Thursday, August 30, 2012

One of these things...

Camryn here:
One of these things is not like the others:

That thing would be Margueax napping surrounded by tomatoes. 
 Margeaux likes to be where ever Mom is.  So, if Mom is working in the garden that's where you'll be finding Margeaux.  Cleaning my stall, yep Margeaux is there too.  Taking Onyx for a walk in the woods, here comes Margeaux.  At cookouts if you're sitting near Mom and get out of your chair, you'll come back to Margeaux looking up saying "you snooze you loose" while sitting in your chair.  The other day after I had my pedicure Mom and Sherry (my trimmer) were chatting by Sherry's car.  Margeaux strolls over and jumps in the car.  Odd cat, but very loveable!

Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Hey Shy...

Camryn here:
Hey Shy, guess what I get to have a Chiro guy too!!!  My trimmer came out and thought I was having troubles with my back on account of I lift my feets but, am uncomfortable once they get so high.  Sherry got the feeling it's something with my back, so Mom got a Chiro's number from her. He's coming to see me next week.  Mom had been contimplating having a Chiro see me, but kept thinking Dad would think her nuts.  But, now that ones been recommended, her'll just blame Sherry ;)
I'll be sure to let you know how good/bad it is!

Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Horsey play day...

Camryn here:
This past Sat. we were going to have a horsey play day at my neighbors arena. They'd had on before when we couldn't go and it sounded fun.  They'd ride up take a hat off a pole, then run the arena to put the hat on another pole.  Play musical mats, take a ball from one side to the other and a bunch of other stuff.  So Mom n me were pretty excited. Mom saddled me up and led me over.  Johnny and his person were there waiting, Levi, Jesse and there people came over behind us, then Teddy's person brought him out to play too.  Me no four boys, wow sounds like heaven.  It wasn't!!!!  Mom had her camera but, since we didn't end up playing games she didn't use it at all.
First they were talking about turning us all loose together.  Our persons were supposed to keep us in control and do a "join up" with their horse.  Mom was like "WHOA, only two have been turned out together, I was the only mare with four geldings, plus I hadn't been turned out with nobody forever.  NO WAY was we gonna do that".  She was contimplating just saying "see ya" and heading home.  Danette had been doing something and hadn't heard the plan.  She vetoed the turning us all loose together, Mom was relieved.  So instead we'd be turned loose one at a time and our person had to keep their horse in control for the "join up".  While the others would stand back, keep their horse on their long line, and keep the loose horse away while keeping their horse in control. Mom still wasn't sure but, Lori volunteered to help her. 
First Johnny got turned loose and of course guess where he headed?  Yup, to the one and only girl me.  Mom spun her rope at him, and I turned my butt to him.  If he'd have come any closer I was gonna double barrel him for sure.  He ran around like crazy, bucking and veering every where.  I was his ultimate goal, Mom was way stressing out and not liking this game at all.  Finally Johnny got his jollies out, went to his human and did the "join up"  I did realize after Johnny that Mom was on my team and I could trust her to keep the boys away from me. 
Next was Levi, and guess what, he didn't head right for me.  He headed for Jesse his pasture mate (Jesse was standing beside us), then Levi tried to come between Jesse and the wall to come to me.  Momma held him off a few times.  He didn't have to get his yee ha's out much and after a few attempts to hind behind Jesse and/or come to me, he "joined up" real nice like.
Jesse was next, and he came right for me too.  Though he didn't have a "it's a girl" look in his eye like the others.  His look was more like "Hi can we be friends", Mom told him to go away so he did and "joined up" with his person right away.  Mom finally quit stessing and felt more "empowered" by now which was good.
Next was my turn.  Mom wasn't quite sure of herself so Levi's person had Mom stand beside her while she "tried" to do a "join up" with me to show Mom what to do.  Mom knows how to do it but, not in a small arena, with me loose and one of the boys standing in the middle of the arena.  So, they turn me loose and while Levi's person sends me off with the rope.  I was not happy one little wee bit about this scenario at all.  I did my turbo trot, round n round I went with some bucks thrown in for good measure.  I didn't bother with any of those boys either let me tell you.  I just wanted to be done with the whole thing.  Mom stepped in and took over, I did the "join up" but, was shooting Mom some pretty dirty looks.  Levi's Mom said I wasn't respectful, I was thinking "yeah you got it".  Mom n Me did some at liberty stuff which I don't mind at all.  None of the boys were loose anymore and I understand that kinda stuff.
Next Teddy took his turn, he's an older guy and much more respectful of a gurls space.  He came towards me a few times, but Mom's rope kept him a distance and he wasn't really trying as hard as the first two.  He joined right up with is person.  Jesse n Teddy did the bestest of all of us.
Finally the torture was over, and our peoples all saddled us back up and we rode around the arena.  Mom told Jesse's Mom later that maybe Me n Jesse could be turned out together, then another time with Levi till we all got to be friends.  AND that while the games would be fun, doing a "join up" surrounded by other horses isn't something she's gonna be comfortable with at all. Plus all things considering I did really, really good onced I knew Mom wasn't gonna allow any of the others to get to close and cause me problems.
While it all turned out well, looking back Mom really wishes we'd just headed home.  That all in all it wasn't a good safe idea at all.  Her normally doesn't succumb to pressure of her peers like that.  And wishes her hadn't then either. I think she's right, do you?

Thursday, August 23, 2012

Grandpup sleep over...

This past weekend both Adam and Chris had to be out of town.  This meant that Emily (Mom's grandpup) would be home alone.  They'd arranged for Mom to come take care of her in the evening and a friend in the morning. 
(Sidenote: Chris and his girlfriend broked up and she took her Pit Remington with her)
Mom didn't like that Emily would be home all alone all night now that her was an only dog. So being that our dogs and her gets along, Emily got to sleep over with our gang.

As you can tell Emily fit right in, aside from the fact that her legs are much, much, much longer!!!  Even Margeaux liked her lots.  I however didn't get to hang with Emily, as last time I hung my nose over the fence to say "Hi Emily" she jumped up and tried to grab hold of my nose!!!  So Mom nixes any thoughts of Emily and Me hanging.  Mom can envision Emily literally "hanging off my nose"!!! Emily is used to sleeping with Chris, Mom n Dad don't however apprciate that.  It only took three times for Emily to realize the couch is fine, the bed off limits!!!

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Haflinger head pix...

Camryn here:
Almost forgot about posting the Haflinger head shot pictures Mom took.  Oops!!!

Mom wasn't really this up close and personal while these guys were in the ring.  She was using her zoom.  The third down has my head type.  Mom figures they use chalk to make their blazes so whitey white.  That's what they use at the dog shows, plus purply shampoo.  Makes me glad I'm a homebody, I'd sneeze at chalking my nose I'm sure!  Ahhhhhhh they are soooo beautiful aren't they.  Just like me :)

Monday, August 20, 2012

Carriage Classes...

Camryn here:
I know how to do this, but Mom don't.  Soooooo, we have no plans for me to pull any wagons, carriages, sleighs, non of that.  Mom wouldn't mind putting Dad in a little sled while her rides and pulling him about like ski-jouring kinda stuff though.  Sounds fun, I could go really fast and WHAM Dad goes flying!  I can picture that.
Mom loved the carriages and the peoples clothes, they really looked like they were back in the day when traveling by carriage was the norm...
If you biggify you'll see a little terrier dog riding next to the driver.  He was just adorable and seemed to enjoy himself lots

So many differant carriages, Mom liked the two wheelers best.  This guy looks soooo serious

This lady and her Haflinger just looked beautiful together. 

OK, I got some serious mane envy here.  Wonder how/why I got shorted in the mane department (literaly).  Mom has pix of my family and I'm the only one that has Kramer hair!  Just not fair I tell ya!

Lined up for judging.  The judge had this HUGE red hat on.  Mom commented that I'd probably be reaching over to take it off her head for a taste.  Yup, I would've!
There were a total of 10 entered in the class, they judged them 5 at a time then brought them back in for the awards.  Mom had no idea there were so many differant vareties of carts/carriages.  They like the horses were all beautiful.
Tommorrow Mom says we'll post some pix of some head shots of the Haflingers.

Sunday, August 19, 2012

Haflinger Show...

Camryn here:
The Central Ohio Haflinger Show was this weekend.  Mom and Danette went, I got to stay home and eat.  I like shows like that!  Mom really enjoyed it lots, specially seeing all the beautiful Haflingers all dressed up.  Even though her liked going, she says I don't have to worry about participating myself.  After 10 years of showing dogs, she's had her fill of "hurry up and wait".  She only stayed for a few hours, woulda stayed all day to watch all the classes and fun stuff planned for after, but of course she had to get home to tell me aallll about it. She did manage to take lots of pictures. 
She loved the kids showing their Haflingers, and wished she could ride half as good as those girls did.  We're only posting kids pix where the faces are unrecognizable as Mom feels you should not post kids faces without their parents permission.
The last one is kinda built like me I think.  Which of course makes it the best of the three!  JMHO

Mom was kinda partial to this one as it's head is quite similar to mine.

What a pretty and thoughtful expression

This one was a real cutie patootie

K, Mom got some serious mane envy from this one.  She LOVES it's head and markings big time
All the kids Haflingers behaved just wonderfuly for their mounts.  Mom says as far as she's concerned all deserve blue ribbons.
We is hoping to turn some into paintings this winter, when Mom doesn't have the gardens keeping her so busy. Wouldn't that be cool.  Mom also chatted with a bunch of peoples and of course as we already know, Haflinger peoples are just as nice as their horses.
Tomorrow I'll ask Mom to help me put up some carriage competion pix...

Monday, August 6, 2012

Hi Ho Silver episode...

Camryn here:
First off, I have been "trying" to post but, blogger keeps eating it all up!!!!  Secondly, we haven't been doing much of anything round here.  Margeaux pic about sums most of our days up lately:
A little excitement caused by myself though.  Mom's tribe came for a cookout on Sat.  Her nephew Ryan (shoot most of her family) is scared of us big mean horses!!!  Ryan is dating a girl who is on her college equestrian team.  Fortunatly for him her horse doesn't like him.  Soooo, since I'm "generaly" a peaceful friendly kinda gurl, Ryan decided to cowboy up and take a ride.
 Mom got me all tacked up, gave him instructions on mounting.  Once he was in the saddle she further instructed him then walked alongside making sure all was well.  I was wearing my bitless, mainly cause I always do around the barn and also because this way newbies can't pull on my mouth as we all know they can/will!  Mom noticed my ears were back lots and kept trying to figure out why.
 At one point Ryan had me whoa'd and I showed Mom why I wasn't happy.  I did a "Hi Ho Silver" and reared up, just a weensy little bit honest.  Mom was right there so grabbed the rein and pulled me down.  Walla, Mom now understood my ears back, Ryan in his fear had been clenching my sides with his legs in a vice like grip the entire time.  Here I was being all good, I turned when asked, backed and whoa'd, he still clamped on.  What was I to do?  I figured since I couldn't go forward his legs musta been telling me to go "UP", so that's what I did.  Mom had a chat with him explaining that his legs were a guide so the only time they needed to be on me was to talk to me.  Her also let him know that I could feel a teeny fly on my butt, so his vice grip was pissing me off to boot.  Ryan did real good and stayed on during and after my "Hi Ho Silver".  Impressed his girlfriend which was what he wanted.  So, my way of thinking is I done good right?