Friday, March 1, 2013

Under the weather...

Camryn here:
Well, guess we've all been a bit under the weather in that it's been cold, wet, grey, dismal, did I mention cold?
 But, Mom has been under the weather big time, Wed. morning she was way late with my breakfast.  I'd become impatient till the barn door opened and she literally stumbled in.  Boy did I feel bad for all the bad thoughts I'd been sending her way bout her being late with breakfast. Mom mentioned it took like 25 minutes just to manage to get her jeans on!   She looked like something Margeaux & Maizee had brought in after having tortured it a few hours.
Mom has been resting up, covered with comfortors and a heating pad as she was cold from the inside out for awhile.  Still be providing room service, just not her normal smiley self bout it.  Dad is taking care of her good, chicken soup, meds, jello, gingerale.  But, for some reason she refuses to let him take care of us in the barn.  Stubborn I call it!
She's walking a bit more upright and not as shivery at this point.  So hopefully this means she's on the mend and will be all smiley again soon.  Lets hope so, she's kinda scary looking when she's got the flu, hair all over, stumbling & swaying!!!  Imagine


  1. I am new to your blog, but you are very lucky to have such a dedicated mom.

  2. Poor mom. Snuffles will help her get better.

  3. Get well soon, sending Muleteer snuffles to help you on your way :-)

  4. I hope your mom feels better soon!

  5. Thanx everyone the well wishes and snuffles helped lots. Mom's not all better but, well on the way. Flu sucks!

  6. That doesn't sound appealing at all! Nor does the cold weather! To sunshine and feeling better!