Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Dear Sandy...

Camryn here:
Dear Sandy, you can go away now.  We've gotten enough rains & winds now that we don't need anymore!  We're sending lots of thoughts and prayers to those folks/horses/dogs/kitties who are a lot closer to the worst of it all.  Got word from Jillian who lives in Virginia, aside from her puppy being afraid to potty in the wind she and Jesse are good. 
We're lucky though, specially being in the woods.  But being in Ohio even weakened hurricane force winds is a lot windier than we're used to for sure.    Have one pine that thought about uprooting itself, lucky that it's neighboring tree reached out and caught it (for now).  Otherwise it would lift the yard fence, & smoosh the neighbor ladies shed!  Mom's watching it.  Lots n lots of limbs down, pasture is flooded so basically I'm done with the pasture till spring now.  My paddock is kinda flooded too and with all the trees dropping limbs Mom has opted to keep me in!!!  I've had outside access all day for well over 2 years now, so this is odd not having been out since yesterday afternoon.  I did step out when Mom came down to give me more to snack on, let me tell you this "we aren't in kansas anymore!" Every thing looks, smells and feels differant out there.  Mom knew I wouldn't appreciate being in my stall all this time.  So she's propped my stall door open, plus bedded it down even more than the norm, so I've got the barn aisle and my stall to hang in. Mom brought in and filled my 40 gallon trough along with my aisle trough (just in case we loose power).  Onyx has a soup bone, Margeaux n Maziee have mice to chase, and I've got hay bags hanging so it's not all bad by any means.
Mom kinda wonders how the greenhouse she works out faired thru it all???  She's taken this week off to stay with Grampa while he's here so she doesn't know if Sandy may have kicked the greenhouse's butt or not yet. 
Hope all is well with all my friends out there!


  1. Oh no sounds scary. Stay safe all of you beasties and humans. Message to Sandy....You've had your fun you can go home now.

  2. The winds were bad! The only damage I saw at the barn was a down pine tree, but I was told there were a few more down trees in the back. Good thing Mom thinks ahead!

  3. Barnyard is a total mess over here and the miniature horses over here are total brats when it comes to sharing love in the barn during a storm!! Dixie was concerned the wind was going to carry her away! Glad you are all okay! I hate this mud......

  4. hi Camryn!.......Sorry we been away for so long. Busy. That surely was some storm eh?......Good that you`re ok, stay safe!

  5. I wish I had some carrots I could give you for Halloween - since you went all out for the day!
    I'm glad you are safe... even if it is a bit muddy.