on their own while she provided room service aka cleaned my room.  Within 5 minutes the snowball feets were my regular feets again.  And that was just standing there eating.

So Monday after the rain and warm weather turned the paddock to mud soup, this is what I was wearing on my feets!  Mud doesn't melt whilst I eat!
Today was like in the 60's, unheard of in NE Ohio let me tell you.  Plus it rained and rained hard.  Danette (our neighbor) called Mom at work telling her "your mare is standing outside, I yelled and told her to go in".  First you must understand that my standing outside when I can easily go in the barn has become a standard joke round here.  Danette is always calling Mom laughing to tell her I'm hanging out in the bad weather while her geldings are all "ooooooh, let me in"  So Mom asked if Danette would come over not to put me in but, to pour some shampoo on me.  Danette volunteered to do so next time it's pouring down rain and I choose to bask in it.  Guess I'm to become a self washing horse?

Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Wait 5 minutes...

Camryn here:
There is a saying in Ohio (I'm sure many other states too) "if you don't like the weather, wait 5 minutes because it's gonna change".
Yup it's true all right.  When I went to bed Sunday night this is what it looked like outside:

Very cold, white & almost pristine snow every where.  Save of course where I pottied which was brown topped with white.  If you click on the picture you can even see the white stuff on me!
Enter Monday morning:

What's up with this?  It's like the whole world changed over night. I don't think we moved, I'd have noticed that, same gate, same barn, just differant ground?   Brown, wet & sloppy, not white flakey stuff coming fromn the sky.  Just lotsa water, and it's not cold any more either.  Don't know bout you, but I much prefer the white cold stuff to slop!!!

Friday, January 25, 2013

It's ordered, it's ordered...

Camryn here:
So, about the saddle...Mom took and sent pictures of my back to Nickers Saddlery so they could see if they felt the saddle we wanted would work for me.  Got the thumbs up on that.  More emails, then phone calls about my needs, Mom's wants, sizing, colors, foam....You know all that boring stuff...

Once all that stuff had been decided, Kate at Nickers had picture of the saddle we want in the colors Mom chose and sent it us.  WOW, am I gonna be a fashionista or what.  Comfort and style to boot.  Those geldings I ride with are gonna be like "Humma, humma Camryn you be lookin good".  With my golden color, my burgandy Skito and this saddle, those boys won't know what hit em!  I asked Mom to print the picture to hang in my room to dream over.  I/we have never had a brand spanking new saddle that we actually got to choose the features in.  It's built for my comfort and Mom's too, that's the best of both worlds.  Mom told me bout the poron foam seat that will minimize her bounce at a sitting trot, something we'll both appreciate big time!

I'm so excited I can't wipe the smile offa my face! 
Gotta give kudos to Dad for saying "YES".  "Thanx bunches Dad you're the best non-horsey Dad a gurl could ask for."  And kudos to Nickers Saddlery too, we've heard soooo much good about their treeless saddles.  Mom's been drooling for one for like ever.  When Mom was researching she'd print stuff up, one thing she'd printed from their site showed a slightly differant price than on another page.  Mom noticed and pointed it out, of course they corrected the misprint right away BUT, they also gave Mom the saddle for the slightly lower price she'd found.  Now, that's exceptional I'm thinking. 

Thursday, January 24, 2013

Just a posting fiend I guess...

Camryn here:
I've just been a posting fiend this week!!!  Guess sometimes I have more to share, and so far this year it's all good stuff.  Good vibes!
Some Gramma, Grampa news:  Gramma had good Dr. visit last week.  Oncologist said the cancer is "stable & improved".  Gramma sometimes comments about hoping she'll get to stop the meds soon.  They cause hot flashes along with aches n pains & being tired.  Mom explains to her that she'll be on these meds for 5 years and that maybe some of the aches n pains are part of being 80 years young, and maybe some of the tired is cause it's winter and the skies are gray.  The hot flashes though are all from the meds.  Still Gramma is in very good spirits and gets around better than lots of ladies her age.
Grampa is doing good post surgery, he's been in rehab where they're getting him fit to go back home.  Dad will be taking one of his sisters down to stay for a month when he's released.  They'll have a visiting nurse, & a physical therapist coming in a few times a week to help out.  His spirits aren't quite as good as Gramma's but, we understand that after heart surgery it isn't normal to have bouts of depression.  He's ready to go home in his mind, he doesn't like that his body isn't there just yet.  "Soon", Dad tells him "soon".
The weather isn't to good for peoples. Mom bundles up so much she's hard to recognize, hat pulled down, neck thing pulled up, heavy carhart coat and bibs, heavy gloves n boots.  She doesn't even move the same, kinda weeble wobbles, I'm like "you smell like Mom, could you really be her"!  Then she laughs and oncovers her face for me to see. Margeaux keeps trying to sneak in the house, Maizee is like me and doesn't mind the cold.  They've got a special heated pad in the barn to keep cozy on.  We've all got heated water buckets, which we all preciate lots.  I've been getting extra hay to keep my furnance burning too.  Mom does enjoy that my poop n pee are freeze dried making them much lighter to clean up.  The icey cold doesn't bother me none at all though, Mom laughs that I stand in the barn when the weather is hot, while at -7 I stand outside, backleg cocked, head down and sound asleep!  The neighbor horses have been being kept inside, I miss seeing them and I bet they'd prefer to nap outside like me!

Wednesday, January 23, 2013

We be loving 2013...

Camryn here:
I know, I know, not much horse content as of late.  But, this news is HUGE news, Mom is OVER THE MOON excited.  2012 is shaping up to be a super duper year here!
We're gonna have a grandbaby!!!  Yup, which means like my UK friend Zoe I'll have my very own grandfoal to give me treats.
Not sure when the new one will hit the ground, thinking around September.  Mom was shopping when she got the news, so of course the unborn one already has a new outfit!  Samantha was very happy bout Mom's being happy on account of rings not being exchanged  yet and she was worried Mom would frown upon that. Mom is one of those "if my babies be happy, I be happy" peoples.
 Mom is hoping to know if it's a colt or filly by April so when she's at Equine Affaire she can buy the appropriate boots.  Chris and Samantha have givin a thumbs up on the unborn ones being a raised around me :)
So is this gonna be one good looking foal or what? 
The pic was taken at a military ball in the mirror, they both be Army but, the girls didn't have to be in uniform if their guy was.  Talk is they may want Mom to be official babysitter, which means the grandfoal will get to give me treats every day!  I'll of course have to ask Zoe the best way to raise a grandfoal.

Tuesday, January 22, 2013

It's a YES!!!

Camryn here:
Amazingly Dad said YES to the new saddle!!!  Mom handed him her list of reasons why, Dad read the first line and said "A new saddle" with a big frown.  Mom told him to read it all as she put it together the way he was used to when asking for something for his dept. at work.  I think this impressed him very much and let him know this wasn't simply a whim on Mom's part.  After finishing he questioned the price a bit, then said "YES"!!!  Can you believe it?  I nearly can't.
And to make it even better, today is my 11th birthday and Sunday was my 3rd Anniversary of being with Mom!!!  Lucky week for sure!  And my very first only me, brand new saddle getting ordered to boot!
Mom has to get some appropriate back pix so send the Sensation Saddle peoples.  Which is going to be difficult with my winter woolies, then she'll email the pix along with her many questions. 
We be thinking of making my saddle reddish brown, with a black seat.  I think with my burgandy skito pad the combo will look real sharp on me?
The last of the list she gave Dad had the price of the saddle, then "Happy Wife = Priceless.  Way to go Mom!
Happy Birthday To Me

Friday, January 18, 2013

Mom's asking for...

Camryn here:
Mom's planning to ask Dad if we can have a new saddle, as in not used by no one else never before.  So please keep all hooves crossed.  Mom has always had used/borrowed saddles in the past and been content, now for some reason (not that I mind) she's gotten a bug up her butt wanting one thats been just ours.  I'm not complaining, Dad might though hee hee
Course Mom would post a pic of the saddle she's asking for but, blogger is being bad for that still.  So we'll just tell you the kind of saddle it is and if your of mind to you can look it up.  It's a Sensation Western Sport Trail Saddle, she wants it in a brown color, which I look gorgeous in and matches existing tack, though she plans on the seat being made of black nubuck leather for contrast and butt sticking to saddle capabilites.
It's not inexpensive by any means but, not cheap either.  She's written up a list of top 22 reasons for Dad to say Yes!  Along with blurb describing saddle with pix.  She's thinking maybe she should ask for the Ansur new Roo Saddle it's double the price of the Sensation, so if he saw that first maybe the Sensation price would make it easier?  Hee hee!   Course her true dream saddle would be a Synergist (we've borrowed one and loved it) but, like the Roo it's totally in the "Beer wages, Champagne taste" league.  That and it's not treeless, which my dippy back demands.
Mom did do lots of research and has heard/read very little negative about Sensation saddles in general and it's gotten good review for Haflingers broad wide backs with low withers.  Her's prepared to argue her case and hope that Dad's darn insistant logic doesn't over rule.  He's just soooo sensible and lets face it there is very little that is sensible with it comes to loving horses and all that comes with us!  To those oddly non-horsey humans anyway.  None I'm sure that read my blog!
Hooves crossed that Mom'll be ordering a new saddle for me real soon.

Wednesday, January 16, 2013

No pix, why not...

Camryn here:
Well, it appears that quite suddenly we can't post pix off the computer.  We have options to post off phone, web, youtube...   But, the "browse" so you can post off your own PC option has disappeared.  Mom thought it was a glitch, but three days later still can't post pix off the puter.  So any thoughts/ideas/pointers to aide in overcoming this sad problem we be having?

Friday, January 11, 2013

I want one...

Camryn here:
I saw this on "Can I Have a Pony" blog and want one really, really bad.  My birthday is this month, I think I'll ask for it then?

Just imagine I'd be the first horse on my block with my very own Horse iPad!

Tuesday, January 8, 2013


Camryn here:
It may be cold outside, but Emily warms our insides right from the heart part....

Chris took this from his cell, Emily is doing sooooo good.  She doesn't even realize or care that she's a tripod.  Though at one point as she tumbles backward her body reminds her.  But, being Emily she's up and tugging without a care in the world.
Sure hope the video works, if your having a bad day Emily will cheer your for sure.

Monday, January 7, 2013

Absentee Mom...

Camryn here:
Mom's been absent lately for very good reason.  Grampa (Dad's Dad) finally had his surgery.  I didn't mention it till it happened for two reasons, 1. didn't wanna jinx it & 2. Mom didn't wanna announce "hey, I'm not here, the house is empty". 
Soooo, Grampa did real good, he's now got a pig part of all things inside him.  The Doc replaced his faulty valve with one from a pig.  I guess it's the closest match to a humans and he won't have to take extra meds for his body to accept it.  Dad, Mom one of the sisters and her husband all went down to WV to be there for him.  Another sister who hates hospitals stayed at his house with his lil Mickey dog.  Grampa is a hurting puppy as they have to break your sternum to get to the hear to do the replacement.  But, they gave him a  cute teddy bear named "Sir Coughs a Lot" to hug when he needs to cough, or move.  Seriously that's the bears name, it's Tshirt says that!  Mom noticed as soon as they got to see him how wonderful his color is, he's not all pale, his lips and nails aren't tinged blue they be nice n pink :)  The Doc feels the passing out will be over and done with now.
Yesterday Grampa was moved from ICU (where the nurses are wonderful by the way) to the floor.  From there he'll go to rehab for up to three months so as he'll heal AND gain strength back.  Dad n Mom knew being there would be best for him as iffen he was here, he'd park on the couch and not get strong again.  The rehab peoples will be sure to make him get up off his duff. While he's there Mom n Dad will be looking for a senior apartment near us & hope to move him up to Ohio soon.
  Not to worry bout us four leggers, while they were away though.  Danette the neighbor who boards horses came to take care of Maizee, Margeaux n Me.  She made sure I always had water, my bedroom clean & I had my three meals a day.  I love the way Danette smells, cause all her horses are boys, I made sure to give her a good sniff over everytime she came!  Tye, Promise & Ivy all went to a friends kennel where Mom will pick them up later today. 

Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Ups n Downs...

Camryn here:
Just like everyone else we've had many Ups, and a few Downs thru 2012.  Some of the gang here decided to practice a bit for 2013!

Maizee is practicing for an Up 2013...

Maizee is actually WAY UP!  Mmmmm, wonder why she doesn't look to thrilled?

Click the pic to biggify to see the reason(s) why.  Promise & Ivy chased assisted lil Maizee in levitating up the tree! 
Do you get it now?  Maizee is Up, Promise & Ivy are down!  Sorry guess you had to be there.

Not to worry, no cats were harmed in the making of this post.  Though Mom was a tad late to work that morning.  She was thinking she'd need to grab the tall ladder.  Happily Maizee trusts Mom a lot. So Mom just stood under the tree, arms up saying "come on Maizee, I'll catch you".  Maizee turned her lil bum around and backed all the way down till Mom could reach up to her.  Guess those 6 toes helped!
Happy New Year
If you're up a tree, just trust that someone will always be there to help you down.
Course not having Promise & Ivy chase assist you up a tree would be even better!