Friday, January 24, 2014

A sleepy day...

Camryn here:
SIGH another freezy, freezing, cold, frigid, artic day!!!  Fortunalty the sun came out so I can work on my tan a bit though.
Lincoln came over, course he was here yesterday too, so nothing new there.  Bummer I don't get to see him cause it's way to cold for bald peoples outside lately. 
We're having a contest though on who's the cutest napper.  I already knows the answer ME!!!

I be dreaming of warm, sunny days when I can give Grandfoal rides...

Lincoln of course is dreaming of warm, sunny days when I can give him rides!


  1. Warm sunny days are on their really they are. Your Grandfoal is so cute, but I think you are right you have it on the cute sleepyness factor. Not sure human would agree though

    1. Well, warmer today though no way sunny. Mom agrees that I'm cuter snoozing & that Lincoln is sweeter snoozing

  2. Awwww! It wouldn't be so bad if the wind would stop blowing. Both nappers are cute in their own way :)

  3. Oh you are such cute snoozers! We can't wait to see you giving Lincoln rides, how exciting! We are gonna need lots of tips on riding for small peeps, relying on you for guidance :-)