Wednesday, January 1, 2014

I resolve too...

Camryn here:
Nothing much better to do round here so I've been thinking about 2014 and what my New Year resolutions might be this year...

#1. would be to grow my tail back!!!
I mean look at it!!!  Cause of the Grandfoal being here so much, Mom didn't have time/energy to get my tail cleaned proper for my winter braid.  Once mud season hit, cold came right after.  So rather than having it bang my legs with either frozen mud or snow balls she went and hacked it!!!  I'm sooooo mortified to be seen like this, can you believe it!

#2  is to convince Mom to relocate to area with more predictable weather.  The first pic and the rest were all taken on the same day!!  So, no tail plus snow giving me a major bad hair day to boot.  Not good!

#3 would be iffen she won't relocate to warmer climate, I'll stand here looking at her while she's in the kitchen till she feels pity and lets me in the house. 

#4 would be inviting some of the Neigh-bors over for a party.  Guess I shoulda thought of that last night maybe.  We coulda all cheered the New Year in together.

I'd even invite the little Bray-bors.  They are aweful cute!

OK, I'm gonna hang on my patio a bit while I think of more resolutions.  I'm sure I'll come up with tons more :)


  1. We reckon you should make #5 to persuade your human to get you a little mini friend ;-) Just imagine how cute a Roller-like would be?! Happy New Year!

    1. Mom would love, love, love a Roller big time. She's hoping to convince Dad that I need one via Lincoln needs one ;)

  2. I vote for a mini friend! Shy loves her minions and gets them to do her evil bidding :)
    And, oh my tail!! I am sure it will grow back in no time, right?
    Camryn, you must find the scissors and keep them away from mom!

    1. SIGH I know the tail makes me sad too. But frozen mud balls bouncing when I walked made me sadder. If we gets a mini, maybe I can talk Mom into calling it "Minion" Her gots plans to work on Dad later this year.

  3. Maybe resolution # 6 could be to get a blanket like my Tammy pony has? Since she is an elderly lady of 30+, she gets wrapped up with full neck & belly covers& the tail flap nearly reaches her hocks. No bad hair days in the dreadful pounding rain that has hit Scotland!

    Have to say, I also hacked her tail off for ease of maintainance. My bad :(