Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Sharing the witches hat...

Camryn here:
Happy Halloween!!!  Don't have no ghosts or goblins here, but we got witches and lots of em...
Tye be almost as fuzzy as the witch hat feathers!!!  Oh, and he just looks innocent!

 Promise: I'm to sweet to be a witch.  I'm more the Angel type...
 Ivy: Quick get it off, it's crushing my skull and melting my brain...

Onyx: I know just what you mean Ivy...

Come on guys get over it and lets all bob for apples!!!

Mmmmm, maybe the apples are in here?

So, would you give this face a Trick or a Treat?
Have a Safe & Happy Halloween

Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Dear Sandy...

Camryn here:
Dear Sandy, you can go away now.  We've gotten enough rains & winds now that we don't need anymore!  We're sending lots of thoughts and prayers to those folks/horses/dogs/kitties who are a lot closer to the worst of it all.  Got word from Jillian who lives in Virginia, aside from her puppy being afraid to potty in the wind she and Jesse are good. 
We're lucky though, specially being in the woods.  But being in Ohio even weakened hurricane force winds is a lot windier than we're used to for sure.    Have one pine that thought about uprooting itself, lucky that it's neighboring tree reached out and caught it (for now).  Otherwise it would lift the yard fence, & smoosh the neighbor ladies shed!  Mom's watching it.  Lots n lots of limbs down, pasture is flooded so basically I'm done with the pasture till spring now.  My paddock is kinda flooded too and with all the trees dropping limbs Mom has opted to keep me in!!!  I've had outside access all day for well over 2 years now, so this is odd not having been out since yesterday afternoon.  I did step out when Mom came down to give me more to snack on, let me tell you this "we aren't in kansas anymore!" Every thing looks, smells and feels differant out there.  Mom knew I wouldn't appreciate being in my stall all this time.  So she's propped my stall door open, plus bedded it down even more than the norm, so I've got the barn aisle and my stall to hang in. Mom brought in and filled my 40 gallon trough along with my aisle trough (just in case we loose power).  Onyx has a soup bone, Margeaux n Maziee have mice to chase, and I've got hay bags hanging so it's not all bad by any means.
Mom kinda wonders how the greenhouse she works out faired thru it all???  She's taken this week off to stay with Grampa while he's here so she doesn't know if Sandy may have kicked the greenhouse's butt or not yet. 
Hope all is well with all my friends out there!

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Vist from Dr. Tony...

Camryn here:
     Can you believe Mom forgot Dr. Tony was coming yesterday???  This meant that when he arrived instead of already having lunch I had just started!  You know how that makes me feel "very cranky".  Mom was mucking my stall and looked up when Onyx barked, that's when she finally remembered.  Dr. Tony was a tad early so he let me eat for a little while before pulling me away for my adjustments.  He had very little to do this time, just checked for any soreness before using his pressure gun then tweaking my neck.  He's not coming again for a month and says my recovery is actually 2 weeks ahead of what he'd thought I'd be needing.  The next visit should be the last, though Mom says she might have him come give me a look see in the spring.
     Other news, we had some odd looking visitors the other day.  Two wild turkey hens were taking a walk and ended up in the driveway.  Mom & Dad loved it, they were laughing cause the turkey girls looked & acted like two little old ladies just out for a stroll!
     Maizee made it up into the loft, Mom heard her before she saw her this morning at breakfast.  That little girl just loves climbing and jumping.  Maizee & I have become such good friends, sometimes in the morning when Mom comes in with breakfast she'll find me snoozing with my head over my stall door with Maizee snoozing while perched right beside my head.
     Dad bought 1/2 a cow last week, he got if from the peoples Mom buys my feed from.  What good is 1/2 a cow I ask.  Can they stand on only two legs?  And why does it get to stay in the house?  Anybody know what a freezer is?
     Mom is busy tucking in the flower beds for winter.  It's taking her forever!  Today and tomorrow are supposed to be really warm so she's taking advantage of the weather when she can.  I know she should be taking advantage of it by riding me, but she want the flower bed ready for mulching first thing in the spring since the plan is to sell our place.

Monday, October 22, 2012

Playground? I don't think so...

Camryn here:
Today was a most wonderful day, the hay guy came and brought me a jillion trillion bales of hay!!!  I swear cause I stood and counted every one as it came off the truck.  The hay guys always get a kick out of me.  Mom shuts the back gate to keep me out while they back in and unload.  The hay guys always crack up cause I insist on supervising the entire process.  If Mom didn't lock me out, I'd be helping unload for sure.
After Mom lets me in I clean up the chafe hay that flies off during the hay throwing process.  That's when I notice this...
Seriously, this is not a playground.  This is my food supply guys...

 Maizee is not content with the lower 50 bales, she's trying to figure out if she can leap up into the loft.  AND what's up with Margeaux's pink chafe filled bed, and Maizee's crate bed being up on my food supply anyway???
 Margeaux must think she's a "her highness" or something.  Maizee as you can see is quite recovered from her getting fixed as she continues to search for a way up into the loft...
Baths, what's up with that?  My food supply is not a bathroom, you do not take baths in my food supply!!!  I can't stand it SIGH
Though I guess it could be worse, they could actually eat hay and they don't.

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Aaaah, peace n quiet...

Camryn here:
Maizee's getting fixed went well today.  She was still pretty groggy when Mom picked her up so she's been tucked away in the spare bedroom. 
Poor Margeaux is just beside herself with missing her lil girl...
Margeaux been enjoying the peace n quiet big time. I swear she acts like she's at a spa just relaxing and chillin out.   Margeaux can nap without being attacked, walk across the paddock without be pounced upon.  I hate to tell Margeaux not to get used to it, as Maizee will be back in the barn up to her usual antics to soon for Margeaux I'm sure.

Monday, October 15, 2012

Another update...

Camryn here:
     Guess I'll start with me first here.  Chiro came on Tues. Sherry met him here and held me for him.  I'm going to need at least one more treament in a month.  Dr. Tony told Sherry that he was able to stretch my hinds out with no resistance much further than ever.  He didn't spend much time adjusting cause I'm doing so good.  He showed Sherry what/why he did certain things, Sherry showed him what/why she does certain things on hooves.  Guess I was their show n tell!  Sherry just can't get over how she can tell visually how much better I am.
     K, now Grampa.  He's home from the horsepital, Dad drove his older sis Shirley down to stay with him till surgery.  He took Mickey dog back too, much to Mom's relief.  Mickey doesn't allow for a good nights sleep, she's one of those little yappies.  They're going to the Dr. on Wed. so we'll have a better idea (we hope) on what they'll be doing.  His lower Aortic valve is closed.
     Gramma stayed all last week, Mom took her to all sorts of places for all sorts of testing.  Good news is the cancer has not, I repeat has not gone into her bones.  Cartwheels everbody!  There were a few anomolies on the CAT scan, one being cysts on her liver (Gramma doesn't drink) but Dr. says cancer normally presents as nodules rather than cysts so while she's not worried they will be doing liver babysitting to watch.  Stead of Chemo which could kill Gramma they'll be doing hormone therapy treatments.  Gramma can stay home and they won't compremise her quality of life.  Gramma was thrilled to have the tests all over, till Mom reminded her that this was just the first round of tests.  Gramma was bummed till Mom helped her understand that from now on they should see the cancer shrinking.  Surgeon is holding off operating till they see how the hormone therapy is working.
     Maizee is gonna get fixed on Wed.  Margueax will be very happy to have a day off from being punked in someway by Maizee! Kinda bummed cause this means no baby kitties again in the barn SIGH
     Oh, I've been kinda on the back burner since all the Gramma/Grampa stuff began.  I'm getting fed, cleaned up after along with some quick hugs.  But no riding, not complaining mind you!

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Hide n Seek with Maizee...

Maizee: I'm bored what should I do?

Ooooh, I see Mom and Onyx.  I'll play Hide n Seek with them...
Margeaux:  MAIZEE where are you...Alli, Alli in come free...

Margeaux:  Where could that girl be?
Onyx: I'll help look for her...

Maizee: Maybe this ground hog hole would work?

Camryn:  I found her, I found her, look in the ground hog hole!

Maizee: Who new playing Hide n Seek would be so exhausting!!!

Sunday, October 7, 2012

Grampa update &...

Camryn here:
Grampa update, he's gonna be transferred to a bigger horsepital.  They was just gonna send him home till Dad reminded him that last time they did he passed out the next day!  So, they'll transfer him and schedule his surgery for sometime this week.  In the mean time Dad's gonna head home bringing along Grampa's little Mickey dog.  Then Dad n Mom gotta figure out if us moving is gonna have to happen sooner rather than later.  Our human barn is only two bedrooms w/ one bath.  Good nuff for Dad n Mom but, with Grampa gonna have to move up here, and maybe Gramma too for a least awhile.  You get the picture.  Economy isn't gonna be helpful that's for sure.
K, the & is I had my feets done on Fri., had to bump it up due to Gramma.  Sherry noticed a
 H-U-G-E differance in my allowing her to hold my feet up without pulling back.  Cept onced when Onyx went under me!  I did lean a tad but, in a more polite way not as in, "hey, hold me up", more like "mmmm this is comfy"!  Sherry is looking forward to holding me for my Chiro visit so she can see how it's all done.

Saturday, October 6, 2012

When it rains...

Camryn here:
    Well you know the saying "When it rains, it pours?"  Dad's Dad is in the horsepital now!  He's had an ongoing heart problem that causes him to pass out.  Mom n Dad got him a life alert this summer
it signals if he falls down, he doesn't have to push the button or anything.  It works!!!  This is the third time since he got it.  Anyhow he had an appointment for Nov 1. to have a new stint inserted.  Yesterday the Dr. told him it was most likely that the stint surgery would turn into Open Heart surgery.  And that if he passed out prior to Nov. 1 they'd do it then.  Well, he passed out again.  Dad is heading to WV right now, a neighbor is with Grampa till Dad gets there.  Grampa is awake now.
     Don't know if you knew but, Mom, Dad n Grampa had been planning to sell our place next year to get a bigger one so he could move up here closer to Dad.  Seems we were a little behind on that plan I guess. 
     Prayers for Grampa please, we won't know much more till Dad gets down there. 

Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Mom's Mom...

Camryn here:
We've had some upsetting news here, Mom's Mom aka Gramma has breast cancer!!! She went thru a lot last year with skin cancer on her face, one was so big they removed half her nose, a plastic surgeon fixed that all up and that cancer be all gone now. Gramma be one of those peoples that everyone loves and adores.  A Christian lady, who doesn't just talk the talk, her walks the walk with both peoples and animals.  So her knows that God will guide her Dr's into helping her thru it all.

Gramma with one of her Grandpups, Heidi.
Gramma had her Mammothingy last month it showed three suspicious growths, they did an ultrasound guided needle biopsy on the three things the mammothingy showed.  They came back with not good news. 
Soooo, Mom took her to a Surgical Oncolgogist who find one more tumor in her right breast, and another in the left along with what could be lymph node involvement during her examination.  She sent Gramma for chest xrays & bloodwork, then Mom picked up the mammothingy films for next week.  Next week Gramma see's the oncologist, gets a MRI, then see's a Cancer Herditary Counselor too.  Surgical Oncologist says she's getting all her ducks in a row before operating.  The MRI is to get a better look at the tumors not found on Mammothingy.  Also they are taking Gramma's case before the Cancer board once all the results are in.  Mom didn't understand why till she talked to her daughter Jillian who works for a Surgeon.  Seems cause Gramma is 80 years old, they'll be talking if Chemo is something they'd want to put her thru as it will effect her quality of life in a big way.  Gramma isn't to concerned/upset about having her udders removed because as Mom says, she's not nursing anyone and her modeling career is over after all her skin cancer surgeries anyway.  Mom saying things like that helps Gramma smile thru scary things.
Gramma lives over an hour away by herself so like with her skin cancer Gramma will be coming to live here.  We live nearer some really good Cancer Dr's. n stuff.  Her Oncologist is almost in the boys back yard even.  So Adam & Chris can just walk over and visit if Gramma while she has treatments if she does have Chemo.
Jillian has been helping from Virginia with setting up the good Doctors for Gramma to see, guiding Mom thru what needs done, tells her why things are being done and stuff like that.
 Mom called to reschedule my trimming next week cause it's the same time as the Oncology appointment.  When Mom told Sherry about Gramma and that my Chiro stuff may have to stop due to time constraints, Sherry volunteered to come hold me so I could still be adjusted.  Mom's boss is a retired nurse so her totally understands that Mom's working is going to be sporadic at best.  Plus her knows stuff Mom needs to know.  Turns out that one of the nurses at Mom's regular Dr. grew up with Mom so her's calling and praying too.  Even small things like that make Mom feel good. 
So, if all my blog friends people, horses, dogs (remember God is Dog spelled backward),& cats could put up some prayers for Gramma we'd much appreciate it.  SIGH
Thanks so much