Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Mom's Mom...

Camryn here:
We've had some upsetting news here, Mom's Mom aka Gramma has breast cancer!!! She went thru a lot last year with skin cancer on her face, one was so big they removed half her nose, a plastic surgeon fixed that all up and that cancer be all gone now. Gramma be one of those peoples that everyone loves and adores.  A Christian lady, who doesn't just talk the talk, her walks the walk with both peoples and animals.  So her knows that God will guide her Dr's into helping her thru it all.

Gramma with one of her Grandpups, Heidi.
Gramma had her Mammothingy last month it showed three suspicious growths, they did an ultrasound guided needle biopsy on the three things the mammothingy showed.  They came back with not good news. 
Soooo, Mom took her to a Surgical Oncolgogist who find one more tumor in her right breast, and another in the left along with what could be lymph node involvement during her examination.  She sent Gramma for chest xrays & bloodwork, then Mom picked up the mammothingy films for next week.  Next week Gramma see's the oncologist, gets a MRI, then see's a Cancer Herditary Counselor too.  Surgical Oncologist says she's getting all her ducks in a row before operating.  The MRI is to get a better look at the tumors not found on Mammothingy.  Also they are taking Gramma's case before the Cancer board once all the results are in.  Mom didn't understand why till she talked to her daughter Jillian who works for a Surgeon.  Seems cause Gramma is 80 years old, they'll be talking if Chemo is something they'd want to put her thru as it will effect her quality of life in a big way.  Gramma isn't to concerned/upset about having her udders removed because as Mom says, she's not nursing anyone and her modeling career is over after all her skin cancer surgeries anyway.  Mom saying things like that helps Gramma smile thru scary things.
Gramma lives over an hour away by herself so like with her skin cancer Gramma will be coming to live here.  We live nearer some really good Cancer Dr's. n stuff.  Her Oncologist is almost in the boys back yard even.  So Adam & Chris can just walk over and visit if Gramma while she has treatments if she does have Chemo.
Jillian has been helping from Virginia with setting up the good Doctors for Gramma to see, guiding Mom thru what needs done, tells her why things are being done and stuff like that.
 Mom called to reschedule my trimming next week cause it's the same time as the Oncology appointment.  When Mom told Sherry about Gramma and that my Chiro stuff may have to stop due to time constraints, Sherry volunteered to come hold me so I could still be adjusted.  Mom's boss is a retired nurse so her totally understands that Mom's working is going to be sporadic at best.  Plus her knows stuff Mom needs to know.  Turns out that one of the nurses at Mom's regular Dr. grew up with Mom so her's calling and praying too.  Even small things like that make Mom feel good. 
So, if all my blog friends people, horses, dogs (remember God is Dog spelled backward),& cats could put up some prayers for Gramma we'd much appreciate it.  SIGH
Thanks so much


  1. Your Gramma will be in my thoughts! Seems like mom and gramma both have a great support system on family and friends that will help through everything while gramma gets better!

    1. Yes, lots of lovely peoples. I of course will be Mom's main source of support I think.

  2. Oh dear we will all be thinking of her here in the UK. A spell of being looked after and pampered with some camryn, margeaux, maisie and onyx therapy thrown in sounds just the ticket.
    Get better soon Gramma xxx

    1. Yes, that part she'll enjoy tons. Plus Tye, Promise, & Ivy up in the house will be totally spoilt by Gramma :)