Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Fixin stuff...

Camryn here:
Some may remember all the epic flooding at our old place. Well, while it's not AS bad here there are issues,
Greatul for my dry patio!  So, I got flooded plus it took way longer to drain off. My pasture was fine, though the paddock was under water. Not good. 

Lucky me, soon this came,
While I was far from happy as the dumping monsters back lifted and slammed. 
I found what it left quite interesting,
The dump monster has come 6 times now.

 Each time it leaves, Me n Dad do this,
Dad moves it around while I supervise. 

Lookin good for sure, it's gonna rain all weekend so we'll see how it does.
Dad plans to make a trench thru my paddock all the way to the swale (ditch), then fill the trench with gravel too. Hooves crossed for good drainage success.
Oh, here is our prescribed Lincoln pic, gotta include him. It's a new rule!
Good thing for clean muck buckets!



  1. Good thing for the patio! Hope the improvements work.

  2. Its always something on the farm! Camryn needs some goat friends.........just sayin;)

    1. Dad vetoed goats. I got a family of long ears right next door. Plus like 30ish horses just few acres away