Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Doesn't share well...

Camryn here:
Ms. Emily came to visit with Lincoln last week while they had a new furnace installed at their house.  Our gurls (Promise/Ivy) got new beds from Santa Paws.  One being just right for our Ivy, not so much for Ms. Emily but, of course Ms. Emily didn't get that memo!

Ivy: "Ummmmm Scuse me please, that's my bed Emily" 
Emily: Ummmmm, don't care"
Ivy: "MOO-OOM Emily is in MY BED"
Emily: "Jeez, what a little whiner"
Ivy: "SIGH"
Emily "You got it right girl, three long legs totally trumps four short ones"
No Corgis was harmed, cept maybe hurt feelings.  Our Ivy is used to being the "Princess Puppy!"  Emily however when she visits is the "Queen".  Promise she doesn't care and oddly enough Emily doesn't mess with Promise bigger bed!


  1. Too cute! Emily looks right at home in that bed, too.

    1. Emily like Lincoln thinks of this as "home away from home" :)

  2. Aww poor ivy. The Grandfoal used to get in the yappies bed and go to sleep when she was tiny. I suspect NG will follow suit. Their bed is like a cave. Even human wanted to sleep in it.
    Make room for Lincoln as he will most likely want to try it for size. xx

    1. I think Ivy will be OK with that, she really likes Lincoln & he'll probly share!