Sunday, September 2, 2012

Bestest Bucket Cleaner...

Camryn here:
I'm thinking maybe I have something worth marketing here?  The Newest, Bestest, Cutest Bucket Cleaning Solution ever:
Maizee just learned she could jump high recently, in doing so she accidently fell in my bucket while traversing across my stall wall.  Once in the bucket she decided it needed a good cleaning using her rough tongue like a steel wool pad.  Mom pulled out her cell phone and caught her still licking her lips.  This has since become routine for our little Maizee girl.  Mom wonders what's gonna happen if I don't realize she's in the bottom of the bucket sometime!!!  Probably I'll jump so high, I'll end up in the loft!!!
So maybe I should take my new product on Shark Tank to see if they'd invest?


  1. Cute! You have some nice digs there, Camryn!
    We could use a Maizee over here! Sometimes the buckets get yucky and flies come. Maizee could help keep them away :)

    1. Mom added the sepia effect to disguise the cobwebs. It worked!!! Maizee loves catching flies too, she hangs out in my stall while I'm out catching them!

  2. a rat catcher that converts to a bucket cleaner......what a fab idea.

  3. Oh, that would be a fright. I wonder if Maizee can use the bucket as a mounting block to ride on Camryn's back. Then things would probably get really crazy. Does she have claws?

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