Friday, June 29, 2012

A little out and about adventure...

Camryn here:
     Today I had a little adventure, our neighbor horses have been going out to another barn doing fun things and we wanted to go sometime too.  The barn requires a Coggins test, Cameron the TWH needed his done too. 
     Instead of the Vet coming we decided to go to the Vets.  It's way hot here, so Anna called ahead asking if they thought we should reschedule.  The Vet said that we'd be OK cause Anna has lotsa windows in her trailer.  So I got hosed off to cool down, fly sprayed real good, then Mom n me headed back thru the woods to the boarding barn to meet Cameron. 
     As we were walking back to the trailer Anna was talking bout how good Cameron has been loading as he used to bolt back to the barn as they approached the trailer.  Of course you can guess what Cameron did right?  He bolted back to the barn, I thought about it for a minute but Mom circled me and I settled.  Then the other horses started yelling and I thought about it again. Danette had already caught Cameron, so Anna and Mom decided to put me in the round pen for a moment just in case I thought about bolting again and did it.  Funny thing is that while Anna fumbled to open what she thought as the round pen door, Danette yelled "the doors open".  DUH humans, neither of our Mom's realized it was open !
     So, Anna got Cameron and some treats, I came outa the round pen and we just grazed our way happily to the trailer.  Cameron loaded right up. 
     My turn, it's a slant and I'd never done a slant, AND Anna's trailer ties are bungee's!  Cameron and I don't know each other that good, and he was craning his neck round to try to sniff me up.  Sooo, I did what any good pushy Haflinger would do.  I simply turned and walked outta the trailer taking Mom with me and stepping on her foot.  Sooooo, Mom loaded me again and got me hooked up this time.  But, being a slant it has no proper butt bar, Anna has a strap she hooks across.  Her horses are both over 16 hh, so the height of the strap works for her boys.  Not for me hee hee, I backed out right under, so my butt was out, my head still bungee'd.  Mom does not like bungee's at all and could envision it snapping off and hurting me.  Anna pushed, Mom pulled, I got right back on and I stayed put as Mom jumped out quick like, and Anna shut the doors quick like.  Crisis averted!
We get the the Vets, three techs come out.  Only two for us actually, Mom is friends with one Tech so she came out to visit.  I unloaded, one Tech took my info while I happily grazed, she told Mom she'd need my head up.  Mom laughed and said "well that's not gonna happen in the grass" and walked me onto the gravel.  Mom tucked my head up on her shoulder and it was done just like that.  Cameron never even got off the trailer they just did his test right there!  I loaded up for the trip home just fine, we trailered back to the boarding barn.  Cameron went in his room for lunch, Mom and me walked home thru the woods. 
    Keep fingers crossed that the Techs don't fumble the paperwork with our similar names!  I'd hate to be labled a black/TWH/gelding and I'm sure Cameron wouldn't be pleased being a chestnut/Haflinger/mare!
   Both our Moms are  happy cause Cameron and me did good traveling together and walking back to the barn together.  We've ridden together but, on large groups so this was the first time we've been one on one with each othr. So, now I have another friend besides Jesse I can travel with.  Mom won't use my trailer on hot days as the ventilation sucks real bad and she doesn't want me baked like a chicken or somethin. So next time they have a fun day at that other barn, me n Cameron can travel together. 
     Plus, Dad has decided he wants to travel with just him and Mom for long weekends sometimes.  So if Danette can't horse sit for me, my Coggins test means I can go and get babysitted at another barn.  Mom is planning to check around for one were I can get the turnout n stuff I'm used too.
So that's my little adventure and wasn't it nice that it didn't involve kittens, flowers or dogs?  Course no pix but, Mom kinda had her hands full and I haven't learned how to use the camera yet.

Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Cardi frap session...

Camryn here:
For those not in the know of various Cardigan acronyms, FRAP stands for Frantic Random Acts of Play.  Ivy in particular enjoys a good Frap session, Promise is usually her partner, sometimes she volunteers, sometimes not so much:
Ivy & Promise posing pretty for the camera...

Ivy is just getting primed for a frap session...

Uh Oh, she's gonna blow...

Promise continues to pose for the camera unaware...

You can kind of visualize a shark on the verge of attacking it's innocent victim...

BAM, poor, poor Promise...

Promise: "Don't worry Mom I'm OK"
Ivy: "Oh that was such fun, I'll give it another go"

Promise: "I think I'll just pose from up here Mom"
Ivy: Woot, Woot, that was a blast Mom, did ya see it?  Huh, huh did ya see it?"
One of Ivy's nicknames is "brat pup" even though she's just turned 6 years old this week she feels the need to live up to her nickname. 

Sunday, June 24, 2012

To bad I can't eat these...

Camryn here:
Mom's gardens are looking real good.  She took pix of some of her favs, I'm guessing some would be my favs as well.  If I were allowed to eat them anyway!
One of our lilies...

Mom loves Hydrangea's we have three or four varieties...

Bee Balm, Mom loves the smell almost as much as the bee's do...

A variety of Shasta Daisy that is a very soft yellow instead of white...

Another variety of Shasta, this one is called "Crazy Daisy"...

Mom LOVES Coneflowers, this is the only color in bloom right now...

Oops forget the name, but we gots lots of it...

Another oops, no name!...

Bee Balm again, can you see the bee on the right enjoying his feast?
Mom has like 11 flower beds.  Though her'd like to have maybe three working at a greenhouse she can get carried away.   She's been a good girl this year however only having brought home a few "so far"!

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Mom's kinda owie..

Camryn  here:
Well, Mom's been kinda owie lately this time it's not my fault, at least not directly my fault!!!  Over a week ago she was taking my feed from the truck, twisted a bit and BAM!  Back spasms!!!  Her tried ignoring it, sitting on heating pad, taking advil...You know the routine of trying to ignore things when you shouldn't and taking care of yourself in a kind of half A*#ed kinda way..  Finally her went to Dr. today.  Got proper meds and will hopefully be feeling much better soon. 
I've been on a kind of vacation since Mom knows getting in and out of the saddle will no doubt start another sequence of back spasms.  Dr. said to stay out of the saddle another week. 

Thursday, June 14, 2012


Camryn here:
First off I must add a disclaimer, I promise no kitties were hurt in the posting of this blog!!!
Maizee has been practicing he climbing skill on the paddock trees.  Yesterday she tried the fence posts behind the barn.  Mom had her camera handy and set on sports mode...

See, Maizee climb...

Up, up, up Maizee goes...

At this point Mom is thinking "Uh Oh, this isn't good"!  Maizee is incredibly fast, no sooner did Mom have this thought then...

Take note of what is under Maizee's chin.  Yup it's hot rope.  Maizee dissapeared from the camera viewer at this point.  Maizee isn't just a good climber, she flies real good too!

Maizee was off the fence & on the other side lickety split.  And one pissed off kitten to boot!  She was mad at the world.  Onyx rushed over to make sure she was OK, but decided against it when Maizee cussed him out big time.  She didn't know what got her, so was willing and able to take it out on whoever was nearest. 
Mom sat back till she calmed a bit, then made sure she was OK.  She was.
Smart girl, she decided pine cones are a much safer form of amusement.  I wonder if kittens learn as quickly as us Haflingers?  I sure hope so.  I'm thinking she should be called AMaizee Grace because it'll be amazing if she survives kitten hood, or Crazee Maizee cause she's one crazy girl, her antics keep me amused all day?

Sunday, June 10, 2012

Off to their new lives...

Camryn here:

The last of the kittens who were leaving headed off to his new home today.  Mom only named the one we kept, the others names were chosen by their new people.

Toby left today.  I will miss him, he enjoyed playing alongside and in my hay as I ate. He's gone to live with one of Mom's riding friends.  So, we'll hear Toby stories...

Ginger the sweet little calico is being adored by a 12 year old girl.  We'll hear Ginger stories as well I'm sure.
 Arthur, lives with one of Dad's co-workers.  She's already brought Dad in pix of him...

Winslow the wild child boy, left first.  He went to a young couple who wanted a rambunctious kitten.  They picked right for sure.  They'd been looking for an orange boy for some time, seems lots of people are.   All the barn kittens they saw before coming here, the kittens scattered away.  They loved these guys cause they all did the opposite of that and came a running when people visited.  They already called Mom just gushing over what a great kitten he is...

So, Maizee is left with Momma Margeaux to play with and torment!!!  Poor Margeaux, I'm sure Onyx will assist when he can!  
In other news, the neighbor baled hay today.  All the horse and goat neighbors converged in the field and bought it all up.  The farm lady has been having a hard time, health and money wise. I'm sure she's happy to have it all sold without her having to bring it in from the field.  The bales is HUGE like 80 lbs!!!  And it was only $2.50 a bale, we didn't need it yet but bought what we could fit in the barn.  I tested it out and it's yummy!

Saturday, June 9, 2012

Face 2 face at last...

Camryn here:
Finally I got to play with one of the new neighbor boys.  Not so new as they've lived next door since late last fall!!! 
Mom saddled me up, then led me thru the woods to Jesse's barn.  His Mom was already mounted and ready to go.  Jesse was a tad bit alarmed by my beauty, or it coulda been my Boett rug (if you take the belly band off, it can be worn under saddle) and Cashel fly mask I wear for riding.  He calmed right away, still Mom followed leading me to the arena barn thru the woods. I didn't mind cause it gave me this wonderful view of Jesse's ample bottom.  "hummmmmma".
As we came to the arena barn, Cameron and Handy went all bazoo over my beauty, or was it my ghost like appeance once again?  I prefer to think it was my beauty!
Jesse had just gotten a new saddle, and his Mom was trying it out.  At first she thought his forwardness was due to my beauty, Mom's clicker or my ghost appearance?  So Mom quit clicking just in case it was that.  Poor Mom we'd been working on my always taking a step back after a whoa then a click/treat.  Just started it so of course I wanted to make sure I was getting this right.  Sooo, we'd whoa, I'd step back "what's this no click?", I must need to do more.  I backed n backed n backed.  Mom opened her reins and I stopped, but still I wasn't sure what I needed to be doing to get that click/treat.  So for a little while we kept rinsing and repeating the "whoa, back, back, back, back!"  No clicks but, now it's understood that when Mom opens her reins it's time to stop with that!
Bummer news about Jesse's new saddle, it's to tight on his wonderful expansive shoulders.  So that's what was causing his forwardness, nothing bout me at all.  His Mom is bummed as she'd never had a problem with saddle fitting before Jesse.  Mom says welcome to the club.  Jesse is a Fresian/Quarter mix, so another saddle search is on for him.
After we walked back to Jesse's home barn, they went in and Mom and I continued on up thru their yard.  As we turned a corner at the garage Jesse's Mom's son was standing there with his dog Dude on a leash.  Dude reared up straining towards me!  Mom is like "uh oh", I was like "Mom it's a dog, it's only a dog".  Still Mom dismounted and walked me by with her on he dog side.  Brad who is Dude's Dad made mention that Dude had never tasted a horse before!!!  Mom laughed so musta been a joke right?  So if it was a joke, does that mean that Dude has tasted a horse before?

Thursday, June 7, 2012

Just fetching...

Camryn here:  Remember the other day when Dad road me?  Well, Mom rode after, her camera was handy so Dad vidoed us playing fetch...

Kinda hard to see parts as it's so shady in my paddock and all. At .22 seconds you'll notice I'm nosing the ground even though Mom has the ball in hand.  That's because I could see the balls shadow when Mom was holding it and I was trying to pick up it's shadow!!!
 Mom asks to please keep in mind that the camera adds bout 20 to 30 pounds to human bottoms!!! I mean seriously Mom do you think anyone will actually believe that?
Oh, and remember Mom mentioning helmet adjustment troubles that day?  Chris was still working on that!  Don't worry it's all set now, so no more "no helmet" riding for Mom.

Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Mighty Huntress...

Camryn here:
Apparently despite Mom feeding the kittens dry kitty food along with a side dish moistened with Kitten Milk Replacer (they love that) three times a day, Margeaux doesn't feel they are getting enough!!!  Mom had let the dogs out for their "before she leaves for the greenhouse potty session". When she went to let them in she saw this:
Mom was glad the camera was nearby and that it has a good zoom.  Shame Promise, Tye, Maizee & I were all busy elsewhere.  Would've been an awesome family portrait. The tree stump is like 6 ft. tall by the way!

Doesn't Margeaux look all pretty and innocent?
But, wait...

Uh Oh, what is she thinking?...

This doesn't appear quite so innocent any longer...

I do believe Momma Margeaux is on a mission!
Mom "thought" Margeaux couldn't actually access the bird house.  Mom "thought" wrong however.
Later down at the barn she thought one of the kittens had left their little mouse toy in the hay (Mom, sorry but you should really quit thinking).  Fortunalty Mom had her glasses on, as she bent to pick the "mouse toy" up, it turned out it wasn't a "mouse toy" at all.  It was a very dead nekkid baby bird (UGH), upon looking around a bit she discovered two more nearby.  SIGH, Mom then had to explain the circle of life to Dad as he wasn't the happiest camper on the block when informed.  Mom told him she'd be sure to explain to Margeaux that mice were quite OK, birds off limits.  Fortunatly it wasn't any of the blue bird nests, which she shouldn't be able to access.  Course Mom  "thought" that of the box pictured above as well!

Sunday, June 3, 2012

Monumental I tel ya...

Camryn here:
Something that can only be described as Monumental occured here today...
It's never happend befor and most likely never will again.  Can you guess what it is?
Ivy found it all quite boring, but I'll show you any way...
Here it is...
 Dad rode me!!! 
Told ya it was monumental didn't I!  First I did my usual "Mom, I'll just follow you OK"...

Mom gave some instruction and we moved off a bit...

Then I decided to head back to Mom...

Then I thought, "mmmmm, my hay is sitting there" and tried to go back in the barn...

I think this is just about the part that Dad said "OK, I'm done"

Mom had intended for Dad to wear her helmet.  Um, Dad has a big head, Chris tried as you can see in the last picture to make adjustments the entire time.  I guess Chris being a Medic n me being such a good girl it was OK just this once.  Mom had whispered in my ear about Dad paying my feed bill so I had to be real careful, I was.  Dad had told Mom last weekend for her Birthday he'd ride cause she's been wanting him too.  It was way to hot though, so they waited for a good day to do it.  Mom's had a horse here not (Mo before me) over 5 years and this was a HUGE first.  And like I said probably the last.  Dad just isn't into it.  I was glad I had my bitless cause Dad thinks the reins are the control so when ever I headed for Mom or for the barn he'd P-u-l-l on my face.  Mom figured he would so made sure to use my bitless.  Mom explained legs, seat and such but not being into it, he didn't really get it.  So, I guess I'm glad this was the first and last time too.
Kudo's to Dad for giving it a go, and I was happy to do it.  He is a nice guy for sure.