Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Hide n Seek with Maizee...

Maizee: I'm bored what should I do?

Ooooh, I see Mom and Onyx.  I'll play Hide n Seek with them...
Margeaux:  MAIZEE where are you...Alli, Alli in come free...

Margeaux:  Where could that girl be?
Onyx: I'll help look for her...

Maizee: Maybe this ground hog hole would work?

Camryn:  I found her, I found her, look in the ground hog hole!

Maizee: Who new playing Hide n Seek would be so exhausting!!!


  1. Hahaha! Constant entertainment from your little pack :)

    1. Yeah, Margeaux likes to tag along on Mom n Onyx walks. Maizee tries to go too but, always gets scared and/or lost in the woods. Today was the lost part. She yells real loud so Mom can track her down.

  2. Beautiful photos. It does look nice where you live.

    1. Everything looks nice when the leaves get painted up for fall :)