Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Brrrrr is it February?...

Camryn here:
It's only November, feels like February already. With our winds the real feel is -5! The water to the barn is froze, so I guess Mom doesn't need to join that gym she was thinking about. Just bundling up is a workout, add carrying my water to the barn and she's excercising plenty. 

Can you find me in this pic?

Little man Lincoln stayed with us all week while his Dad n Mom went to New Orleans. Mom is glad the worse weather didn't hit till he went home. Cause he does love the barn work. 

I like his visits too and stand watching him...

While he watches me too!

Mom got Lincoln his own barn clothes. He does have a tendency to tumble in my room. Not everyone appreciates wood chip n horse smells. So now he's toasty warm outside AND his other warm stuff stays smelling like some peoples prefer. 

Isn't he adorable in his barn stuff. 

The snow pants take practice though. He's a tough one and would wait for Mom to hoist him to his feets!  Good thing he got his barn clothes and practiced in them before the snows hit! 

We got like 4 inches. It's Lincoln first time out in the snow. He found it fascinating...

And a bit treacherous!  Mom was glad he got out to play in it before the temps dropped!

Cold but sunny, gonna work on my tan now. 

Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Veterans Day Thanks

Camryn here:
Wanting to Thank all Veterans. Both here and across the pond. 

We specially gotta Thank Lincoln's Daddy, his Mommy along with Uncle Jesse n Auntie Jillian. 

Couldn't find a proper Red Poppy. So picked this pretty Dahlia. 
Thank You you soldiers for all you've done, are doing and will do. 

Monday, November 10, 2014

The Adventure...

Camryn here:
I believe I'd mentioned Mom N Dad goin to visit our Adam n his Ashley in Alaska. Yeah it was a month ago. Told ya I'm way behind didn't I?  
This be our Adam with the only bear sighting. Mom was glad bout that. 

This be Dad looking at Mendenhall Glacier and Nugget falls. Tide was up so no closeups this day. Our Adam did the ACL challenge in the Glacier waters. Brrrr

This be at Eagle Beach during negative tide. That's when the Ocean sucks back real hard and you can walk way out. Mom came across a baby flounder that the water left behind and saved it. Later she ate the growed up version. 

All the below are of Eagle Beach too. And yes, there are lotsa Eagles there. They fly kinda quick though, to quick for I phone pix. 

Yup, leave it to Mom to find a tire swing just off the beach!!!  She's special like that. I'll do more tomorrow, just fair warning. 

Sunday, November 9, 2014

Catching up...

Camryn here:
My how time flies when humans are busy!  May take a few posts but I'll try to catch you up here...
First off is Halloween, it's Lincoln's 2nd one, but 1st he got to participate in...
You might recall Lincoln planting his very own pumpkin patch. They growed to just right Lincoln size. He had to give one a big hug after pickin it. 

Then of course he tried to eat it...

Yup, I'd say Lincoln is rightly proud of his first gardening experience. And adorable doing it to boot!

The Littles had a Halloween party and Lincoln got to go...
Lincoln went as his Daddy, an Army Staff Sgt. He had to fuel up before the party. 

He had lotsa fun, he even met a penguin just his size!
K, that's it for today.

Monday, October 13, 2014

Right hand man...

Camryn here:
Our Lil Man Lincoln is more than willing to assist in my care,
He puts his all into his work...

He doesn't like it that Mom doesn't let him help with the fun part. Pickin horse apples. He does have barn boots now on account of his pleasure in stomping my horse apples....

One chore done and he's off to the next...

My fav chore, diggin carrots!!!  Moms really training Lincoln right for sure...

Once my hay is hung an I'm eatin, Lincoln checks in with my Maizee. Maizee don't like most people, cept Mom. She's warming up to Lincoln lots. She should since our barn  is his fav place to be...

Lincoln enjoys his breaks too. Mom has coffee while he chatters on bout stuff.  He talks lots, just not English...

He's a good hand, short break and he's off an looking for his next mission.  Yup, the kids a keeper all right. 

Saturday, October 11, 2014

Garden Yums...

Camryn here:
Moms veg garden didn't fare well this year. Being flooded out 4 times will do that!
She'd planted carrots for me. They did grow "kinda". Even wee little they be mighty tasty...
Mmmmmm, whatcha got Mom?

Ooooooh, kinda stubby but, I still know what it is...

Gimme, gimme....

Can't get in my mouth fast enough...

Greens too!  Make it even more delectable...

My contented after carrot smile!

And of course our Lil Man Lincoln bein his adorable self.  


Thursday, October 2, 2014

Foggy big time...

Camryn here...
We lives at the top of a big hill, 
Who knew that being high up meaned when it's foggy, it's big time foggy?  We knew it bout mountains, not so much bout hills. 
Mom picks up Lincoln at his house when it's still dark out. This morning she could barely see beyond her headlights. Good thing she headed out early so she could take it slow. 
After sun was up the fog lifted some. I didn't feel much like being in the pasture an not bein able to see. So, I just napped near the barn till it lifted. 

Silly Mr. Lincoln had fun dancin in the driveway. He was just hootin an hollerin, seems he liked the kinda echoey sounds of his lil self that the fog made. 
Today Moms Jillian turns 32!  My blog is 4 today, Mom's Adam along with his Ashley left for Alaska 1 year ago.  Time just flies by all the way round. 

Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Fixin stuff...

Camryn here:
Some may remember all the epic flooding at our old place. Well, while it's not AS bad here there are issues,
Greatul for my dry patio!  So, I got flooded plus it took way longer to drain off. My pasture was fine, though the paddock was under water. Not good. 

Lucky me, soon this came,
While I was far from happy as the dumping monsters back lifted and slammed. 
I found what it left quite interesting,
The dump monster has come 6 times now.

 Each time it leaves, Me n Dad do this,
Dad moves it around while I supervise. 

Lookin good for sure, it's gonna rain all weekend so we'll see how it does.
Dad plans to make a trench thru my paddock all the way to the swale (ditch), then fill the trench with gravel too. Hooves crossed for good drainage success.
Oh, here is our prescribed Lincoln pic, gotta include him. It's a new rule!
Good thing for clean muck buckets!


Monday, September 29, 2014

Raising him up right...

Camryn here:
There's a saying something like this "Raise child to be kind to animals, you'll have a child that is kind to everyone". Lincoln will surely be one of those people. 
Gramma is right behind our Lil Man as he comes to say Hi...

He n I have lots of deep conversations. We see eye to eye on lots...

Yup, cowboys wear flower hats all the time I tell him. (Disclaimer; helmet wasn't nearby when Lincoln asked to sit on me. Don't worry Mom was holding real tight, and I stand like a statue while his Mom took pix)

Sunday, September 28, 2014

Blasted bath...

Camryn here:
For some reason Mom suddenly decided I needed a bath.  Hmmmph, while I did behave for the most part. 
I did not say Thank You! 
 Mom knowed I'd show my thanks instead by promptly rolling. For this reason she led me to the back of my pasture afterwards, this way I rolled in grass instead of dirt in my paddock. 
Rolling in non-appreciation...

Sigh, I do look n feel n look 
good though...

I did not however allow a face wash!
She mentioned a repeat in the very near future. Something regarding my tail needing special attention. SIGH