Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Things that go thump....

Camryn here:
Anyone cleaning stalls during our all this Artic freezing might be able to guess what goes thump!!!
It's my poo, sounds a lot like golf balls getting thrown in a metal bucket they're that frozed.   Mom says my pee resembles sheets of peanut brittle!!!  Yup, with the bedding shavings all mixed in it freezes in sheets.  Some of it looks like it's got chocolate bon bons too cause of the poo being froze in with it.  No pix, 1. do yah really wanna see frozen poo n pee? 2. the camera wouldn't stay happy if taken out right now for sure.  Mom says one good thing about cleaning my room this time of year is frozen poo n pee are so much lighter!  Bad things however are few to numerous and all being with the word freezing.
My whiskers had icicles when I came in last night.  Good thing us Hafy's get such warm woolly coats in the winter cause I don't mind the cold at all.  The wind however is another story all together...
The winds Sunday were blowing so hard the snow was slamming the windows in the house.  Take note you can not see a horse out there.  That's cause I chose to stay in and bury my face in hay all day!

There were times when Mom couldn't even see the barn!  You might be able to barely make out the tree you can see in the pic above!  Can you imagine trying to find a white horse in that???

In the morning before daylight Mom goes over to pic Lincoln up to watch him.  There were these weird "jelly rolls" everywhere.  Mom thinks they are really neat (the one in the picture had a chance to thaw a bit), they looked like Ho Ho's without the chocolate on them, all rolled up nice n neat, some teeny some huge.  And before the wind drifted around them they all had squiggly trails behind them.  Kinda like someone was making thousands of snowmen without leaving footprints.  Later on the news they were talking about them, they are called "snow rollers".  The temps had warmed just enough to make the top of the powdery snow damp, the winds then began rolling them around all over making them.  The called it a phenomenon, and said it was kinda rare in Ohio to have these. 
It's like +9 degrees today with sun, so I'm working on my tan a bit.  Feels absolutely balmy out today in comparison.

This is what Mom did all day!!!  I think her n Lincoln was playing dentist or something?  Oh, his eyes are really bright blue.  Mom had to correct the skin tone cause of the lighting in the room and for some reason it caused his eyes to go brown just like Mom's!

Friday, January 24, 2014

A sleepy day...

Camryn here:
SIGH another freezy, freezing, cold, frigid, artic day!!!  Fortunalty the sun came out so I can work on my tan a bit though.
Lincoln came over, course he was here yesterday too, so nothing new there.  Bummer I don't get to see him cause it's way to cold for bald peoples outside lately. 
We're having a contest though on who's the cutest napper.  I already knows the answer ME!!!

I be dreaming of warm, sunny days when I can give Grandfoal rides...

Lincoln of course is dreaming of warm, sunny days when I can give him rides!

Wednesday, January 22, 2014

My Birthday...

Camryn here:
Today is a VERY special day, I be 11 years old!!!  Day before yesterday was even specialer yet, it was my Gotcha Day, the day I got my Mom!  I've had her for three whole years now, AWEsome!!! 
For Gotcha Day Mom went and picked up like a hundred bags of bedding for me.  Well, more like sixteen I've been told.  But, I can't count and it sure looks like a hundred to me.    Our bags are way huge not like those chintzy ones from TSC.  Living close to Amish has it's pay offs, they make furniture and they bag up the shavings n sawdust to bag of us horses.  Don't worry, no walnut!  Lots cheaper and lots better too.  In my opinion it makes an excellant gift.
For my Birthday Mom put down an entire bag of bedding for tonights bedtime.  I also got lotsa carrots to munch at lunch time AND a new hymilian salt thingie.  I love hymilian salt thingies! Bummer is its waaaaay cold so not lotsa pampering, good thing is it's waaaaay cold so with Mom being a cold weather wimp I'm still on vacation too :)
Oops, forgot I also got a new haynet!!  It's way huge and holds more than two big flakes of hay too!!!

Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Doesn't share well...

Camryn here:
Ms. Emily came to visit with Lincoln last week while they had a new furnace installed at their house.  Our gurls (Promise/Ivy) got new beds from Santa Paws.  One being just right for our Ivy, not so much for Ms. Emily but, of course Ms. Emily didn't get that memo!

Ivy: "Ummmmm Scuse me please, that's my bed Emily" 
Emily: Ummmmm, don't care"
Ivy: "MOO-OOM Emily is in MY BED"
Emily: "Jeez, what a little whiner"
Ivy: "SIGH"
Emily "You got it right girl, three long legs totally trumps four short ones"
No Corgis was harmed, cept maybe hurt feelings.  Our Ivy is used to being the "Princess Puppy!"  Emily however when she visits is the "Queen".  Promise she doesn't care and oddly enough Emily doesn't mess with Promise bigger bed!

Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Gotta have friends...

Camryn here:
I know most of my blog horse friends have horse friends or some sort of friend with hooves.  I gotsa differant type of friends here.  My bestest friend not only has no hooves, she's very tiny in comparison to myself...
Me n Maizee are very good friends.  Actually if you biggify you'll notice the fur on Maizee's back is kinda rumpled.  That's cause just before Mom grabbed the camera I'd been giving Maizee a bath!  Mom has often wondered why/how Maizee gets all soaking wet.  She wonders specially in the mornings when she knows Maizee has been in the barn all night.  She found out one morning when she opened the barn door to serve breakyfast and saw Maizee sittin on my stall door with me givin her a good bath.  Mmmmm, hope I don't get hair balls!  Maizee sleeps with me at night, I let her take her toilet in the corner of my stall (so long as it's the corner!).  So far I haven't given her any rides, or at least none witnessed by Mom!  Maizee really likes best snoozing under my head while she sits on my stall door.  Mom tries to get pictures but, 1. doesn't have her camera handy or 2. we stop what we're doing as soon as we see Mom coming.  I still miss my Onyx dog, hard to believe it's been a year now since his passing.  He loved Maizee too (and visa versa), makes me wonder if me n Maizee are so close cause of Onyx maybe?
Don't get me wrong, Momma Margeaux is a good friend too.  She hangs out on my patio sometimes too.  But, she's got to much dignity to allow herself to be bathed by me, and prefers snoozing in my hay.  I think maybe Maizee and I are so close on account of her being a wee baby when Margeaux broughted her to my old barn along with her siblings.  Oh, Maizee loves rolling my frozen poo balls all round too.  She's really quite a fun gal.  Most peoples have never met or even seen Maizee.  On account she likes to pretend to be a ghost.  Could be why she's nearly all white?  The only people she likes is Mom AND she adores Mom, she won't even eat till she's had what she considers a proper cuddle.  Love my Maizee gal.

Friday, January 10, 2014

Corn no more...

Camryn here:
You might remember the cornfields at the back of my pasture from previous posts.  Well sadly the soon after Christmas some HUGE BEAST came along and ate it all up!!!  Yeah, I'm a bit tardy in posting this issue, shame on me...
It ate the corn all day, I was the unofficial supervisor.  I wasn't scared like with the hot air balloons.  But, did choose to supervise from the safety of my patio...

See what I mean bout being HUGE!!!  I'm not lying when I say the BEAST was as big as my barn almost either...

After a while being a supervisor gets boring so I took a nap while the HUGE BEAST ate...

All day and night the HUGE BEAST ate corn!!!

The shineing devil eyes I must say were intimidating.  It was eating even after I went to bed.  In the morning the field was bare, now when the winds hit, they hit hard and fast.  I missed the corn lots during that Polar Vortex we had.  So did Mom and my  kitties.  Mom said come spring another HUGE BEAST will most likely come and plant more though.  And once again Mom stayed in the warm horse and took zoom pictures.  WIMP

Monday, January 6, 2014

A tad nippy here...

Camryn here:
It's a tad nippy here, we're having some kind of Artic Polar thingie goin on.  So, you won't even be seeing my cute little head sticking out of the barn door napping.  I ventured out for a moment, didn't even leave the patio and headed back in for good!!!   The kitties are curled up in their warm Santa beds napping (cept when Mom came down to give us all extra's before lunch while Lincoln napped)  I'm tucking into lots of yummy hay, no need to even lift my head cept to breath.  Oh, I did venture out and lift my tail on the patio a few times,  Mom did take note that I mainly did that in the barn (oops).  She suggested I go out into the paddock to go pee, something bout it freezing and me not knowing how to ice skate I guess.  Me n the kitties are very thankful for our heated water buckets, Mom was thankful that she'd filled them this morning.  Cause when she went to top off my big bucket the water was frozed (again)!  Dad had even added a special heater thing just this weekend too.  So despite the zubzero temps Mom did end up sweating a bit hauling a few 5 gal. buckets from the house.  Tomorrow suposed to even colder, they're talking minus degrees in the double digits without factoring in windchill.  It's way windy here up on our hill, so it'll be even colder!!!  Some news helicopter flew over as Mom hauled the buckets in her lil red wagon.  Wonder if she'll be on the news, I won't be for sure as I was inside eating as Mom worked.
Oh, Lincoln was over today.  So having had her lil man fix the water thing didn't upset her to terrible much :)
Sad note, one of the horses I rode with sometimes in the summer had to cross over the rainbow bridge last night. Sammy was a very handsome Kentucky Mountain Horse.  His Mom is devistated, he'd coliced and even with several Vet visits he wasn't getting better and in lotsa pain.  He'll be missed for sure.

Friday, January 3, 2014

Needed one snorkel...

Camryn here:
So weather man was right and we had a storm here in N.E. Ohioland.  Went on all day yesterday and into today....

Being a very smart gurl, I honkered down watching for it to be over....

Amazing, the snow stopped the sun came out.  So did I!  I decided to take the opportunity to find something green...

Oddly enough my nose doesn't make a great shovel, I did my best though...

Oh, there you are Mom, how bout some assistance out here...

A snorkel mabye?  Pretty please!

In case anyone was worrying bout any humans freezing their bum off taking piktures, not to worry.  Mom simply used her zoom from the dining room window.  SLACKER!!! You can just make me out way back there looking longingly towards the house.  

Wednesday, January 1, 2014

I resolve too...

Camryn here:
Nothing much better to do round here so I've been thinking about 2014 and what my New Year resolutions might be this year...

#1. would be to grow my tail back!!!
I mean look at it!!!  Cause of the Grandfoal being here so much, Mom didn't have time/energy to get my tail cleaned proper for my winter braid.  Once mud season hit, cold came right after.  So rather than having it bang my legs with either frozen mud or snow balls she went and hacked it!!!  I'm sooooo mortified to be seen like this, can you believe it!

#2  is to convince Mom to relocate to area with more predictable weather.  The first pic and the rest were all taken on the same day!!  So, no tail plus snow giving me a major bad hair day to boot.  Not good!

#3 would be iffen she won't relocate to warmer climate, I'll stand here looking at her while she's in the kitchen till she feels pity and lets me in the house. 

#4 would be inviting some of the Neigh-bors over for a party.  Guess I shoulda thought of that last night maybe.  We coulda all cheered the New Year in together.

I'd even invite the little Bray-bors.  They are aweful cute!

OK, I'm gonna hang on my patio a bit while I think of more resolutions.  I'm sure I'll come up with tons more :)