Monday, January 30, 2017

Odd day...

I get up most mornings before what I call the butt crack of dawn. Feed the dogs, let the Mini's out and feed, then head over to be there when Lincoln & Jefferson wake up, do breakfast with them, then head to our house. 
Prior to the boys waking this morning I used their bathroom, I hadn't turned the light on as it was beginning to become daylight and there is a window. 
Out of the corner of my eye I see this...
Yes, it's a toy floating in water, however I was certainly glad I'd already pee'd as being half awake, I would've certainly messed myself!  

Followers may recall the day Merlin shut Pippin in the barn, since then I periodically look back to be sure nothing like that happens again. The boys left around 5ish, I know the Mini's were both up at the barn around 3ish as Jefferson & I were watching them thru the slider for a bit after his nap. 
Once they leave for home, I go out to clean their stall, Pippin greeted me. I hear Merlin whinny from out back, which isn't odd. I figured he was saying hello while on his way in from the field. I stepped out of the barn and beyond their windbreak to greet him. He's standing at the closed gate between the paddock and field! 😳  I think WTF that gate is always open!  I of course I went back & opened it for him, I then secured the latch to keep it open, went back into the barn and started thinking. That gate is kept open with a chain thru the fence, the chain is then attached thru a slat on the gate itself. Last time it'd been messed with was last week when the trimmer was here & I'd wanted easy access to them when she arrived. It's a pain to do, and I always make sure it's secure giving it a pull & a shake, as we do get a lot of wind and I don't want anyone stuck somewhere as it once happened to Camryn. I realize we're loosing light so I go out to look about...
Footprints on the outside of the fence!  The prints weren't at the side gate where you'd enter the field from outside. We'd had snow on and off Sunday, during the night and thruout the day. They came from the neighbors camper then outside the paddock fence. This section of fence is no climb & no electric, the corners are secure enough for a person to climb. With the Mini's always traversing the paddock, I couldn't make out foot prints other than theirs. I'm thinking what's going on, nothing missing in the barn, Merlin is out of place & that's it. I decide to go next door, if the girls had been over petting the Mini's after school, the footprints are at least explained. If not, they need to know someone's possibly been possibly scoping out our barns & their camper.  One of the girls said she had visited the boyz, but it had been yesterday afternoon & we'd had at least an inch of snow since then. Do these tracks appear recent?  
I'm baffled, I don't keep any tack in the barn, the Mini cart & ATV are back there, the ATV I've got pretty much stuck for the winter surrounded by many 75lb bags of bedding. And why/how did Merlin get stuck in the field?  Yes, they could've undone the chain but, it's highly doubtful seeing as I with thumbs have a difficult time with it, who's footprints? Jeez, I hate this, all the doors save the man door are locked at night, I'll be locking that now as well. Hate doing that in case of barn fire as I'd have to remember to grab the key.  Kind of creeped out! 😖

Friday, January 27, 2017

Could it be...

Perhaps with all that's wrong in the world politically speaking lately, my motley crew here feels a need for peace and harmony?

Each deciding if the other should bugger off...

Yup, they're actually sharing a net. There is another on the opposite wall even...

Merlin: "don't get all excited, this to shall pass!"
 I even got to love on them both without incident. It's in the 30's today, with some pretty forceful winds. The boyz have been hanging in the barn or on their patio most of the day. 

Even Mother and daughter were choosing to be together. Margeaux the calico (Mother) had been bathing Maizee (daughter). They like the Mini's don't always get along. Cold weather tends to bring the girls closer literally. Come summer Margeaux uses the barn for meals and otherwise moves to the front porch.

The Grandsons are learning about sharing inside. Jefferson who turned 1 this week is wishing to be more involved with big brothers doings. Lincoln was teaching him about his farm. 

Went to check out facilities of a not to far away driving instructor. Just a little over 30 minutes, though it's in what we call the snow belt, lessons may be hit and miss depending on snowfall in that area. Lady is highly recommended, very sweet with driving horses of every size. She's in I'd guess her late 70's and has been driving most of her life, her daughter does something with some US driving team  I plan to start ground driving lessons next Wednesday, though Hubs may fall over at the cost of lessons. Nearly double what my riding lessons were!!!  Good thing he's just gotten a work promotion 😊

Sunday, January 22, 2017

Such different reactions...

After having seen a FB video of a horse having a blast with his rubber chicken toy. I of course thought why not!  Came across a cheap dog toy duck while out today. Figured if the boyz were blah about it, cattle dog Theo would love it. So a win win.
First introduced it to Merlin...
His reaction, "WTF, is that?"  In a voice filled with worry. 

Next up Pippin...
Add surfer dude voice here, "Wow mon, what's this?"  
Their differences didn't surprise me in the least. Pippin is game for anything, much like Lincoln. Merlin is more cautious regarding things out of the ordinary. He favors normalcy, poor Merlin. 
I'd toss it about, Pippin would need to follow and investigate, smelling, pawing, nibbling. After all, it could become edible right?  He never picked it up off the ground but, I can perhaps build on his curiosity. Perhaps if he realizes it could be just another tool to torment Merlin with?
Sorry, no pix of Merlin investigating on the ground, dropped it near him and he was "I'm outta here!"  So, some duck disensitizing in Merlins future. 
On a serious note, I joined and attended my first Carriage Driving Association meeting today. I'll be going to check out a training facility later in the week. Lessons hopefully to come soon 👍🏻

Tuesday, January 17, 2017


Let the boyz out as usual this morning, they munched inside a bit then headed out to their field. Had the Grandsons so busy inside all day. I noticed Merlin hanging on his own quite a bit, in the field, napping on their patio...As Pippin enjoys napping in the barn & they aren't always in my line of sight in the field, I didn't think much of it.
Grandsons went home shortly after 5, chatted with the Hubs a bit, headed out to do my barn thing. Merlin was napping on the patio, I asked "where's your brother."  Then realized the barn door was closed!!!  Slid it open & there stood Pippin, I'd woken him from a nap so he wasn't to stressed. He'd had hay nets, and I keep their water trough inside as well (Merlin had grass & puddles). Six piles of poo though so, I know he'd stressed a bit, he's not one who enjoys his alone time. I have a feeling however that Merlin did, hopefully he doesn't realize now he can be rid of his pesky brother by sliding the door shut while Pippin is in there. Not even sure how it happened, guessing/hoping Merlin didn't do it on purpose!  
I'll be more aware now when I see either all alone for any period of time!!!  Bad human. 

Sunday, January 15, 2017

He's all that...

Pippin is pretty certain, he's all that and a bag of chips to boot...

Anytime you see Pippin shaking his head, he's about to get up to no good!

The boarding barn was trying to bring their lesson horses in. They (the boarders) hadn't been out in a week. I'm guessing coming back in after finally getting turn out was of no interest to them. The humans were shaking feed pans, calling, banging gates, the horses were charging about having a good ol time. My boyz joined in, one day I'll clear space on my phone to record all their antics. Such a hoot
to watch them have a good time.
Arguing again, Pippin wouldn't allow Merlin into the paddock as I brought them in last night. Pippin would come in, then run back as Merlin was coming from the field, stopping him at the gate. I finally grabbed a flashlight and long whip, Merlin seemed relieved when he saw the whip. Pippin, not so much!

Friday, January 13, 2017

Day after...

Luckily it was in the 40's yesterday, during a break in the rain and after hauling things up from basement (I'll get to that part). I went out and dug several small trenches in the paddock. I'd much rather flood the backyard than have the boys falling all over on ice. The temps were to drop to the 20's overnight so, I had to do something. 
Between Hubbies French drains and my trenching this is what I woke up too!!!  I was so happy. 
Still some water but, under the ice it was moving. I extended my trenches to move more out. A small area in front of the gate to the field held the most water still. Hopefully it'll drain by tonight. I also ran out to TSC and picked up 50 lbs of crushed oyster. It's something you put down for chickens and I found a few years back it helps with traction on ice. I'm prepared now, hopefully I won't need it now. Kind of like if you have your umbrella it won't rain lol. 
Back to the basement: I'd thought midday yesterday to turn on the exhaust fan so we wouldn't have the putrid smell we get with heavy rains. Standing at the top of the stairs looking down, I see a puddle!  Yes a puddle in the basement!  
We have 2 sump pumps, between the snow melt and rain they couldn't keep up. Of course Hubs is at work but, at least I didn't have the boys as I normally would. I hustled to get things not in Rubbermaid containers up to the laundry room, thankfully only a few old text books were ruined. The indoor/outdoor carpet is questionable, I used the shop vac most of the day till my wrists were killing me. t this point I'm thinking toss the d*#^ carpet lol. Could've been so much worse though once the rain stopped the sumps were able to do their job so the basement flood was basically a basement puddle. 
Hubby is home tomorrow so we'll figure it out. 

Thursday, January 12, 2017

Stop the rain...

I much prefer snow over rain, here is why...
The boys went running out after their bowls were emptied to this!  They both stopped in their tracks confused. Pippin about faced and headed to a hay net right away...

Pippin stood there a while wondering why/when we'd gotten a swimming pool.

Merlin: "Is it worth swimming?  Can I swim?"

Apparently, it was worth the wade!

Poor Pippin, he so wanted to be with Merilin but, was quite dubious about taking the plunge. It took him a bit, he did eventually decide to head out. 
We had a short break in the rain, the sun even peaked out for a moment. It's once again pouring down the winds have picked up. So much so that if the boyz had surf boards they could give it a go!  All hooves crossed that the barn stays dry! They're both inside now, thankfully common sense kicked in as there is very little grass and two nets filled with hay inside. 
Hubs worked so hard on drainage too but, when it comes down like this this is what we still end up with. Hopefully it will drain once it's stopped, before another freeze!  
Our septic is working over time. 

Wednesday, January 11, 2017

Rain & rolling...

 It's gone from negative temps to the 50's, snow to freezing rain, to rain. The boyz were enjoying the now lack of snow and warmer temps despite the rain most of the day. 
Ahhhhhhh, fresh bedding feels so good...

He looks like a freshly breaded pork chop...

A good satisfying shake off!  Didn't work very well, he was still quite covered in bedding. 

Saturday, January 7, 2017


Sure hope I don't jinx things by posting this. It appears Merlin & Pippin may have worked out who's the boss?  At least inside the barn anyway. Hubby says it's due to the cold & their snuggling to stay warm rather than arguing. He may have something there as the barn cats are using the same box now rather than separate ones & the girls normally prefer their space. Merlin is the boss man, and Pippin isn't arguing the fact now, no ear pinning even. The road Apple piles in their stall are remaining piles, rather than being scattered thruout the stall. When Merlin walks over to Pippin as he's munching away, Pippin simply moves away to another net or pile of hay!!!
  Merlin has the net thing all worked out to simplify things for him. He knows as Pippin eats he'll also be dropping hay as he pulls it out to the floor. He moves Pippin away, Pippin moves to the other net, Merlin cleans the floor, rinse, repeat!  I don't use nets in the stall, I lay out three piles, plus two rubber bowls with a handful of lite feed in each. If Merlin enters first, he hasn't been going at Pippin backwards needing to remind Pippin he's "the man." I sure hope this is a change that lasts, otherwise we'll revamp the huge stall into separate small stalls come spring. Fingers crossed. 
I've also noticed Pippin is now willing to go in the barn leaving Merlin to do whatever in the field. Though Pippin still prefers the field only if Merlin is present. I really enjoy watching them from house, I always know when deer are moving and when the big barns turn out. Even in the cold I've been taking a small thermos cup of coffe back to hang out after cleaning the stall and when tucking them in for the night. The cats enjoy it too!
Sorry, no Mini pix, I'll include one of Cattle Dog Theo & Pitty Grandpup Emily hanging in & out my bean bag last night. Ms. Emily is a weekend guest...
If you notice the box in the corner, that's Lincoln's thinking box. If he's getting in trouble, he goes there to "think" so we can discuss a better way to behave after. He's got pillows and a stuffed animal, can't see but, can hear what he's missing on TV, which can be quite painful for him if it's a fave  program. 
73 days till spring!

Thursday, January 5, 2017

Weather 😖😖😖

It's been pretty cold, real feel 3 degrees, lots of snow.  Only 3 inches here at home but, Hubby, Chris & Sam all drive via the snow belt areas from work. Meaning all one hour drives became 2+ hour drives. But, they all made it safely which is what counts. 
Because the Grandsons were with me, I didn't get out to the barn till late. Right around the time that the boyz expect to be "tucked in" for the night. Being they were behaving like toddlers. 
Please feeeeed me. I'm starving, honest I am. Never mind that they'd nearly emptied their hay nets. 
 I tossed the mess towards the back of the stall, added bedding, got their feed and in they went. Refilled their nets for morning, went in & soaked in the tub. 

Lucky for me that the Grandsons have Theo to keep them busy and visa versa...
The inside boys have fun no matter the weather...
Theo would play fetch all day...
And when Lincoln needs a break, he's got apprentice Jefferson in training. 

Oh, and Lincoln has decided his friend Sonic needs potty trained...
He's assuring Sonic, "I'm here if you need me!" 
Blue Poo!  Who knew 😂. Yup, just another day with little Mr. Imagination.