Thursday, March 28, 2013

Gramma & house stuff...

Camryn here:
Just more boring (to me) stuff to report.  Gramma came to go to Oncologist today, Dr. got sick so appointment gotted canceled.  Sick oncoligists examining cancer patients wouldn't mix well ya know. That's OK, so Gramma n Mom just drove around getting a look at houses that "appeared" to be of interest on the computer.  Notice the quotations on "appeared" out of like 10, only 2 are worthy of an actual look!  Mom's afraid this is gonna be a huge chore to find something they can afford, like and have room for me to boot.  Funds are limited when there will be two homes on the mortage.  Banks gave a preliminary thumbs up, they're supposed to come next week to appraise our house to make sure though.
Back to lunch now.

Sunday, March 24, 2013

House hunting?

Camryn here:
Ok, so you all know that Grampa had valve replacement surgey on his heart in Jan.  Once he left rehab one of Dad's sisters went to WV to stay with him.  Grampa was doing awesome.  Within one week of Dad's sister leaving he had to go to horsepital for a lung infection.  Yes, Dad made the trip down again. 
Anyway Dad n Mom have been trying to help Grampa realize that with his iffy health he can't/shouldn't be so far away.  Mom also made Dad realize that not just Grampa's health was a concern but, Dads is too.  She told him at the rate he's going work/college/Grampa that he''ll be in a nursing home before Grampa!!!  So, Mom has been searching for senior independant living places.  What she's seen has been real nice cept one problem.  While meals are provided (Grampa doesn't really need that), they are all served in a dining room.  SIGH Grampa has anxiety when surrounded by peoples, making this not workable.
Dad had an idea of (since we planned on moving anyhow) that maybe Grampa would like to rent our house.  It is the right size for him, has lots of lawn for him to mow, (he's OCD on lawn mowing) Grampa likes our house and feels at home here.  So Dad n Grampa had THE talk.  Grampa was not only OK with the idea he actually likes it too!!!  There is even a church of his denomination just few miles away for him.
Now Mom is like "oooooh, gotta do so much to be ready", yeah she can get like that, though it passes quickly.  Big thing is pulling out flower beds so Grampa won't be overwhelmed by the abundance of care they require!
Course Dad has to talk to bank peoples bout financing with two houses.  And Mom's putting together a list of must haves for house and wants for house.  They've also talked bout a few things regarding me 1. a place with a place for me, 2. Dad would like to travel more, so me boarding or 3. a place with a place for me and a few other horses that would be boarders with one of those boarders humans being willing/capable of taking care of barn if/when Mom n Dad travel.  Mom is of course leaning strongly towards 1. & 2., not just cause she wants me close but, we've got Margeaux n Maizee to think off too.  Oh, and they need to live close to Grampa too. 
Mom is kinda excited, kinda nervous but, what has to be (Grampa moving closer) has to be.

Saturday, March 23, 2013

Am not a "pill"...

Camryn here:
     Today we (Mom) had a riding lesson!  SIGH I really wasn't in the mind to end my vacation at all!!!  Mom says I was a bit of a "pill", I disagree totally.  I mean first off Mom leads me thru the flooded pasture back into the woods.  I hadn't been back there since November!  Marty was back there chopping wood, you guys all know how scary that is right?  Something bending, standing, swinging, and going whomp, whomp, whomp.  I suggested to Mom we not go that way several times but, she persevered and on we went.  Once we got close to Marty Mom asked for him to tell me Hi, which he did and I felt much better.
     We was first at the arena so Mom decided to lunge me a bit, I was "NO, don't wanna" heels up in the air kinda sorta.  Mom again persevered and I lunged SIGH!
     So, all my friends arrived (haven't seen them up close since November), while they was allowed to run loose I got put in a stall!!!  Though Mom did give me hay which made me happy. One mare in spring with three geldings I don't run with loose in an arena Mom says is recipe for disaster SIGH
     Trainer lady came and first thing she did was check for any soreness on all four of us.  I got an A+, the others ranged from a B- to a "you need a Chiro for him".  Mom waited till she was halfway thru with me before telling her I'd already gone that route.  She said she could really tell & told me I was a lucky girl.  Next she checked saddle fits, she loved my new saddle and said it was a very good choice for my dippy/short back.  Next she checked head gear, my bit is OK but, she thinks maybe a 5 1/4 inch would be better (added equine affaire shopping list) My  halter/bridle combo was good too.
     We all got mounted and warmed up a bit, that be when my being a "pill" started!  Marty was chopping wood outside the back of the arena still & the two horses pastured back there was having to much fun.  All that spooked me, not once, not twice but three times!!!  Mom one reined me each time and brought me back to reality, the trainer praised Mom for that.  Trainer has worked with Haflingers before and felt perhaps I was being willfull.  "WHO ME?"  Trainer then began working us one at a time, Sally/Eclipse was  up first.  They done good and learned some new things. 
     Next up was me n Mom.  After watching us a few minutes she said she was wrong in my being willfull and that Mom wasn't "riding me".  Mom was allowing me to blow thru her aides, and once trainer coached Mom a bit, and I realized Mom was back and "riding me" I did much better.  I did try to blow thru some but, Mom didn't allow it so we got past the spooks without and spooks.  You know what I mean right?
     Trainer lady is very busy, so we're going to try to work out a schedule of once a week, or twice a week to teach us (Mom) better!   Oh, and the lady is teaching us "Dressage" though she knows we all ride western and traisl she says (and Mom agrees) it's the basis of being a good rider.  She's very good, patient and I could tell she loves horses lots.
     Mom road me home with all my friends, I was being a bit of a "pill" so Mom started making me do lots of turns SIGH.  I quite being a "pill".  Mom n me turned off the trail to head home, I realized at the bottom of our hill that my friends weren't there.  Soon as I ducked my head Mom knew what was up, she pulled my head right around so I only got out a tiny crow hop.  I then did a bit of a jig down our trail to the pasture.  Mom was just laughing and saying "love this saddle" something bout her butt sticking again.  Once I realized that Mom's butt was sticking and we were going where she wanted us to go I settled in again.  I even traversed the horrible flooded areas of pasture with no probs at all.
     I should mention that while my "issues" may have been caused by a multitude of reasons....Being surrounded by handsome boys in early spring, not having been worked since November, of course the chopping woods, and being surrounded by handsome boys.  Mom noticed I was also working my bit more than normal, plus I've never acted out so much ever, so a call is going out to the dentist on Monday.
Sorry so long

Grandpup Molly...

Camryn here:
Got the pix of our Grandpup Molly, she lives in Virginia so it's not like we get to see her often.  She's a cutie and a very good though rambunctious girl.
They take Molly hiking on Government Island all the time.  She says it's a good place to snorkel up smells, while Jillan, Jesse n Dad chat.

The weather was cool n gloomy, though Molly didn't mind

This is my Dad or as the dogs call him "Paw"

Oops, how did this pikture of Jillian get in here?

Molly likes my Mom cause she plays with her

This is Molly's "Aren't I dorable" pose!

Molly: Come on Grams lets play some more"
Molly is a lab/boxer cross, she's only 8 months old.  She's quite spoiled in that she gets to go to doggie day care twice a week.  Since she's an only dog, they want her well socialized.  She was quite skittish with other dogs before starting day care, now that she understands dog language better she loves her canine encounters on the trails.
Oh, on a side note, Mom redid the spam detector on our blog.  Seems lots of robots have found us!!!

Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Mom went bye byes...

Camryn here:
Mom n Dad went bye byes for a few days.  Jillian had a medical procedure done that required her have a driver home.  Her honey is a Marine guy & couldn't really cancel the field trip he was taking his soldiers on.  Soooo, Mom arranged for the dogs to go to her friends kennel, Danette next door came to take care of the barn crew.  The procedure was on Monday but, they decided to go up early for a visit.
Jillian lives in Virginia not far from D.C. Sat. was nice nuff day when they got there to do some hiking at "Government Island" (no bridle trails there), Sunday was cold but, they decided to head to D.C. anyway cause Mom n Dad had never been.  They took the Metro there, Mom said horses wouldn't be allowed & I wouldn't a liked it even if I were allowed.
They apparently do allow horses to hang out at the Mall (not shopping kind of Mall)...
Nor was it the good kind of horse like me!
Being it was St. Patricks Day on Sunday there were some surprising things goin on in D.C. too...
The fountain outside the White House for instance was green!!!

Guys with bright green facial hair!

And guys wearing skirts!!! 
Jesse was saying "I bet his legs are cold"

Lots of Fire Trucks like this very old one. Cause of course there were/are lots of Irish firefighters...
Seems they were having a HUGE St. Patricks Day Parade on the Mall!  Mom didn't get many pictures of the parade cause she was to busy watching it!   She really enjoyed it a lot...
It was however pretty cold, Jesse, Jillian & Dad decided it was time move on.  Mom was coming up from behind informing him that the horses weren't till the end in a parade!!!  She didn't get to see the horses SIGH!
Me n Margeaux were of course wonderfully behaved. Maizee however isn't sure of any human besides Mom. First night Maizee headed up to the loft, saying "who are you, what do you want" to Danette. Second night, Maizee was out in the yard and had to be talked into the barn. Poor Danette was texting Mom like crazy hoping to find a way to get her in.  She finally succeeded. This morning Maizee was finally friendly to Danette & asking Danette all sorts of questions. Go figure, Maizee finally gets used to her & Mom comes home!!!  When Mom came home tonight Maizee was so happy with lots of "Mommy your home purring"! I was more of the "Hmmph, so you're home are you" attitude! 

They also went hiking on "Government Island", Mom said she'd post pix of that on another post.  They visited Alexandria, no pix but they really liked it lots.  Course she took tons of pix of Grandpup Molly which she'll also include later. 
Just wanted to share a little of what's been happening and explain my recent absence.  Not my fault as I only have internet access when Mom is home!  And of course I'm WAY behind on reading your blogs.  Sorry bout that.

Wednesday, March 13, 2013


Camryn here:
Mom's been using the word DIET!!!  Seems she feels I've become a chunkster over the winter.  I'm like DUH Mom that's why my blog title is Drafty Hafy Gurl right?  Anyway she disagreed, brought out the weight tape and like "blam" smaller portions!  She said I should quit complaining as she's been on a diet since November.  While I admit I'm happy for her weight loss (15 lb so far) as she'll be easier to tote around, I don't see why we both have to diet!  It's been two weeks since my diet began, Ha to you Mom I loose much faster than you!!!  Still I think she's right in that I'll appreciate my new girth fitting better with my weight loss.

Sunday, March 10, 2013

Maizee birthday girl...

Camryn here:
Well, we can't be certain of Maizee's exact birthday since Margeaux showed up with her and the kids after they were probably 3 weeks old (ears still closed).  We're guesstamating that Maizee is gonna be a year old sometime this next week.
This be Maizee about a week after coming.  What a scrawny little thang!

Maizee with Momma Margeaux at about 5 weeks old.  She sure did/does like to explore.

At about 7 weeks trying to appear innocent!
Still pretending to be all innocent at 7 weeks old.

10 weeks old and her real self is coming thru.  Remember this one where she didn't know the electric fence bit?

Maizee today.  What a beauty she's become.  She's still a little imp, exploring & harrassing her Momma.  She loves climbing into the loft to watch Mom, sits in my hay to discuss the weather.  She LOVES Mom and comes running to head butt Mom's hand whenever she see's her.  Except our Onyx, Maizee doesn't have a real liking for dogs, except Mom she tends to be wary of humans too!  Wonder if I'm the only horse she'll ever like and trust?
Happy Birthday Month to our Maizee gurl

Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Emily comes to visit...

Camryn here:
You may remember around Christmas time that Emily, our Christophers Pitty gurl gotted lost then found again.  And while lost was hit by a car causing her to have a leg amputated?
Anyhow, our Christopher is away doing Army work at Ft. Knox, Samantha had been taking Emily with her to her parents when Christopher would have to be away.  That wasn't working out as 1. they have a teensy yard, 2. they feeds Emily from the table causing some significant weight gain.  Emily is an easy keeper like me, and being a tripod can't get chubby.  So Emily has come to stay here for the week...
Camryn: "Mmmmm, something odd about this 4-legger?  Just can't quite figure it out!"

Camryn "OMgoodness Mom!!!  This 4-legger only has 3!"
As you can see, Emily has absolutly no problem traversing about as a tripod.  Only differance Mom can see is you can't ask Emily to "sit".  So, Mom just asks her to "wait" for her dinner n stuff.

The girls wait for Mom at their barn door after all their business has been taken care of.  Business including helping Margeaux snuff out chipmunks and the like.  As you can see the girls get along very nicely.  Though Emily being a deer chaser (how she gotted lost at Christmas time), will never be allowed in with me.

Monday, March 4, 2013

Grandfoal pix...

Camryn here:
We have some lovely pix of the upcoming Grandfoal.  Now keep in mind Grandfoal hasn't yet be born so these aren't your typical adorable baby shots.  Still Mom finds them quite adorable :)

Awwwww, don't you think Grandfoal looks just like an adorable little "Pea Pod"?  This ultrasound was done at 8 weeks gestation.

Just a month later at 12 weeks.  Just amazing isn't it!!!  Grandfoal is looking like a Grandfoal already, and boy has it grown.  No more "Pea Pod"!  Won't really be able to tell Colt or Filly for another month but, the tech that did the piktures is leaning towards a Filly.  Mom already has infant cowboy boots all picked out whether Colt or Filly!!! 
Beautiful, just beautiful, I could look at the Grandfoal pix all day.

Friday, March 1, 2013

Under the weather...

Camryn here:
Well, guess we've all been a bit under the weather in that it's been cold, wet, grey, dismal, did I mention cold?
 But, Mom has been under the weather big time, Wed. morning she was way late with my breakfast.  I'd become impatient till the barn door opened and she literally stumbled in.  Boy did I feel bad for all the bad thoughts I'd been sending her way bout her being late with breakfast. Mom mentioned it took like 25 minutes just to manage to get her jeans on!   She looked like something Margeaux & Maizee had brought in after having tortured it a few hours.
Mom has been resting up, covered with comfortors and a heating pad as she was cold from the inside out for awhile.  Still be providing room service, just not her normal smiley self bout it.  Dad is taking care of her good, chicken soup, meds, jello, gingerale.  But, for some reason she refuses to let him take care of us in the barn.  Stubborn I call it!
She's walking a bit more upright and not as shivery at this point.  So hopefully this means she's on the mend and will be all smiley again soon.  Lets hope so, she's kinda scary looking when she's got the flu, hair all over, stumbling & swaying!!!  Imagine