Saturday, May 27, 2017

Franklins excited...

Franklin is very happy to be headed back home to Alaska....
Maybe not so much the suitcase part though!
Neighbor girls are checking on the barn kitties, so they'll get some cuddles in. Dogs are at the kennel, the Mini's are at a friends. I'd warned Meridith to step back as we unloaded as I knew Pippin would leap over the lowered ramp. Well, he didn't wait for it to be lowered to do so, he was up, over & out before hubs had a chance to drop it!  Cleared it like a pro, he's quite the athlete, maybe once Lincolns steady in the saddle they'll be doing some jumping lol. 
If the Mini's have never experienced goats, they sure will now. Withkidding season, she's got about 30 goats along with these guys...
Daddy Pig & George, they're destined for "freezer camp!"  There are 2 horses, a pony, guardian dog, a cow, three kids, this adorable wee fawn...
A neighbor had watched it for several days, never a Momma. My friend took it in, to week to stand, no suckling reflex, she'd had goat colostrum on hand & has been syringe feeding it several days with her daughter. It's now walking about & sucked her little girls finger while I was there a bottle was fetched & off he went.  So fingers crossed its going to be ok. 

Wednesday, May 24, 2017

Little to the left please!

Amazing how an itch can help establish friendly teamwork!

I hadn't witnessed mutual grooming since their introduction last fall. Shedding has changed all that, it's now something I see them doing frequently. I even had room on my camera to video 👏🏻
Ever wonder where the phrase "you scratch my itch, I'll scratch yours" came from?
I think I do!

We've gotten a grandparents pass for a nearby zoo, we got there at opening yesterday. Allowing Lincoln first dibs on which animal to ride...
Lincoln was all about the wolf as he thought it was Balto of Iditarod fame. Jefferson the tiger cub by default. Jeffersons first merry go round ride, each time his tiger went up or down, I'd hear his very quiet "WOW!"

Thursday, May 18, 2017

Lesson #8...

Lesson #8 brought lots of fumbling on my part while harnessing. I was having brain farts to the extreme. I'm actually glad as all had been going so well, I may have been growing a little to confident. Have to always be alert to ovoid potential wrecks. For instance, it's a good idea to thread your driving lines thru the turrets on both sides, your false martingale needs to be attached to both the under cinch & over cinch, just two of my six snafus!  
Recognize this bum?
Got to drive Noey once again. I have a feeling I'll be driving him a while. Or at least till I've overcome my bumbling in handling the lines & whip at the same time!
While the rein aide did help, it turns out my whip at home is to heavy on the thumb for me. Once we found one light enough for my thumb to keep in place without causing some serious cramping it got much better. It has come in handy as Noey likes to cheat the corners.  Without the whip on hand I could navigate his cheat attempts well just giving & taking with my hands & anticipating when/where he'd try to cut the corner short. Adding the whip was more difficult for me & Noey could feel it, especially at the trot. The whip is used to gently speak to the horse. Basically if he's trying to cheat on a right turn, I simply "tickle" his right side gently. This tells him to keep left & stay on the wall till I actually ask him to make the turn. Visa versa the other direction. I'm actually happy that Noey isn't quite as "easy" as Fred had been. He's making me think & learn. Plus, I understand Haflingers, we were laughing that my answer to every question of "why is he doing this" was, "because he's a Haflinger!"  Not entirely the correct answer as we all know whatever was occurring was my fault. 
Noey's favorite thing to do is stand quietly...
Another student had gotten a new harness which needed adjustments. Noey was perfectly happy to stand relaxing while they worked on it.
And of course I've been busy with all our boys, two & for leggers...
Chilling & picking dandelions ❤️

Tuesday, May 16, 2017


Both boys had a reaction to their vaccinations. We'd had the Vet out on Wed. last week. Sunday morning poor Pippin couldn't lower his head to his feed bowl. He had a difficult time in the pasture but, was managing to reach the longer grass. I decided to just keep watch and call Vet Monday morning if necessary. Monday morning Merlin now joined the owie neck club. Both were also now quite lethargic, Merlin was most likely happy about that. Don't worry, I held their bowls so they could eat!  
Put a call in as soon as they opened & explained the situation. While I knew soreness could occur, being it was several days out, I felt better checking in with Vet. He explained Mini's in particular can suffer extreme soreness & set aside banamine at the desk to pick up. Within 30 minutes both were comfortable and Pippin a was back to picking at Merlin. Considering the minute dosage given, I'll have banamine on hand now hopefully until it expires in 2018 lol
Since I feel a need for adding a pic: the boarding barn has a very similar address, we sometime receive their mail. I ran the latest mis-delivery and here they came...

Along with a Haflinger no less 😳

Friday, May 12, 2017

Halters that fit!

I finally ordered the Mini's nose buckle halters fro Two Horse Tack. Low & behold halters that fit both!

LOVE Merlin's...
With all the Grands having at least one parent in the Military, I felt their main ride should reflect that. Merlin is soooooo handsome in his red, white & blue. I think he likes it too. 

Mr. Pippn  rocks the turquoise well. I'd have loved going patriotic with both. But, being they have different size heads it would be confusing should someone besides me halter them. 
Regarding Two Horse Tack,  (no, I've never received any freebies. If I had I'd still be honest) the halters are very well made & I was pleasantly surprised by how soft & supple the biothane is. However, I'd ordered during their promo for free rush shipping for the month of April. I'd ordered on the April 28th, received package on May 11th. Yeah, not so rush shipping!  Would I order again, hmmmmm, most probably the halters yes, as I very much like this product. Perhaps their halter /bridle combo, if I ever feel the need arrive perhaps. I would however suggest they live up to their promo's or be prepared for reviews regarding lack of customer care as well as subsequent loss of business.  We did message a bit in regards to "where is my rush shipping order!"  I've been harness shopping for Merlin, Two Horse Tack "had been" someone I had considered ordering from. I'm shopping elsewhere now, as I do consider customer service right up there with good products when parting with $$$

Franklin is still making new friends at Gramma camp...
Ms. Margeaux finds him to be excellent company!

Wednesday, May 10, 2017

Vet visit...

Spring has sprung. Had Vet out for spring shots today. Had planned to float teeth as well but, neither needed it done. Fingers crossed they wear their teeth like Camyrn. She rarely needed work & when she did it was just a few small points. 
Vet complimented me saying "all your horses are easy to work with."  Nice to hear. Also neither boy no anomalies that will effect bitting. I'd wanted him to check  as Mini's can have mouth issues. 
He checked the dent in topside of Merlins neck. Feels it was caused by former owner not setting his prior cart up correctly. Which created a line of draught (draft) that put to much pressure on him. He's not bothered by it, so long as I set things up correctly he's good to go carting. 
Had them both tied & ready for the visit. One small fiasco occurred. Pippin while doing better at tying doesn't like when Merlin is where he can't see him. I moved Pippin, tying to a post at the front of the paddock. There's hot wire at the top, several inches above his head.
Once Merlin was finished (perfect gentleman), we headed over to Pippin. As I went to untie him, he popped up just enough for his wee ear to get zapped!  Poor boy, I felt so horrible/stupid we got him calmed but, he was still quite worried. Thank heavens he's a Mini, all hell breaking loose is minimized quite a lot. First shot & up he went. We let him calm again, 2nd shot not so bad. I asked Vet if now was a good time to give him a treat. He was "Oh yes", so Pippin had three people handing out treats. All was right in his world. 
Both are a little chunkier than they should be. I'd already put dinner down in the stall, Vet felt it was an appropriate amount. We're keeping the pasture mowed which he thinks is a good idea. He understands their love/hate relationship so locking them in the paddock isn't workable. Theycame into spring on the chunky side, not good. Hopefully I'll get driving again soon. 
Between the boys, FIL house & weatherim just not getting it done sadly. Just not enough of me to go around SIGH

We have a Granbear visiting, he was left behind last time Adam & Ash visited from Alaska. We'll be taking him back when we visit. In the meantime Franklin is enjoying his visit. I've been taking silly pix to text them showing them he's having fun at Camp Gramma. Today was meet the Mini's day!

Saturday, May 6, 2017

Another tack sale...

A few friends & I reserved space at another tack sale last one was kind of a bust (I was the only one of us that sold anything) as they'd only advertised on FB & hadn't even put a sign out front. Today's was one we've shopped at numerous times and is always packed. Today, dispite cold, rainy weather was no different. I actually came home with well over $300.00!  And I didn't buy anything other than lunch. Patting myself on the back. 
My goal is a good driving harness for Merlin. He has some pretty significant atrophy along the top of his neck, most likely from a previous ill fitting harness in the past. It doesn't bother him but, I certainly don't wish to add to it. I have a few more big ticket items to list online. Anyone need a Boett Sweet Itch Rug, a Skito pad or a pair of size 2ww Renegade boots?
Yesterday watching Pippin in the pasture, I noticed him behaving oddly. He'd graze then take off running, shaking his head, kicking out, stop to graze only to begin all over again. After about 6 times of doing this, I figured out what he was doing. He was bored & chasing Robins that landed in search of worms!  I'm pretty sure Merlin was relieved to have Pippin tormenting something other than him!  He is such a hoot!

Friday, May 5, 2017

Modeling Mini's...

My order from Knot Just Rope arrived!  All well done & of excellent quality too. With Mini's you never know regarding fit. Nylon Mini halters are to small, foal size to large!  These fit!
I need to raise it up on Pippins muzzle a bit I think. Doesn't he look adorable! Love his pouty wee mouth lol 

Merlin being he'll be Lincoln's main riding horse got one a wee bit fancier
I went with brown as I figured black would disappear into his blackness once shed out. I'm kind of wishing I'd have thought of gray instead. But, I still love it...
And anything looks adorable on his sweet little face!  Lincoln stole the grab strap and is wearing it attached to his Jean belt loops. He's also attached himself to his brother via the reins. The kid cracks me up. 
Waiting for the girth extender I ordered from Two Horse Tack (along with buckle nose halters) to saddle up again. They, along with myself managed to add to the waistline over winter.  The order should've already come, haven't even received shipment notification however. I've just emailed them. 
FIL's house is nearly empty. Ran into a bit of a problem in regards to cleaning. SIL, despite being told not to, took all the cleaning supplies!!!  She was kind enough to leave ONE roll of paper towels!  Hubs had noticed one of her boxes appearing to contain junk. Upon lifting a few things out, he discovered some of our cleaning things hidden there!  He didnt though he should've had her empty the rest of our things before she left. Even the open bar of hand soap next to the sink is gone 🙄  She has some pretty serious health problems going on right now. She's using that as her "feel sorry for me" prop!  I know I'm probably a bitch but, my feel sorry for you meter is broken at the moment. 

Wednesday, May 3, 2017

Lesson #7...

Moved on & up to a different horse today. Just so happened to be my favorite breed 💖
Meet "Noey", he's a Haflinger, comedian cross...
Seriously if you started out having a bad day, this guy would have you laughing in no time. Not sure how he came about his name, going to venture a guess that it has something to do with being told "NO don't grab that. NO, don't pull that zipper, No, put that down!"

He's constantly smiling, flapping his lips in the air, mushing them all over you!

Otherwise he's catching a few zzzzz's!  Sadly, I'm not horse shopping. Fortunately he's not for sale!

On to the lesson, we added "addressing the whip", sounds so easy all you had to do is carry a long buggy whip in your right hand, keeping it at approximately 11:00!  It's not, not for me anyway. I felt as if I was holding two coffee cups in my right hand while attempting to open a gate with that same hand!!!  All the while, driving the horse, making turns, changing directions & speeds!!!  
Add that Noey being a Haflinger figures out relatively quickly he's gotten himself a rookie in the cart. He quickly realized cutting corners, taking shortcuts, moving uber slow were options as I figured things out. 

So, I was sent home with homework!
It's a rein aide and can be used to practice driving single or double. Or in my case holding the reins along with a driving whip, while wearing driving gloves, all while watching my favorite tv shows no less. 

Closer up, the reins are attached to strings on pulleys which are attached to horse shoes. The premise being that I'll be gaining muscle memory in between lessons & I'll adjust to the whip & gloves faster. Plus I can gauge the softness of my rein aides while doing this. Not sure if it's difficult for everyone or perhaps my ADHD, combined with my age may play a factor in the equation. 
Lincoln is going to love it!