Friday, December 28, 2012


Camryn here:
AROOOOOOO is a sound Cardigan Welsh Corgis make, it's also the universal sound of loss when one has past over to the Rainbow Bridge.  It is with sad heart that I wish Onyx my BFF a might & loud AROOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO.
Yes, Emily is back and doing well.  But, last night Onyx left us to cross over the the Rainbow Bridge.  As Chris said "maybe Onyx gave up his spirit to help Emily with hers"  Yes, that's just the kind of guy our Onyx was.
Mom saw and fell in love with Onyx at a CWCCA National Agility Trial.  He was just a young pupster but, one look was all it took.  He & Mom traveled everywhere together, earning his Breed Championship, multiple Agility titles, a Rally Obedience title.  Onyx even won his class at his first National Breed Show as a youngster.  He retired from the Breed ring with a bang having won BOB at a huge Regional Specialty Show.  Mom literally almost passed out when the judge pointed to her and Onyx for the win.  He had beaten a total of 33 Champions that day including the top three dogs in the breed!!! 
Mom thought it appropriate to begin focus on what Onyx really loved, Agility.  He'd allowed her to do her thing, now it was time to do his. They played at that for several years, then just for the heck of it tried Rally Obedience which he titled in just three competitions.  Mom always said Onyx was her heart dog, he had her heart, she had his.  If Mom had ever asked "Onyx, jump off a cliff", Onyx would look at her and ask "how far out?"
For me he was a wonderful companion, he slept in my hay without ever eating it.  Hung out with me in the barn, paddock, pasture, he was always respectful and comfortable to be around.  Onyx made a wonderful herdmate.  He helped Margeaux with her kittens, put up with Maizee's antics with little complaint.  Tried to eat both Reej (RIP) & Tye on many occasions, dashed about with and played with Mirage (RIP), Promise, Coach, Ivy and a league of other visiting dogs and peoples.  So many memories Onyx has given us all and all those memories good ones....

Onyx as a wee pupster

Onyx helped his Momma win a huge brood bitch class at a regional specialty as a youngster

Onyx winning his Champion title as a youngster

Onyx getting tested for herding instinct.  Yup he had it!

Onyx with Mirage plowing thru the snow.  Mirage was waiting for him over the bridge

Onyx & Mirage playing keep away, they're proably playing together right now too

Coming out of the chute during a National Breed Trial

Onyx most Iconic phot coming over a jump, intent on where Mom might ask him to do next

Onyx having just won first place & his first agility title at a Breed National Trial

Onyx playing in the garden

Onyx as always with rapt attention on Mom

Onyx chilling with Promise

Onyx waiting with Mom to be called back into the ring to receive his Rally Obedience title

Onyx strolling with Margeaux on the wooded trails out back

Two BFF's just hanging out

More hanging out, cause that's what BFF's do together

R.I.P. CH UlaMauna's Black Ice RN NA NAP
Dec. 7, 1999 x Dec. 27, 2012
Onyx leaves behind a piece of him in all our hearts, as well as a legacy of over 50 children to share with their various peoples and friends. We're very grateful for having had him in our lives, and thankful he stayed with us till Emily was found so he could pass his strength onto her as she recovers.  God Bless our Onyx as he has blessed us.

Thursday, December 27, 2012

Hi everbody...

Emily here:
Camryn was gracious enough to let me use her blog a moment to thank everbody for your lovely thoughts and prayers.

 I got home from the hospital today, still kinda groggy but, strong enough to wag my tail and give Gramma kisses!  I'm resting on a nice comfy bed that my Dad set up near the sliding door so I can keep an eye out for squirrels and such.  He's got me all covered up under nice warm blankies since he knows I was very cold for several days. I'm surrounded by toys & tons of love. Always had the love part, but not as many toys as I do right now.  Apparently Santa Paws came while I was lost and left them for me.  Great guy that Santa Paws is!  Gramma saved the presents he left at her house and brought them over today.  YUM BULLY STICKS!  She said Grampa has something for me too & he'll bring it over this weekend.  Can't wait to see Grampa too.
I never gave up hope of being found & I'm sure glad my people never gave up either. Well time for a rejuvinating napster.  Thanks again everbody.

Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Emily news :)...

Camryn here:
This morning a guy down the road from Chris went out to his truck after not using it cause of the holidays.  He heard a "bark", looked under and saw Emily.  Emily growled at him, so thankfully he'd seen the easel with her poster in Chris front yard and ran down to his house.  It was early, Chris was still in bed so Adam went to the guys house instead of waking Chris up just in case it wasn't Emily.  Soon as Emily saw Adam she crawled out and rolled over for her belly rub.
Adam called Chris, he and Samantha ran right down, loaded her up and got her to the Doggie ER.  Thankfully we gots two of those within 10 minutes of here.  They got her stable, warmed her then accessed the damage.  Her had indeed been hit by a car, her right rear leg is being amputated probably as I report this.  She's been out in the cold since Fri night, no food no water, no warmth, so she's run down as well.  BUT, when they let Chris and Samantha in to see her, Emily's tail was working for all it was worth. 
Dogs unlike horses do just fine on three legs, Chris said she walked down to the surgical area just fine using just three legs.  She'll be our little tripod doggie :)
Mom loves this pic of Emily on one of Chris departments FireTrucks! 
Chris does have medical insurance on Emily but, it doesn't pay till after it's billed.  So Mom n Dad are heading over to the Vets to pay the up front costs in just a bit.  We feel so very blessed that our Emily girl is found and don't mind that part of her will be missing.  I mean we love Emily not cause her has had four legs, but, cause of her big heart!
Oh, Mom is gonna take the portrait of Emily to the ER to give Chris now, since it won't break his heart to see it, and give him Emily's still wrapped Christmas present too.

Tuesday, December 25, 2012

From the sky?...

Camryn here:
Imagine my surprise this morning when I found lovely candy canes appear in my feed bucket!!!  Plus some yummy baby carrots, WOW this must be Christmas.  I slept great, Mom could tell by how tidy my bedroom was and the amount of shavings stuck all over me. 
Normally if something has gone on outside the barn it shows in my stall being kinda messy.  I was shocked to find something must have happened in the night.  I found a red fluffy hat laying in my paddock!
Camryn: Mmmmm, where did this come from?...

Camryn: Smells like reindeer with just a dash of peppermint!...

Camryn: Mom can I keep it?...

Camryn: Hey guys, watch me spin this around, maybe candy canes will appear...

Camryn: Merry Christmas to all my friends.  May your hearts be warm, and your buckets always full!
And please don't forget to pray for Emily's safe return home too!

Sunday, December 23, 2012

Keeping the Faith...

Camryn here:
Yup we're still Keeping the Faith, that's what Christmas is all about right?  Last night Mom got a call from her Craigslist ad, a lady had been at a pound with her son.  Upon getting home she just happened to see Emily's ad and called.  She couldn't be sure, didn't even know if the Pitty she saw at the pound was a girl.  But, thought it looked enough like Emily to warrant a call.  This pound is an hour away BUT maybe that's where the person who may have picked up our Emily was headed right?  Pound is closed today, but Chris called and left message. 
He's out and about on Dad's ATV again today, posting more posters.  Mom had put the posters in plastic sleeves so even if it gets wet they'll be readable.  Chris is also checking out, they will call all neighbors up to a 1000, cross referance lost/found ads, check all pounds ect.  That way when Chris as to go back to work, the job of getting Emily back is still being done! 

Mom's glasses broke in half yesterday, and she has to go get Gramma later, so her can't go out searching today.  Mom says so long as her is able to see Emily coming back in her heart that she knows all will be well.

Saturday, December 22, 2012

Emily update...

Camryn here:
Thanks everyone for your thoughts and prayers.  Everyone has been kinda manic in the search for Emily.  Dad took his ATV over so they could search the woods, posters/postcards have been hung and handed out.  An easel with posters on both sides is out in the front yard, ER Vets called, Sheriff....Emily be wearing her tags so they all said if she were brought in Chris would get called right away.
Anyway I digress, there is news, just not so good I guess.  Because of the easel sign a guy stopped and told Dad & Chris that he'd seen Emily get hit by a car the evening she got lost.  The guy took his kid home and went back but, Emily wasn't there.  The area where she was supposed to have been hit is where Chris lost her track last night and thought the track had disapeared from the snow blowing.  Now, we be thinking the track disapeared cause who ever hit her, also picked her up!!!  And/or she hadn't gotten hit at all, but the car had stopped, opened it's door and Emily had hopped in.  She likes car rides!
Dad n Chris searched the entire area on both sides of the bridge with no signs of trauma anywhere.  Member Chris be an Army Medic so he knows how to look for stuff like that.  Dad left the ATV, Chris will continue his search and hopefully when who ever hit or picked her up travels back down the road they'll see the signs and bring her home. That's our plan for Emily, that she'll be home where she needs to be for Christmas.
Thanks guys, keep praying...

Friday, December 21, 2012

Awful news...

Camryn here:
Mom just got some awful news, we need prayers for Chris Pitbull girl Emily.  She took off this evening into the woods in the middle of a snowstorm.  Not only is it cold, but Chris just bought a new house so Emily may not be know where to go once she realizes she wants to go home.  Everybody has been out looking, Vets, police and all that are called.  Chris tracked her for hours, the last set of tracks it looked like she was trying to make it back.  But by then the wind had blown away anymore tracks to follow.
Mom just finished this lovely pencil drawing of Emily to give Chris for Christmas.  We're hoping all your prayers will bring her home safe.  Mom hates to think the drawing will be in memory of her.  Emily is such a wonderful girl, people who don't like Pits all fall in love with her.  Emily even makes other dogs fall in love with her. Hope Mom's tears from helping me post this don't mess up the computer.  Her's way upset.
PRAYERS PLEASE after all, God spelled backwards is Dog so we know he'll listen.

Tuesday, December 18, 2012

On guard...

Camryn here:
Finally I've taught my cats something useful to me.  Rather than watching me eat, they now stand guard for me...
They're like my own personal Gargoyle Guard squad.  No being may pass thru the gate as I eat at my leisure in the barn!  AWESOME!!!
Beginning of training session, Margeaux shows Maizee (sitting below) what is expected of her...

Margeaux: Strike a Gargoyle pose like this Maizee...

Maizee: Like this Momma?"
Gargoyle perfection at it's finest!

Wednesday, December 12, 2012

A little privacy...

Camryn here:
Come on guys a little privacy please! 

 Why does everyone seem to think it's OK to not just watch me eat, but they also feel it's perfectly appropriate to actually sit and stare?  It's not bad enough that Margeaux sits in the garden watching (you gotta look close or biggify to see her), Maizee perches up high for a better view, while Mom takes pictures to boot!  Jeez!
Thankfully Onyx has some manners and stays napping in the barn.

Friday, December 7, 2012

Not funny Mo-om...

Camryn here:
As you may or may not be aware, my human has an odd sense of humor...Sometimes it's downright embarrasing!

 Me:  "Camryn come here and show everyone"...
Camryn: SIGH "Why do you want to humilitate me Mom?"
Me: "Oh quite whining and open up sweetie"
Camryn:  "Awwwww Mo-om"

Mom: "Come on gurlie gurl, just open your mouth"
Camryn: "Ok already, it's open"

Me: "just a little wider sweetie"
Camryn: "IT IS WIDER"
Me: "humor me and smile please"

Camryn: See what I mean, it's humilitating I tell you!"  A gold tooth for heavens sake & I can't even rap!"