Wednesday, March 28, 2012

After the Party...

Camryn here:
After I heard Mom call Promise, Ivy, n Tye in to the house late Monday night, I knew that meant Mom was heading to bed herself.  I waited bout half hour just in case, before making the voyage to Shy's party  (Adventures with Shyloh)  in Michigan.  Was a bit further than I'd thought but, it was worth it.  That girl knows how to throw a party, and so many boys!!!

Had a blast, drinking (water) munching (hay) and dancing tons.  Had to leave sooner than I'd really wanted to though.  Made it home just before Mom came to give breakfast.  I did miscalulate in thinking I'd have all day to nap though.  Turned out my trimmer was coming, it was hard work holding feet up and sleeping at the same time.  Guess I can't party like I used to!  Soooooo sleepy, really needed the gate just to keep my head held up while I chewed & snoozed!
Thanks Shy for the invite and super fun time.

Thursday, March 22, 2012

Sorry bout being MIA...

Camryn here:
Sorry bout my going MIA for a while.  Just haven't had time for updates.  Anyhow Grandpa just left for home with Dad a little while ago.  So "hopefully" things will normalize a tad.
Between Grandpa, his little dog Mickey, work, the flower beds, our dogs, and of course me Mom  has been plenty busy.  Grandpa even asked if her ever sits down LOL. 
Grandpa is doing good, Mom said she could tell his spirits were improving when he began walking down to my paddock to give me handfuls of grass.  He's a nice guy, yummy.  That and he's been doing the breakfast and his lunch dishes while Mom is at work last couple days too.  We're hoping he does well at home after his two weeks of down time.  Being home and all alone will probably throw him a bit, hope not badly.
His little dog Mickey is doing much better too.  When they came, Momma noticed her urine was looking odd.  Mom watched closely and saw poor Mickey was actually peeing blood clots.  So Mom took her right into the Vet.  Mickey got the full treatment as Mom had her shaved down so Grandpa wouldn't have to brush her for a while.  Mickey is a Peek A Poo, and looks like pieces and parts of dog, very odd looking actually.  Anyhow, on way to Vet Mom called Mickey's Vet and found her was way behind in vaccinations too.  So her got all her shots, they Xrayed to make sure her didn't have kidney stones, turned out severe bladder infection, found out both ears were way infected to boot.  Poor girl, no wonder her acted all sad at first.  Soooo, Mom has been Mickey's nurse.  Mickey was feeling sooooo much better onced the meds started kicking in too.  Mom pointed out to Ivan that she didn't really have a hunched back after all!  Grandpa had been taking care of Hazel and not realizing something was wrong with lil Mickey.  Mom showed Grandpa how to clean her ears out proper and keep giving all her meds.  Hooves crossed he's able to keep up.
Our dogs liked Mickey but, Mickey being an only child for so long had no idea bout doggy lingo so mainly stuck to the humans.
I haven't been neglected, as Mom has made sure to spend some time deshedding me each day too.  I'm sure now I'll have more attention though.
So, I'll try to keep up better now.

Saturday, March 10, 2012

For my comfort...

Camryn here:
Mom n Dad were able to steal away for a few hours to keep an appointment made with my comfort in mind...
Isn't it awesome!!!  This is just part of the load in the truck, my trailer is full too!!!  I feel so special cause I don't have to share it with no one, it's all for me.  One of these bags lasts me just shy of a week so I gots enough to last quite a long time.  Dad calculated last load just how long it would be before needing another.  My Dad is sooooo smart cause Mom scheduled this load last month &just used my last bag yesterday.
Grampa is doing good, we'll share more about him and the little monkey dog (that's what she looks like) another time.

Thursday, March 8, 2012

Grampa is here...

Camryn here:
Grampa and his little dog "Mickey" are here.  Lucked out and the Dr. recommended he not be alone.  So, he's here for at least two weeks when his next Dr. appointment is.  Oddly he didn't bring more than enough clothes for a day or two?  Wonder how often he thinks Mom does laundry???
We're hoping that he can be talked into staying up here in Ohio with us/near us.  We'll take that  one step at a time.
We're also keeping his being here on the down-low for a few days.  Otherwise his daughters will converge on him like locusts and he won't get no rest at all.  Yet, they never ever call or go down to visit!  Dad is the one who takes care of everything for him and calls regular like.  But, boy when they want something their on the phone.  They are one of the reasons he moved to WV.  An example being: Dad had a bad car wreck several years ago, he had to be life flighted to the horsepital.  The very day he comed home from the horsepital they all came and honestly expected him to have a cook out for them!!!  One sister is unwelcome here at our house, she dissed Mom one to many times.  She also went around her Dads house after Hazel's funeral taking pictures of the contents in the house!!!  Amazing!
Sorry bout the vent when I only meant to tell you that Ivan is here and doing well.  Even his little dog has been excepted by the pack up at the house.

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

More human troubles...

Camryn here:
A week ago today Hazel passed.  Today Ivan (Dad's Dad) got taken to the horsepital.  Seems he forgot to eat and took his nitro pill.  Not good!!!
Luckily Dad has friends calling Ivan regularly, when he didn't answer the phone the caller headed right over finding Ivan passed out.  He should be OK this time "BUT" we be worried bout next time.
Dad headed down again, this time Mom gave him specific instructions to bring Ivan back with him.  Ivan ain't gonna want to at all.  But, Dad can't drop everything like this nonstop and his sisters are no help at all.  Mom says Ivan has to understand if all this running gets Dad sick then Ivan will be stuck with no assist.
Send vibes for Ivan to listen and at least come here for a few weeks while he gets his bearings together afer losing Hazel.

Monday, March 5, 2012

Big SIGH...

Camryn here:
Had some sad human stuff going on that Mom didn't want to talk about till Dad was home.  Her doesn't like announcing in cyberland when it's just her at home.  Though with 3 dogs in the house shouldn't be a big deal.
Anyhow, last week Dads Stepmom Hazel passed.  She was well into her 90's and had been unwell for sometime.  Dad said last time he was down there he could tell Hazel was ready to go.  Dad's Dad and Hazel live in WV.  Dad was headed down already when Hazel went over the bridge, cause his Dad had called him saying the Dr. said her wouldn't last the day.  Dad hadn't gotten there yet when Mom got the call that Hazel had gone.  Very sad, specialy for Ivan (Dad's Dad).  Mom had to stay home cause her couldn't very well leave me home alone, nor could she ride me all the way to WV! 
So, all went well, the service Dad said was wonderful.  All Ivan's kids n Hazel's kids played well together.  A miracle iffen you knowed some of them!!! 
Dad's home safe n sound, but calling hims Dad daily with some neighbors also checkin on him daily. 
Hazel was scared of horses and didn't like Mom having me.  Now maybe she'll meet some over the bridge and understand just how wonderful we are.
R.I.P. to Hazel.

Thursday, March 1, 2012

Uninvited dinner guest...

Camryn here:
Lately we've been having an univited guest hanging about who we're guessing is looking for a free meal!!!  Perhaps he/she has confused my fur quintuplets for something edible?
Most likey he's discovered we have no cats to keep the mice population under control.  Mom hopes he/she eats lots of em.   Isn't he/she beautiful?  He hangs out just about my paddock fenceline.  I wonder if my lovely fur would is a suitable nest liner?   Mom did find a wee little nest when Mo lived her made entirely from his tail hair.  It's really cool, Mom keeps it on the mantle I'll ask if she can take a pikture of it.