Sunday, October 7, 2012

Grampa update &...

Camryn here:
Grampa update, he's gonna be transferred to a bigger horsepital.  They was just gonna send him home till Dad reminded him that last time they did he passed out the next day!  So, they'll transfer him and schedule his surgery for sometime this week.  In the mean time Dad's gonna head home bringing along Grampa's little Mickey dog.  Then Dad n Mom gotta figure out if us moving is gonna have to happen sooner rather than later.  Our human barn is only two bedrooms w/ one bath.  Good nuff for Dad n Mom but, with Grampa gonna have to move up here, and maybe Gramma too for a least awhile.  You get the picture.  Economy isn't gonna be helpful that's for sure.
K, the & is I had my feets done on Fri., had to bump it up due to Gramma.  Sherry noticed a
 H-U-G-E differance in my allowing her to hold my feet up without pulling back.  Cept onced when Onyx went under me!  I did lean a tad but, in a more polite way not as in, "hey, hold me up", more like "mmmm this is comfy"!  Sherry is looking forward to holding me for my Chiro visit so she can see how it's all done.


  1. It sounds like Grampa is where he needs to be. I hope the surgery can be performed simply. It also sounds like there are a lot of things to do. Good luck!

  2. Glad they didn't send Grampa home! I am with Dreaming, siunds like he is in a good place for now where he can be taken care of.

    I do not envy you looking to move right now, best of luck!

    1. Thanx for the well wishes. They're still running test on Grampa, Mom's gonna be running Gramma about for tests all this week. Dad calmed Mom down telling her we can always find Grampa a little efficiancy place nearby till spring. WHEW