Friday, July 29, 2016

Can I please?

Tonight Grace saw me open the trailer and came a running from her pasture. Of course hard feed is still involved at this point but, just a mouthful now. She's loading right up πŸ’ƒπŸ’ƒπŸ’ƒ. Afterwards we did a little groundwork, the Hubs just got home from a business trip so we didn't play long. She did move her RF over first try so we ended there. I unhaltered her, and loved on her a bit. Her kitty had been there supervising, as I looked up from petting Maizee I turned to find Grace in the trailer. Didn't have my phone ready at the moment, I unloaded her and waited...
She just stood waiting too...

Please Mom can I go in again?

She's certainly not that skinny thang she was just shy of a month ago is she!  Now to get some muscle going, ecspecially that top line. 

Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Another day...

I'm pleased to say today we were "both" back to norm. I think you were correct Lytha, she was expecting a treat.  As usual as of late I waited till evening to work. We are longing for longer periods, she's totally getting stepping her LF over, the RF she's not quite getting though she's trying. We brought trailer loading back into the game plan. A little hesitation, backing her out, longing and she popped right in. A whole lot of chewing & lip licking tonight, much more than previous sessions. After our pasture stroll she stood next to me yawning over and over. Then followed me into the barn for some brushing. I so enjoy peace in the valley lol. Didn't do any of the stress her out fly spray tonight. 
Lincoln & I have developed a routine during the heat of the day. While he's to young to scissor properly, he sure tries hard.  I got him safety scissors, construction paper and a glue stick. He's been watching a cartoon called " creative galexy",so he's really into making "art" and his own "masterpiece!"  
This "masterpiece" is for Grampa when he returns from a business trip to Canada...

Today was Mommys's turn for her to decorate her new office.  Daddy gets his own tomorrow. Thank heavens Jefferson normally takes at least one long nap so we can play art. 


Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Oh no you didn't...

I'll begin with the fact that due to a heat wave the only work I've done with Grace has been desensitizing to a spray bottle for three days.  Its the one thing I've been click training as she's really more than just a little worried about it. 
Early evening I'm providing fresh linens aka cleaning her stall. As usual Grace is supervising, I of course take breaks to rub on her.  I take the soiled linens out via wheelbarrow, again under supervision. Grace is now standing in the barn door, I stop to stand beside her a moment then ask her to move over. My hand is met by not just her muzzle, it's met by teeth!!  Not open mouthed, but teeth just the same. My auto pilot has me popping her muzzle accompanied by a loud "Oh No, You Didn't!"  She immediately retreated further into the barn, my handy stick was nearby, I invited her to leave the barn (low energy as I'm in there too). Which she did poste haste, I followed her into the pasture with energy. She seemed to "get" that she'd made a huge mistake.  I should mention that my hand had been raised when this happened, not in any threatening manner as I'd just had it resting on her neck. 
I completed my chores, went out with halter and rope, she came right up to me with no problem. However she wasn't to keen to follow. Once she did she was just fine. Once in the paddock however when asked to move out: her reply was NO, I DONT WANT TO?  She did, but I had to demand her to and she objected several times, either by abruptly turning to face me without being asked or attempting to pull away. Even when complying I could feel & see the attitude.  I'd stop and reward good behavior with rest, or stop and lead, stop then begin again. Probably 45 minutes, fast running walk her top sped. Finally ended with a long walk in her pasture where I unhaltered her and left. 
When I brought her Niall was normal, aside from I didn't allow her to just dig in. She had allow me to own the food, which she did quickly. 
Sooooo, could it be 1. she'd felt threatened by my hand? Though her attitude after makes me think, no    2. she's  feeling her true self now that she's healthy? 3. she's testing me now that she's healthy? 4. she's a mare? Or 5. any thoughts/input appreciated...

Monday, July 25, 2016

Testing carrots...

As always Lincoln insisted on growing carrots for his horsey and he to share. While they aren't truly ready, we had to pull a few...
Grace didn't seem to mind eating her tiny carrots at all...

She takes them very, very gently. 

Can hardly believe she's been with us now for only a month. She's settled in so nicely. Bad me, forgot to tape her weight. She had her first mani/pedi over the weekend. Such a good girl, after she'd had three feet done her trimmer and I started chatting. Apparently for to long according to Grace. As we chatted, she looked at us and lifted her yet undone rear hoof. I laughed and told Sherry she'd best get to it.  
No problems in her feet of immediate concern, she has a few event lines on each hoof that we'll have to watch as they grow down and lengthen. She also had blown an abscess thru her LR coronet (I'd already been aware of it), we'll just have to watch the area as it grows down. 
Weight is looking really good, time to build muscle πŸ‘πŸ»

Saturday, July 23, 2016

Fan of the fans...

So hot here lately, much like most of the states from what I understand. Real feel of 100 degrees, though we did have a strong breeze. High humidity, yet still no rain, our pasture and yard are both pretty brown  Working with Grace has been at a standstill for the most part the past two days. 
She seems content for the most part...
She's definitely gotten the idea, which is a good thing considering she's just as unhappy with the hose as she is of fly spray. Two things that I was told she was good for.

Big yawn, I'd woken her from a nap as I came in the barn. 

Trailer loading was going well, she's hopping right in, it like most things are on the back burner till the heat advisory passes. I did restart practicing fly spray with the water bottle, figured being its water it may just feel good. It's the one thing I'm doing clicker training with right now  She's caught on to the clicker quite well, but finds it difficult despite wanting to hold still. I'm able to spray her right shoulder, RF, and neck. Further back than the shoulder is still a no go, the left side's not getting anywhere fast. 
Oh, she had her first hot air balloon experience at breakfast this morning.  She was inside munching her feed and must have caught a glance of it floating by thru the window. She ran out of the barn, I had no idea what was going on. She ran to the furthest side of the paddock. I stepped out and there it was just an acre from us, floating just over the tops of the corn. She was both worried and curious, going towards it, then away. Once she realized it was headed the other way, she got as close to it as the fence allowed her to and watched closely.  The small airport below us is planning an event with over 30 balloons next month. I do believe Grace will have an early bedtime with the fans on high and perhaps a radio!
Odd the differences in different horses, Camryn totally got the benifits of fly spray, never cared about the fans, and the balloons, well she was certain they were planning to kill her. 

Monday, July 18, 2016

Happy dance time...

Yes I did, I did a happy dance in the paddock. She loaded!

This counts right 😜
Seriously though, Grace loaded in the trailer, I was so happy.  I walked in first, showed her a handful,of feed (yes, I cheated) she hesitated kind of shrugged and walked right on in. I asked her to back out, we walked about for a few minutes. Then I lined her up, asked her to go in without me and in she went! So long as weather holds, we'll continue for several days. Then up the ante and try it in the yard. I'm so hoping to include her in my lessons in a few weeks. My goal is for her to load without my having to go in ahead.
 With Camryn, while she loaded easily, I could never send her in. And she'd wouldn't stay put long enough for me to climb out the escape to do the butt bar. So, it was always a two person job. For lessons, I'll be on my own so it's important to me. 
Something almost as exciting is I've discovered or should I say the neighbors hens have discovered that Triple Crown Complete feed (disclaimer) is very tasty even after having come out Grace back end.  I try to clean up weekly in the pasture but, I'd noticed a few piles in the paddock and inside the gate I use daily. So, after cleaning her stall, I'd intended to clean those up. They were gone, with just remnants showing they'd actually ever been there. Lincoln had noticed a few hens around the trailer in the morning now I know why. I walked the paddock and every recent pile was gone or taken apart. Sadly the neighbors are building a new hose, so the hens will be moving. Mmmmm, I see hens in my future perhaps?

Had to include this...
Someone found Grampas chobani yogurt!  Poor Grampa LOL

Sunday, July 17, 2016

3 weeks of Grace...

Seems like Grace has been here for so much longer than 3 weeks. Her weight gain, much like my weight loss has slowed to a trickle. She's now just shy of 900 lbs, she's looking so much better & feeling better as well. I watched her running and bucking this morning just because she can. 
She's grown used to the neighbor kids coming to the fence to visit and will head on over to have a chat with them.  She still hates fly spray, though welcomes her fly mask and has no problem with me wiping it on. 
Since her test a few nights ago, she's now not only standing for me, but walking over to meet me and dropping her muzzle into her halter.
Guess I passed muster. Took this as the sunset, after removing her fly mask. unfortunately in order to see Grace in the pic I,had to alter it. The sunset was gorgeous behind her. 
Hubs move the trailer into the paddock, so we've  added trailer loading to our lesson plan. Started with her having two feet on the ramp early in the day. A bit later, she loaded as far as her shoulders, our last go at it, she was halfway in, startled,and rushed back out. She looked a little embarrassed and easily came back to load halfway again. Have to say Maizee as an assistant isn't all that helpful. Silly cat. And yes, I'm cheating a bit with a handful of feed on the floor. We do groundwork first, ending with longing with me pointing her in. My trailer is an older, closed trailer, I get that it's claustrophobic, and last time she was in it it was a hot four hour drive. I'm not rushing her, any progress is good progress. 

Saturday, July 16, 2016

So much better...

Made a point of visiting Grace multiple times halter in hand with no agenda. While I do this anyway, I don't normally carry a halter. Sometimes I'd halter her, sometimes not, sometimes we'd walkabout, sometimes not. She never thought to move away, nor did she when I went out to actually play. Would've loved to ride but, neighbors were having a HS graduation party, mechanical bull and everything. 
Did our normal routine, combined with walkabout in between for some thinking, we're both improving, adding yielding the forequarters, both of us kind of sticky there. Camryn wasn't much of a groundwork fan, and it shows in my rustiness. Once we'd finished, I unhaltered her, loved on her then...
We played me and my shadow❤️. She just followed me around just because. 

Of course anytime lovin is happening Maizee has to be involved. 

Maizee just seems to enjoy hanging around with her "big" sister. I think Grace enjoys her "lil" sis too. 

Earlier in the day we met my daughter and our family Princess for lunch
Sweetest little girl ever. 

Friday, July 15, 2016

HA! Someone's feeling better...

Grace must be feeling better and/or the honeymoon is over. Hubs is home from his business trip, so I went out to get Grace. Plans were to do a little groundwork, tack up and ride in the paddock. She came over to me, no prob there, I went to put her halter on and she decided to walk away. She did this yesterday as well. Difference was, yesterday when I sent her away at a brisker pace than she'd intended, she stopped and came back to be haltered.  Tonight, she flipped me "the bird" and took off. Kind of like "nΓ©ener, nΓ©ener, can't catch me!"  She's very right but, for some reason she didn't realize she'd end up catching herself instead. I swung the long line at her, she took off for the paddock, bucking and farting all the way. Wrong move, I closed the gate, picked up my stick I'd already propped there, so we could play it out in the paddock. She was tearing around, tail up over her back, doing this bunny hop kind of thing with all four off the ground, she was gaiting, trotting, cantering, you name it she did it. 
She did realize fairly quickly that as I could change her direction and keep her speed up, I was boss. She tried to slow down, I kept her going, she tried to change directions, I turned her back. She tried to go in the barn, I'd already shut the door...
Took a video as I allowed her to slow, can't figure out how to post it πŸ˜•. We didn't exactly get "join up" but, she did eventually stepped in towards me as I turned and walked away a few steps. I took it, went in, rubbed her, halter end then we walked about together as I explained the rules a bit. 
SIGH, let the games begin...

Healing nicely...

Things are looking good for Grace. Less than 3 weeks ago this was what both sides of her face looked like...
Having had a halter on each time I saw her, I didn't realize how bad it was. Upon removing her halter I was stunned. This is what wearing a dirty, sweaty, stiff halter 24/7 can do!  I thought a few areas were bad enough they'd remain bald. 

This is from just a few days ago...
Amazing difference. And no, I didn't use any miracle product. Just some gentle cleaning, antibiotic cream, fly mask, and halter free. The power of Mother Nature works wonders. 

Yesterday while doing groundwork, Grace decided to test me. After lunging (at a walk) to the right, she decided that "no, I don't want to go left thank you!"  She'd been doing so well, it kind of caught me by surprise. I upped the ask, she'd upped the refusal. Before we both escalated the disagreement to far, I went to disengaging her rear while my thoughts regrouped. Asked for left again, while she hesitated a moment she went off again no problem. 

Began yielding the front last night. My cues X her understanding me it took a bit but, we got to one step on each side and ended. The day before, I asked her to move in the barn without thinking, she promptly side passes out of my way. Dang, can't recall how I asked lol. 

Thursday, July 14, 2016

Bedding, food & friends...

Of course we had recorded breaking temps on the day I choose to get Grace more bedding...
Didn't take long to unload thankfully. 

Grace had the evening off on groundwork, mainly as I could see a storm headed our way. I decided to tuck her in a little early...

Maizee makes an excellent dinner companion...

She's gotten pretty adept at he slow feed Haynet, ecspecially once we'd found her fave hay...

I think she's filling in nicely...

The bald lines from wearing her stiff dirty halter 24/7 are filling in...I believe only a few are permanent
Moments after I headed back inside, the storm hit big time. Realized "to late" I'd left Grace's window open. The winds blew the rain right in soaking her bedding. I doubt she slept peacefully, gotta strip her stall it's so wet. Oh well, these things happen. 
I've found who I think was one of Grace former owners. I wrote asking, then at her request sent pix of Grace along with one of her registration papers. Fingers crossed that I'm able to at least find out her experience level. If she's truly been there/done that or if she was mainly a broodmare making buckskin babies and considered green broke. We'll see. 

Trying to come up with a new name for the blog. Any thoughts?  

Monday, July 11, 2016

Outright liars...rather long

In my search for a horse, I went knowingly to one horse trader, the horse bucked the moment the sellers bum hit the saddle. Didn't even ride that one. Another via emails sent lots of pix/video all with the horse in saddle I requested a profile untacked (two hard to fit horses having been enough). She sent one with the horse standing at an angle, I again asked for profile shot. Major sway back!  I asked my trainer why she'd thought I wouldn't notice in person. She told me I'd never see the horse untacked if they could help it.  Yet another horse thru a certified rescue, I felt had been drugged. I understood a horse in a familiar barn being comfortable enough to snooze in cross ties. But, when a foal in the aisle way literally is up his butt & in his face causes no more than a half opened eye?  That's suspicious! I did ride him, he couldn't walk a straight line. So, I'm not stupid, I divorced a cheating police chief, I'm a skeptic, but...
Prior to seeing Grace, she sent pix and a video, told me she's thin due to having a foal pulled a month and a half ago. When I arrived, they got her out of the pasture very easily, the horses were all at the gate. Tacked her up in the round pen, she was ridden, all went well. They pointed out girth gall "due to having saddling her wet a few days ago, set the girth behind the sores. She stood to mount, all that. She was sluggish in the pen with me, with the heat and sun, understandable. Another mare was out of my price range, they pulled out a pretty chestnut for me to try. Typical redhead (no offense Lytha), she had opinions, I'd done that route before. There was something about Grace demeanor that kept pulling me to her. I asked to ride her out of the pen, she perked right up, I was asked if I'd like to go on the trails with her and off we went. She did awesome, calm, responsive...
I believe I mentioned during the ride we chatted about why I wanted gaited and Camryn's rough trot came up. She was so excited I had a Haflinger for sale, as she had one and wanted another to drive as a team. Even brought her Hafy out, showed me her cart...Didn't hurt that we both showed dogs and had mutual friends. The people were older, downsizing, but really wanted another Haflinger so she'd simply sell Grace 8 yr old son to make up for adding another...I wanted to sleep on it. Next day, I knew I wanted Grace, sent pix of Camryn...arranged to take Cam to them, and I'd pick up Grace. 

A few days ago, guess who I see for sale on Dreamhorse with a name change, not even two weeks after they get her. CAMRYN!  Horse traders of the worst kind. I had to stew on it a bit before posting. 

Thankfully, they have her priced to high for slaughter. But, they've got her as a former lesson horse, great with kids, yada, yada, yada. She is great with kids, adores them, she did give lessons for three whole weeks "to my ballzy 10 year old neighbor girl."  She's far to pushy for a child with no hutzpa to manage on the ground, and she merely tolerates arenas. I'm so praying she goes to good people, that she doesn't end up as a normal child's horse only to be resold once again. I would've bought Grace without the trade and had let them know that. I so feel that I let her down. Poor Camryn. 

And Grace, well from my posts you can tell she's not the horse I trail rode. Her personality is the same and getting even better. The galls were more than likely from having the shit rode out of her earlier in the day. The foal was more than likely very recently pulled, she'd quite probably been being underfed to get her dried up faster, shit they'd probably only had her a week! she is on the ground the sweetest thing, she understands a lot of groundwork and/or picks up quickly what's she doesn't.  I spoke with my trainer today, she feels that as Grace is so great on the ground with a steady personality, we can most likely work with her. I'll be working on trailer loading this week (mine is claustrophobic) next month we'd already planned to work with her there weekly. If after a month, she's not progressing, she'll board there and undergo daily training. After that, we'll wait and see. I've really been growing to love her, so don't plan to give it up without giving her every chance I can. 
Poor, poor Camryn, I was only her second owner as I'd gotten her from her breeder. Now, she may begin a life of being passed around like a six pack. 

Sunday, July 10, 2016


Not so good tonight, though not as bad as our first by any means. Progress rather than perfection and all that. And we did have progress by the end of the ride. Didn't help I'm sure as we did our usual walkabout letting the saddle fall in place, I noticed it had slipped a bit. So, ungirthed and started over. Ms. Grace offered her opinion and turned towards me ears pinned (no teeth) but, intent was there. She met my elbow with a "don't even go there missy!"  I finished with no issue.  Bitting we were back to "no, I don't wanna and you can't make me."  I agreed and longed her.  She changed her mind to "Ooooh, this is what you wanted? Sure, I'll take my bit."
To the mounting block, no prob, standing till I asked for forward, no prob. Forward, she thought we'd just take off as fast as she could. A few one reins, she began listening. By the end she was strolling and her brakes were back in place. Hubby will be out of town all week, with no one home to call paramedics (almost kidding), we'll stick with groundwork. Won't have the boys as often this week either, so if the weather cooperates, we'll be playing in small amounts several times a day. That's the plan. We won't be hitting the trails anytime soon SIGH. 
Taped GRACE this evening, the weight gain has slowed, which is good.  Gain this week was 29lb, total in 2 weeks she's had a total gain of 95lb. I've cut back on her midday hard feed so she doesn't gain to much to fast. I'll slowly eliminate it. Her ribs are still a bit visible, though not from across the field any longer. She still has some angles, they're beginning to fill in too. 
Great news is we had a little visitor today. My daughter Jillian and grand daughter Kennedy are up from NC. Kennedy got to meet her first horse...

Oooooh, should I?

Yes, I pet horsey ❤️
Kennedy just turned 8 months, same age as first time Lincoln got to sit on Camryn. Maybe next week for Kennedy on Grace?

Kennedy: Wow, you're big horsey...Grace: you're tiny, but cute human child.

Jillian is more than a little intimidated by Grace size. But, game on letting Kennedy experience things she herself is hesitant of. I'm guessing she won't be the one holding Kennedy on Grace back (hopefully) next week. Can't very well do that staying an arms length away. LOL

Saturday, July 9, 2016


Today has been two weeks with Grace, and we had our first nearly stress free ride. Aside from our test ride pre-purchase. No thought of bucking, no attempts to take off. So happy. 
It's been really hot & humid lately, so I've been trying to ride in the evening after the temp has dropped. Problem with that is three nights running, we've had storm threats every blasted time. I have made a point to just stroll along with her in the field and do some groundwork. I've been finding she knows quite a bit but, prefers to be asked when it makes sense to her. As in, side step so I can open the stall, back so I can get by, types of things. On the line, I think perhaps I confuse her. 
Prior to riding I walked her about the paddock (where we ride for the time being). Discovered several areas with trolls. Our previous, I'm going to take off areas in saddle.  I made a point of stopping in those areas to massage her neck a bit. Each time the trolls were less worrisome. Tacked up & of course neighbors nearby started fireworks ( still going as I write). Did a little more troll work. 

Yup, I'm relaxed now. 

 Tonight was the first night she took her bit willingly. We'd already practiced standing at the mounting block and she did great. Once there again, she was hesitant and kept backing away, I just asked her to back some more. Third time was at the charm. We'd had a long chat while on walkabout regarding what we'd be doing. Just a casual stroll, just like on the ground with brake checks along the way. 
I mounted and SHE JUST STOOD THERE!  I rubbed on her neck, I asked her to go forward and SHE SIMPLY WALKED, as in no attempts to buck!  We just started casualty walking about, we'd stop and I'd rub on her. Troll areas were no biggie either. A few times (fireworks) I'd ask for her to whoa and she'd ignore me. I'd make the wrong thing harder and she began stopping off my seat. Rode only 30 minutes, it was 30 minutes of awesome. She didn't even care that Margeuax & Maizee were following all over. Silly cats. 
She got a huge hug, lots of kissing. I've never had a horse who enjoyed being loved on before ❤️  
Pretty is, as pretty does. Grace was beautiful tonight 😍

Tuesday, July 5, 2016

Second ride...

First off, Grace is very smart. We've always kept fans in the barn, she figured out where to be during the heat of the day real quick..
You can make out the more industrial fan just under her neck. Unfortunately, I'm cleaning the stall and may never get out LOL. No offense to Camryn but, she never got it. 

Very hot with high humidity today. I waited till 8:00 pm, worked her a little on the ground. Then began tacking her up, had noticed she seemed cinchy, had girth galls so understandable. Took my time and on the advice of friends simply did something else in between tightening. No tail wringing this time. I'd gotten the right size girth at last, added the scalloped shims to my Skito, lowered my stirrups a notch (oddly the right length for Camryn had my boots mid rib), I also lowered her bit a notch. 

Like our photo bomber?  Sweet Maizee likes to be near me and/or her horse.

Last time she'd moved off from the mounting block, so before the bridle went on we worked on that and a little more groundwork. Hubby came out to take pix, I mounted with no issue at the block. As soon as I cued to move foreword, her back bunched, her head lowered (see where this is going), I had her head in a heartbeat, she did get a fart out but, the buck was tharwted with hubby non the wiser. WHEW!  Soooo, thankful I've been taking lessons to build my confidence as Grace is not the confidence builder she was advertised as!  She wanted to buck a few more times, she gave it up and tried to take off on the turns a bit. Can't believe I actually laughed!  By the end I believe she realized I wasn't up there to kill her, that any issues with tack were now fixed, and I was staying put. She began relaxing enough that I could reach out and stroke her neck, which made her relax more.  Not the ride I had trying her out but, progress from last time. 

Dang, wish I could photo shop like the Kardashian's!

She's starting to relax

She thought when we were done that it was time to be fed, NOT!  She figured she'd just go to her pasture, NOT!  She did get wiped down with a damp towel, and thanked profusely but, stayed in the paddock. 
Sure hoping the weather holds the next few evenings so we can work thru whatever we're working thru. 
More wet saddle blankets to come...

Monday, July 4, 2016

Girly bits...

The Vet Tech came early this morning to take care of Grace girly bits. I'd seen her posting a sheath & more cleaning service. All reviews were 5 stars, most used the word "patient" multiple times. I knew it was a two man job, and while Hubby "bless him" would have tried to hold Grace. It would've been chaos and not the calmness needed. Could've called the Vet but, they don't always have the time for patience. What I'd hoped for was for Grace to not be hurried or feel stressed, so perhaps, once done she'd allow me to keep up with the cleaning in the future. 
Despite it being a holiday, Kristi felt it sounded like an ASAP cleaning. She arrived bright & early, greeted and loved on Grace in her paddock. Once she felt Grace was comfortable with her we gave it a go. A few false starts with Grace quickly sidestepping herself away we moved. I stood her next to a wall to stop her moving away. Kristi, gently began decrudding her poor sore udders. Grace after the initial "STOP THAT IT HURTS", relalized it wasn't really hurting and began to relax. An incredible amount of black dried & gooey mess came out from in between. Poor girl!  She was not only sore from the filth either, she's still lactating to boot 😟. Just her right teat, no mastitis thankfully. Our guess is that her foal was pulled much more recently than the month and a half ago they'd told me. And one reason for her being so thin was they'd reduced her feed to dry her up faster.  Once figuring that out, I also asked Kristi to check her teeth (another of her services) as I'd been told their Vet said they were fine. While they aren't horrid and I could reasonably wait till fall, she does have a few hooks. Getting them done will aide in weight gain, so a call to the dentist is next up. 
You should've seen Grace as she realized she could move without the owieness she must have felt with when her girl bits were glued together!  I have a feeling I'll be seeing her gaining around the pasture just for fun now πŸ˜ƒ

Sunday, July 3, 2016

Weight gain & groundwork

Sweet Grace has gained 66 lbs. in a week, still a ways to go but, definite progress in the right direction. 
She is such a sweetie, I've never had a horse who seems to enjoy being rubbed on, cuddled and fussed with like she does. Or at least one who fakes it so well!

Did you want me Mom?

Wanna rub my nose maybe?

On a serious note, did some Clinton Anderson style desensiting with the stick & rope today. Other than her left hip going all creepy crawly she got an A+. Disengaging her rear, long lining all getting much better on both our parts. Backing getting less sticky too. Forgot to do the water/fly spray, just now realized. 
While I sponged her with it fly spray earlier in the day, I decided to see if her udders needed cleaned. OH MY, she was fine till I "attempted" to put my hand in between. Poor thing, her boobies are like super glued together!  She told me to "stop", I tried again, she said "IT HURTS!"  A little while later she wouldn't let me pick up her hind feet, I'm guessing she suspected I was going to try again. I have some one who does sheath & udder cleaning coming out tomorrow. She's a Vet Tech and felt it sounded like Grace needs done like yesterday. I surely hope she can help, otherwise it's the Vet with sedation. 
Did exchange the girth, went two sizes smaller. Brain fart as its to small SIGH.  Will have to wait, her lady parts are more important right now. 

Friday, July 1, 2016

Days #5 & #6. And of course Grands

It appears the third hay is our winner!  It's rather pricey in comparison to the others but, if we do pick up rather than delivery, we can save .50 a bale. So we'll be picking up a load here and there till winter. Graci isn't the eating machine Camryn is by any means. I put 3 flakes in the slow feed near at night, in the mornings there is a flake still left. I just hang it outside her stall where if she chooses she can munch when she comes in to be away from the flies. I do wonder though if the reason there is any left is because she's not yet a pro at the net. I put some on the floor as well and she always goes for the net instead. Didn't do much work with her yesterday, it was well after 6 before the boyz went home & Gramma was  exhausted. Granny Nannys tend to wear down at the 12 hr. mark lol
Yesterday Lincoln got to show "his new horsey" off, he didn't realize the neighbor kids had already met her. As they came in the yard, he goes running, "come see my new horsey, her is Gracie!"
This evening, being very windy we didn't work on fly spray, did our getting to know you walkabout, played at some ground work. She's obviously had some training but, we're both rusty and my cues confuse her at times. I unhaltered her at the back of the field and began walking back to the barn. Halfway across, I realize Grace is right behind me ❤️. I think she's gained some weight will check on Sunday, which is a week from measuring the first time. 

Lincoln had is having a blast, the littles next door came over to play the past two days.  We've gotten the boyz a used play set, Lincoln calls it his park. Between that, the sandbox, his bubble machine which he's very proud of and sword fighting they were on the go. We headed next door for more fun. After a while Josh who just turned 4 lays his head on the tractor he's riding. His Mom asks if he's ready for a nap, he tells her "no, I'm just closing my eyes". Putting Lincoln down for his nap shortly after, I asked what he was going to dream of, he said "my friends!"
Some of the neighbor hood gang. Kaylee is the one who'd been riding Camryn in lessons. Lincoln has a huge crush and told his Mom that Kaywee is going to be his wife lol

Josh is on his tractor towing the wagon. Looks like they're enjoying the ride, judging by their expressions. 

Probably the biggest reason for Lincoln's crush. She pushes him "higher" when he asks. 

Kennedy's Daddy deployed on Sunday. He pulled into the drive to find this before he left. While his mission int "war", one still worries and needs prayers on any deployment. And no, we don't know where, or what he's doing.