Friday, December 31, 2010

Camryn beeps in the New Year...

People use horns and such to make noise while bringing in the New Year.  Camryn decided she could too!!!


Camyrn dismantled her usual horn while "attempting" to video yesterday.  This one is sturdier, but has a different feel and noise.  I'm sure the duct tape I used had an odd taste to it as well.  Also, I don't normally have her horn taped to a stick.  She's used to my having it in hand, but for video purposes the stick worked better.   So...while Camryn loved her old horn, she's a bit hesitant when using the new horn. 

Camryn & I have a few goals for 2011:
  1. Camryn wants to keep her new figure, she's lost 325 pounds since moving here last Jan.  Her new weight is "drum roll please".....1033 pounds.  Her Vet will be so proud.  I hope to loose and maintain weight as well.  Not nearly as much however!!!
  2. We hope to get a new truck/used trailer this year.
  3. Participate in Ohio's Buffalo Girls Ride for The Cure this fall.
  4. Just joined ACTHA and plan to participate in some of their rides here in Ohio this year.
  5. Perfect Camryn's basketball skills.
  6. Take more riding lessons.
  7. Get dear Hubby to get up on Camryn at least once.
  8. Do a lot more artwork & perhaps sell some for Camryn cash flow!
  9. Have fun & ride, ride, ride...

Happy New Year to you all...

Thursday, December 30, 2010

Camryn's NBA tryout...

Camryn isn't ready yet, but she's working on trying out for the NBA!!! Yup, Lebron eat your heart out, there is soon to be a new shining star in the Akron area LOL
Seriously though, we've only been working on this on and off a few times.  Hopefully come spring we'll have it all figure out.  Me with my cues, Camryn with lifting her ball a bit higher to get it in the bucket.
Just a little something fun for us to play with in the snow.  Now if I could just figure out how to upload some music to go with my video, then y'all wouldn't have to suffer my goofy commentary!!!

Without further ado, He-re's the star of the show "CAMRYN"...

Wednesday, December 29, 2010

belated Merry Christmas...

     Hope all had as wonderful Christmas as we did here.  I'd videoed the dogs unwrapping gifts to post, unfortunately it's apparently to long to post SIGH.  So, no visual.  Let it be known, though Tye is elderly he's very youthful when it comes to "ungiftwrapping"!!!  Oddly enough the crew doesn't bother gifts under the tree until Christmas morning.  Once they (Tye in particular) see "Dad" with a gift in his lap, the party begins.  Tye doesn't care if it's canine or human gift, he's gonna unwrap it!  He's a riot.
     We had our family get together the day after Christmas as the kids either had other plans, or work in some cases (nephew works at Walgreen's) couldn't get Christmas off.  Picked up my mother on Christmas day to enjoy a small dinner with her, as I couldn't allow her to spend the day alone with just the cat.  Mom got to spend a few days here with hubby and I.  Day after Christmas we all converged at my brothers home.  Good food, and family what more could you ask :). 
     Equine gift wise, Camryn now has a "blocker control halter", seems more humane than a stud chain and should come in handy this spring when I'll need to reteach that grass isn't to be eaten when being led.  We do have issues with that.  Oddly not when leading on our property, just when out and about!!!  Also my darling hubby gifted me with Ez-up stirrup rotators/extender.  Having issues with the extender part however, I can't reattach the stirrup hobble as the extender is just to big.  I've written Ez-up so we'll see what they have to say.  I may  just have to improvise with a leather dog collar.  Should work in concept anyway.  Sometimes you just have to "improvise, adapt, & overcome obstacles thrown your way!!!

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

changing things up...

Camryn & I have been working on a few tricks.  She'll now chase, then pick up a ball that I throw.  We're having problems with her actually bringing it back to me however.  She'll put it in my outreached hand if I'm nearby but, that's the best we've gotten.  Rather than either of us getting past the point of fun, I decided to change it up a bit.  Enter empty/clean muck bucket!!!  Sorry no pics (yet), she picked up on this one right away, I could tell she was quite pleased with herself.  Of course a jackpot of treats, and praise with plenty of rubbing helps in that regard I'm sure.  It was really so simple, well simple as she already knows to pick up the ball.  I simply put her ball down, pointed to it, she'd pick it up as usual.  Rather than click/treat at this point, I slipped the bucket under.  She dropped the ball, which of course landed in bucket.  Click and two treats, Camryn is "wow, two treats, I did something really good" causing her to figure out what caused this two treat reward and repeat.  We repeated a few times, though after second time it was one treat.  I then put her ball down, with the bucket nearby, after a few faltering attempts, Camryn dropped her ball in the bucket.  Click and three treats, believe me when I say, Camryn knows how to count when it comes to treats and understands multiple treats are something she wants to happen again LOL.  Once she's had a jackpot she's really into cause/effect part so to speak.  I have feeling this "useless trick" in her opinion will be right up there with honking her bicycle horn.  Honking her own horn is by far Camryn's fav thing to do.  She'll even leave hay to play "beep"!!!  Come spring we'll go back to useful games, right now "girls just want to have fun"...
Camryn says "it's about time I have a new pic here"

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Introducing Reej...

Wanted to introduce Reej aka Karina Rioja Rubera.  Don't ask me about the name (long story). He's 12 years old and like most of my dogs is a Cardigan Welsh Corgi.  Reej was born for the show ring, however no one ever informed him...Reej came to us at 7 months old, we were told he was nervous but, with some life experience he should be find.  Not the case, socialized him, tried showing him, did Obedience, Agility.  All of which he did great at so long as it wasn't in the ring!!!  Like a "hot" horse he spooks easily, is comfortable and easy to be with on his own turf with his own people. Take him from the familiar add something different and he's a very frightened boy.  So after much thought, not wishing to pass on his fearful temperament, Reej was neutered. He's happy, content with his lot, & a much loved member of our household. . 

 I have to admit there are still times, when I look at him and sigh.  If only he knew how handsome he is, he'd have kicked butt in the breed ring
 Reej has mellowed somewhat with age.  Oddly enough this mellowing was soon followed by a seizure disorder this past summer, he's now on Pheno for the rest of his life. 

Monday, December 20, 2010

Sad day next door...

Today is a sad day for  my neighbor/friend Danette.  Her 30 something Morab mare Molly, was sent to greener pastures.  Molly's exact age was unknown, best guess is somewhere between 33 and 36.  Nearly toothless, Danette fixed her special meals of beet pulp and alfalfa cubes.  Molly always had her own hay pile to stand over, while the others ate even though she herself couldn't do more than suck on it a bit.  Danette noticed her eye began to swell over the weekend, it came on quite quickly.  Turns out she had a quick growing tumor and was just beginning to feel pain from it.  She was/is well loved, and cared for.  When we'd be out riding Molly would sometimes make it obvious she wanted to join in.  So several times this summer, Danette would ride her thru the woods a bit.  Even in her old age Molly was game to go. 
Molly in the lead...

Oddly, even though I had no idea the Vet was out (Danette wanted to do it privately), as I pick axed more in my paddock, a picture of Molly laying contently in the sun this past spring came to my mind which made me smile.  Now I wonder, was she making her voyage over the bridge just then?

Sunday, December 19, 2010

frozen poop & pick axe!!!

Yup, it's official, I'm crazy.  Normally I clean Camryn's paddock daily.  Of late, her lovely deposits have turned to poopcicle's.  No way can my muck rake tackle it, my trusty shovel doesn't work either.  Light bulb moment came, I grabbed my pick axe and walla, I began to make progress.  One dislodged from the frozen ground, I tried picking the frozen apples up with my muck rake.  Most simply slid right off, there had to be an easier way to do this.  Another light bulb moment, I have 5 dogs, hence I have a large pooper scooper right :).  Not finished yet, as it's been about a week, hubby is ill with the flu so I want'ed to get back in for him but, I did put a pretty good dent in the poo!!!
According to my computer screen it's a balmy 25 degrees out...

Friday, December 17, 2010

How does she know?

How does Camryn know when I'm in the kitchen?  Scenario:  Camryn is napping with her butt towards the house.  House is over 1/2 acre away from her paddock.  I enter kitchen, and stand at sink.  Camryn automatically turns, looks up to the house and heads for the gate.  Then stands waiting!!!  I can see how she'd see me in the evening when the house lights are on.  But, in broad daylight!!!  Just amazes me
Been lacking in posting due holiday stuff, hopefully I'll be back on track soon...

Saturday, December 11, 2010

First snow ride...

Haven't saddled up for a variety of reasons since the week of Thanksgiving.  Between the holiday itself, family commitments, weather, cleaning bridle, I just haven't had the chance.
Today I got to ride YIPPEE!!!  Danette (neighbor) called as she was tacking up Dakota.  I wouldn't be ready for approx. 20 minutes to meet her out back and ride over together.  Had contemplated simply riding over alone to her arena.  Had never done this period, let alone in snow, that and her other mare Molly was very upset about Dakota leaving.  I just had a feeling once we hit the woods, Camryn would be sucked over to where Molly was having an anxiety attack.  I also knew my having this feeling would basically insure this happening!!!
Decided to ride in the paddock first, Camryn was a bit edgy at first, still behaving nicely.  Once she felt relaxed and soft, we headed back to our pasture.  She's off pasture since pre-Thanksgiving due to flooding back there.  First thing she did was want to take off for the gate to head back in the woods.  Momma foiled this with a one-rein then we played around a bit, clicking for whoa's, circling, flexing, just getting her focus on my rather than the gate.  Didn't take long and we piddled about near the barn a bit.  I then allowed her to head for the gate, stopping and changing directions several times.  Then away from the gate, so on and so forth.  A few times I dropped my riding crop as I'm unused to riding w/gloves.  I forgot I'd taught her to pick things up for me for a moment, then remembered I didn't need to dismount.  How nice it is to have Camryn do this.  Once she handed me the crop only to lower her head again to present me with a stick.  That just about had me rolling with laughter, what a good girl. 
We rode thru the flooded area several times, Camryn didn't mind at all.  I contemplated heading over to the arena after a while then figured we were having a good time at home.  So, why ruin a good day with the prospect of a fight staying away from Molly?  Yeah, I'm a wimp but, a better safe than sorry wimp LOL
 Got chance to use the electric bit warmer.  I give it a big thumps up, Camryn gives it hooves up.  Definitly would purchase again...

Thursday, December 9, 2010

Wish I'd had camera handy...

Some would've called Camryn a bad girl.  Myself, I think "she's one smart gal."  I mean the one time I've forgotten to chain the inside gates that lead into my tack, feed, bedding, Onyx, & spare hay area my "darling" discovers the mistake.  I knew something was up when I didn't hear the usual nicker of "feeeeed me" as I came out of the house.  Even though it's dark, the outside flood light on the barn, and the night light in the barn, showed me one of the gates inside was swung wide open.  Sure enough, Ms.  Camryn's Ample Bootee is bellied up the the hay bar munching away.  I wish I'd had my camera as it was really quite the sight.
 She's squeezed between my saddle, and Onyx indoor dog house, front feet up on the raised platform that keeps the hay off the ground.  Onyx is on a bale right next to her head as she eats.  Onyx looks up sleepily, Camryn turns her head with a mouthful of hay, her expression is one of "Oh, Hey look what I found here Ma!" Woulda been a prime Kodak moment for sure.
 Camryn then of course turns her head for another mouth full.  I could tell by what was gone she'd just started her feast.  I simply went up to her head, touched her chest then steered her backward, out of where she'd wedged her drafty self, out the gate and shut it.  Though I could tell, Camryn didn't feel this was fair of me, she immediately cooperated.  As I moved her out, I just kept telling her "gooooood girl, back, goooood girl, back...Once I had her out, she walked right to her stall door and waited to be tucked in for the night.  See, she is a goooood girl :)
Gotta love such a wickedly smart girl, and I won't be forgetting to double chain the gates again.  Much to Camryn's disappointment,, I'm a quick learner just like she is...

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Dogs, more snow, & THANKS

Thanks everyone for your comments, I doubt you go back to check comments you've left.
"I know I don't anyway!"  Not sure why but, comments feel like a surprise gift.  Don't expect them, so it's always a very nice surprise to see :)
Adding some more pix of snow from the last few days.  Funny, I like snow much more in pictures than in real life LOL. The Cardigans despite being so short love the snow big time.  I recall when my eldest son Chris came home for a Christmas visit after having been stationed in Texas for a few years.  He felt snow was vastly over rated!!!
K Mom, I'm ready to go back in...
Uh Oh, no path outa here...
Hope the condo is keeping someone warm...
People aren't the only ones who wear hats I guess...
Camryn has already knocked most of the snow off the fence here.

Will it ever stop?

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Just a "little" snow!!!

We've been on snow watch the past 48 hours.  Went out to take some pix to share...
Have a seat, enjoy...
Maybe we could go for a walk?  Bring your own snow shoes...

Please Mom, I'm eating lunch now...
Ok, Ok, I'll come look...
You wanted me to see what???
Whatever Mom, I'm gonna go finish lunch now.
Free snow, already loaded and ready to go...
Someone, anyone, come take this snow.  PLEASE, I'm trapped!!
PS, Wish Onyx a  11th Happy Birthday.  Along with the snow he's gotten a lovely new bone

Friday, December 3, 2010

Doing dishes or room with a view...

How can I complain about doing dishes with a view like the one below?  Answer is:  I can't!

Mo-oooom, I NEED more food!!!
Isn't she just adorable, laying her cute little muzzle on the fence, silently nagging me LOL  Camryn's favorite view (when she's finished her hay) is standing at the gate, watching for me.  When I appear she either yells in her very deepest voice, or begins grunting.  Oddly, she only does this with me, not hubby.  Maybe she doesn't realize that while I serve the food, Hubby provides it?
HEY YOU!!!  Mr. Neighbor give Mom a call would ya!
Camryn's second favorite view is spying on the neighbors.  Maybe she thinks they'll give me a call to tell me she's starving to death???  She really enjoys summertime pool parties and bonfires, we're rural but, she has several yards to keep tabs on and she does it well.
From the right side, she has her horse friends to watch, from the back her pasture and woods.  Unfortunately her pasture floods most of the winter, meaning it's a good thing she has the neighbors to watch.

Thursday, December 2, 2010

reminiscing still

The weather and an out of town hubby have me reminiscing regarding finding Camryn along with her early days here...So, I continue from yesterdays post...
I have no trailer (hopefully to be remedied come spring!), so we found someone to help go pick Camryn up.  Poor guy, had to listen to Lori & I ramble on in excitement the entire drive there and back.  Camryn loaded quite easily, unloaded the same.  A bit looky, looky as I lead her down the drive to her barn, seemed more out of the curiosity regarding being on a new planet than nerves.  Had lunch waiting in her stall, which she settled right down too.  I was worried as she was now to be an only horse that she might have some difficulties being in a strange barn, in a strange stall, with a new person all alone.  Perhaps having been kept in a tie down stall for several years, she felt like she'd hit the big time in her 12 x12!!!  I hung out most of the day with her.  Danette next door who is horsey as well, came and hung out as well.  Between Danette, Hubby, and myself, Camryn had plenty of company and attention :).  Danette & Hubby couldn't get over how drafty Camryn was, rather like a Belgian who'd been tossed in the dryer and shrunk in height!  The word "tank" was used quite a lot.
Next day, I walked her along the paddock fence before unhaltering and turning her out.  She soon discovered she had horse neighbors, they all began a conversation for a bit.  That didn't take long once she discovered hay laying about in several small piles.  I was rather surprised at how quickly she settled.  Don't get me wrong, she did have several quirks, had to adapt and improvise a bit.  One being that she'd worn her halter most of the time, she was unused to be haltered and unhaltered, after a few days, she was fine with this.  Camryn was a bit pushy on the ground having not been worked with over much.  That and being Amish trained, she had little knowledge when it came to some ground manners. Still she was friendly, willing, not a nervous girl by any means, just plane easy to get along with.  Plus, being January I wasn't planning to just hop and, so we could bond thru groundwork till spring for the most part.  Being this also happened to be Camryn's 8th Birthday, it was an event.  Sorry no cake LOL
Myself on Camryn
Chris on Camryn
Day three my eldest son Chris stopped by to check out his new "sister!"  After hanging out with us a bit, Chris decided to just hop on as I held her lead, so with just a halter and lead rope Camryn had her first ride at her new home.  She took this as she took everything else in stride, Chris asked her to walk and they just strolled about her paddock together.  After, Chris gave me a boost so I could do the same.  While I didn't have my helmet handy (I know, I know), I did have my camera with me, you can see from these pics how Camryn came about being nicknamed a "Drafty Hafy Gurl"...
To be continued...

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Our first meeting...

This time last year, I made the decision to sell my TWH gelding.  We'd been together three years, he taught me a lot but, we just never clicked in the saddle.  I learned that a former endurance horse wasn't the same as a been there done that horse LOL.  I like moseying along enjoying my surroundings , he was always in a hurry!  Even more so if we were headed home!!!  A bit barn sour, fortunatly his 360 to come back home was easy to sit!!!  Also, as I have neck problems, lifting his saddle onto his back was becoming more and more difficult.  Thus, we did more groundwork than riding. 
My priorities when looking for a new horse were: level headed, not in a hurry, trail experience easy to get along with, and shorter!!!   I took along my riding buddies in my search.  You know how your horse friend are always up for horse shopping :).  We looked at a few but, none felt right, one in particular I didn't even bother to ride.  I didn't have a specific breed or color in mind, though I'd been around a few Haflinger and they'd left me with a positive impression.  I found an ad for an 8 yr old mare on Craigslist (gotta love Craigslist), sounded like this girl might just work for me.  Made my phone call, the seller sounded honest and didn't mind my questions at all, answered many without my asking.  Decided to set up an appointment to take a look, called my friends and we set out the next day. 
While Camryn was as rusty as he'd told me, having only been ridden a few times the past three years, this showed but, she behaved quite nicely under saddle.  As we rode away from the barn, Camryn's 1/2 sister was inside the barn and began yelling for her.  I felt the slightest of hesitation  from Camryn when she heard this.  Then felt Camryn decide she was working and sis would have to wait.  Her decision was the selling moment for me, I knew how easy it would've been for Camryn to just high tail it back into that barn with me on her back.

Jan. 2010
Camryn all tacked up after "trying her out".
  I brought her back to the barn grinning from ear to ear, then had one of my friends take her out.  She came back with the same grin on her face.  My friends had my question list so they continued chatting with Camryn's owner as I lead her about getting a feel for her.  Everything I needed, sane, calm, short and I just plain liked her.  I had no bad vibes from her what so ever. Rather than feeling on edge on a strange horse, I was having a blast, I felt totally calm and confident on her.   My friends and I exchanged the "well, what do you think" look, we all nodded to go for it.  A little bargaining and Camryn as to be picked up in two days.  I had brought my camera along, so took a few pics so Hubby could see my new girl. Heading back home we all discussed our thoughts.  Camryn had thumbs up from us all.
"to be continued"

Sunday, November 28, 2010

Our little Tye

Tye hinted very strongly that he's yet to be a Blog Star!  Well, I can take a hint...
Tye hinting for his "blog time"
MOM, I really gotta go...
Tye hints pretty strongly anytime he needs a need to be met.  Thankfully, going potty is one of them!
Tye is our senior guy here age 13.  Though he's smaller than any of the Cardigans, all but Onyx allow him to hold the title of "ruler of all things".  Tye is rather obnoxious about this, so Onyx would prefer the opportunity to kill Tye.  I'm serious.  This being the main reason Onyx is Camryn's dog.  Anyone care to guess what mix Tye is?  Bet ya can't!
He's actually Christopher's dog, Tye and Chris have been best buds, since Chris was 16.  Due to Chris time in the Army and the fact that his place has to many stairs for Tye to navigate to go out, Tye continues to live here.  Tye, knows Chris is his boy.  When Chris returned from his first tour in Iraq.  Tye had everyone in tears with his greeting.  Shoot I'm tearing up even writing about it.  Tye is always an enthusiastic greeter.  But, when Chris walked in the door, he went totally bonkers.  He was jumping up and down, throwing himself at Chris just screaming with joy.  No one can tell me animals can't profess and show their love.  He'd never acted this way before or since, Tye knew and understood that his boy had been in serious danger, and had made it home to him.

Saturday, November 27, 2010

Black Friday

Besides having our one day delayed Thanksgiving feast, hubby took advantage of Black Friday.  Our computer had started showing it's age and needed replaced.  We knew what we wanted, so hubby got online shopped around till he found the deal he was looking for.  New puter, that is so much faster.  AND he picked up photo shop for me.  I'm off to play with that a bit now....

Thursday, November 25, 2010

Giving Thanks

I count my blessings daily, though days such as this maginifies your daily blessings.  One big one today is my daughter Jillian comes home from her Army Base in Hawaii just in time for Turkey!!  She's a wonderful person, and I don't say that just because I gave birth to her.  She just is.
My Hubby, I knew our union was blessed from the start, it continues to be so.  He's the best of the best.
My two sons Christopher & Adam, vastly differant in so many ways.  Yet, I couldn't ask for better boys.  Their sense of humor can sometimes be a tad overboard.  Can't complain overmuch as they got that from me.
My Mother who despite some health problems this past year keeps the faith which inspires all those around her. 
A warm, cozy, home filled with wonderful furry canine kids.  And a barn that houses my wonderful Camryn.
Life is good, and I am truly blessed.
Please don't forget our soldiers on this day and everyday.  Also their families, been there done that myself.

Monday, November 22, 2010

Something is in the woods Mom...

Something apparently was in the woods.  Camryn could see it, of course human that I am, had no clue.  Having a camera stuck to my face, aimed at Camryn, I would miss it!!!  Neighbors have mentioned a 10 point buck that's been looking for a mate, he's been hanging out behind Camryn's pasture a lot.  Sorry, no Mr. Big Buck pix, just Camryn as usual.  Don't you just love her winter woolies, and her tail is just awesome.  Perhaps Mr. Big Buck thinks so too?  They are the same color after all!!!  I always get a chuckle when she appears to be wearing black socks, there is a muddy area in the pasture which has the only remaining grass right now.  
Something's back there Mom!

Just over the hill Mom...
Hurry, let me out so I can see it...
To late Mom, it's gone

Take note of the leaves in the woods.  That's what her pasture would look like, except I took the leaf blower to it three times!!!  Yes, I'm serious, the neighbors think I'm nutso, I probably am.  I'm hoping by having the pasture clear of all the leaves the snow melts, and spring rains will be able to drain back to the ditch and relieve some of the flooding we get back there.  Fingers crossed on that one.  Also as her pasture has so many trees, being leafless will help me spot deadfall after winter storms to keep it cleaned up.  This is the longest we've been able to use her pasture, normally it's been to wet come Nov. to use.  The grass is of course gone, but she enjoys it so much.  Not sure how to explain it to Camryn when she's stuck in the paddock area till spring.  She's gonna be bummed big time.
PS these pix were taken just prior to my last leaf blowing.  Should've taken some after shots I guess

Saturday, November 20, 2010

from poop 2 compost

Been busy doing some before winter chores.  Anyone wondering what to do with your darling horses daily contributions to society (manure)?  We call it Camryn Compost at our house.
This is what we do in pictures:
manure pile before tilling

manure pile after tilling, we tarp to help it cook

before adding Camryn Compost

After adding Camryn Compost
Another before

Another after
I could show more as I have way to many flower beds.  Fortunately Camryn is quite happy to manufacture her lovely compost.  Lots of back breaking work, who needs a gym when you have a horse and flower beds!!!  The veggie garden this year gave us 6ft tall tomato plants!!!   We're done for the winter.  Come spring we'll be turning over and loading more Camryn Compost in the back yard gardens.  By tilling it, you can actually fool people into believing it's mulch as there are few that appear to be actual road apples.  The dogs LOVE to eat the manure, tilling actually helps disguise it even to their noses!!!

Monday, November 15, 2010

bitblanket, riding bareback, new game...

     With winter coming I've been getting a flashback of my little brother with his tongue stuck on a metal ice cube tray.  I think he'd been dared? Not certain, though most likely by me!!!  Anyway, thinking of that, I'd been contemplating a bit warmer for Camryn.  I had no intention of putting the bit in my armpit guys!!!  I knew I could make one using rice and heating it in the microwave preriding, but what if it didn't retain the heat from house, to barn, to bridling?  What if it were to hot?  Found one online that utilized those hand warmers you can pick up in any sporting goods department.  That would mean needing to keep stocked up on those, didn't feel like it was worth extra trips if I ran out, or having to buy them perhaps frequently.  Or missing a ride on a cold but, otherwise perfect day if I didn't have one.  I found, they have an electric bit warmer, so ordered one.   Though it isn't brrrrrrrrrrr cold yet, I decided to give it a try.  You wrap it around the bit, plug it in, then groom, & saddle.  Says not to leave it for longer than 20 minutes.  Today, as I used a bareback pad it only took 10 but, still the bit was warm to my hand.  I LOVE IT, and am pretty sure Camryn will be appreciative as well.
     Felt lazy, so decided to simply ride bareback today.  I have one of those fleecy bareback pads, borrowed from a friend who never used it.  I think it's much comfier for Camryn having the pad between my bones and hers.  Though we both have our own padding as it is!  Perhaps it's from having ridden three hours the other day, perhaps it's my joints getting older?  But, riding with a saddle doesn't seem to cause my hips to rotate as much as without one? Of course Camryn being a Drafty Hafy Gurl, has something to do with it I'm sure.  I do have bursitis in my hips and could really feel it today.  As we rode a while, I did loosen up and didn't hurt quite so much as in the beginning.  We just walked and worked on a new game.  I'm certainly not a balanced enough or strong enough rider to trot bareback, with sore hips to boot.
     Began on the ground with a ball that she can pick up.  On the ground we got as far as 20 feet, then she'd hand it to me.  I follow along and stand nearby to take it from her.  Riding I just asked for her to touch it, as leaning forward to take it bareback just didn't seem like such a good idea LOL.  Though I was wearing my new helmet!  We'll try to get a video once we're further along and perhaps have hubby man the camera rather than myself. 
Supposed to rain later tonight for the next few days.  So, I bought a little bike horn while grocery shopping today.  If we can't ride, may as well play useless games right :)  Camryn can "honk her own horn!" 
Reason for so much time on my hands, I work at a greenhouse which is seasonal.  Last week was our last week.  Not sure if Camryn will feel lucky to have me home so much?  Wonder if the house will stay any cleaner?  The barn won't suffer that's for sure!
Off to dremel my sons dogs toenails...

Saturday, November 13, 2010

Beautiful day to ride again :)

Who would've thought we'd have such gorgeous weather here in Ohio, this time of year.  Awesome just awesome, got together today with neighbor Danette and one of her boarders for a lovely ride this afternoon.  Another friend Meredith trailered her QH mare over to join us.  What fun we had.  Just hanging out together with the horses, literally at times.  We'd just stand with the horses circled, they rested while we chatted.  Camryn would alternately rest, then flirt with Eclipse.  I tried to explain that guys prefer their women playing hard to get LOL. 
 Had the opportunity to show off Camryns skill of picking things up for me.  I'd drop my crop for her to pick up.  Everyone loved it, and felt that it will come in handy if any of us drop something on the trail LOL. One who'd previously scoffed at our clicker training now finds it amazing :)  We ended up riding and/or sitting for three hours alternating going thru the woods, back to the arena, thru Camryns pasture over and over.  Camryn's cones were out in the pasture, so she HAD to pick a few up LOL.  I've created a monster, Danette has poles for pole bending set up, Camyrn thinks she needs to pick them up too!!!
Did have one worrisome moment as Camryn and I rode over to Danette's.  We cross a bridge to get there, Danette had planted some shrubs on our side of the bridge where we enter.  Camryn knew right away that those things weren't there yesterday and was quite concerned.  I'd ride her towards them just till I could feel her feeling concerned, then circle back a little ways, .  Let her stand and think then start again, added some click and treat when I knew she was plugging her brain back in.  We were getting closer each time, without forcing the issue.  After about 10 minutes she was able to ride by them and over the bridge.  She did give those bushes a dirty look however.  On the way back over with the others along, she was sure the bushes were laying in wait, passing them but, with more dirty looks.  After that anytime we crossed she was just fine with them.
Meredith apparently has been around some problem Haflingers, in the past.  I'd noticed her watching us on and off quite a lot.  Didn't think anything of it, turns out she was amazed at how "mellow" and "easy" Camryn is.  Camryn is usually the most reliable, and the only one who will ride with no problem in front, rear, or middle. 
Not to say or imply she's perfect but, she sure does fake it well with others.  She's also the only one among them that doesn't feel the need to squeal when greeting close up, she's quiet, ears forward and just wanting to be friends.
Love, love, love my gurly gurl 

Friday, November 12, 2010

Grandpuppy pix/great day to ride.

If there is anything cuter than a Cardigan Welsh Corgi pup, it's five of them.  Can't you just smell their sweet puppy breath?  The black & whites with tan points are all girls and marked just like daddy Onyx.  The blue merle is a boy, marked just like his mummy Tanzi.  Born Oct. 13 2010.  Sorry they don't reside here, I just have Daddy.  Not sure how many may still be available but, if interested in finding out contact Debbie Brooks  Both Mummy and Daddy are Champions, Onyx also has two agility titles along with his novice rally title.  So these pups are sure to have beauty AND brains :)  I'm going to wait till their a few weeks older to pay them a visit. 

On the Hafy front, what a great day to ride...First Camryn and I spent an hour riding our pasture and perfecting picking up the cones and handing them back to me.  She's got it down nearly 99% success rate.  Must say it's easier without the camera!!!  We noticed Danette riding her mare Dakota, Camryn was interested but, continued on.  We'd just gathered all our cones to put away when Danette hollered over asking if we'd like to ride thru the woods together.  Well, DUH!!!  Put the cones away, made sure Onyx couldn't follow then rode over to meet them.  Poor Dakota, or should I say poor Danette as Dakota is in season again.  She did great till we got over to the boarding barn where there are five handsome geldings.  Dakota planted her feet and refused to move.  Camryn and I tried riding away hoping she'd be game to follow, tried that a few times, nothing.  We rode over beside them, Camryn reached her head over to Dakota's and must have whispered something, because as we turned to walk away Dakota finally followed.  We headed over to our barn, Dakota once again grew roots not wanting to move.  Took some doing but, finally she followed us and we rode over to her home barn.  This happens whenever Dakota is in season, if Eclipse her gelding honey is along she's much better but, still will stick not wanting to move.  Camryn did great, though we did have one spook when Danette's cat Leppi leaped down from a wall near us.  It was dusk and Leppi is gray so I don't think Camryn had seen her.  Camryn recovered quickly and attempted to follow Leppi to get a better look aka sniff.  We hope to ride again tomorrow, I can't wait.

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

attempt @ click training video

I guess this video could called a comedic attempt at, riding, training, treating, shooting video with a little odd narration thrown in for chuckles???
So got my new helmet, and resumed what Camryn and I had been working on the day of my "oomph" from the saddle.  The day if my "oomph", our goal was merely riding to then touching the cones.  Today, as I noticed she was holding on the cone we might "attempt" to add her handing it back to me in the saddle.  Camyrn being 1. very smart & 2. extremely food motivated caught on amazingly fast.  We both, "me mainly" have to work on our coordination.  Probably (definitely) the fact that I was rider, trainer, treater, & cameraman added to my incoordination?  I hope so anyway!!!
Hubby has been in Canada on business, so this is how I entertain myself!  While he just shakes his head and inwardly chuckles @ what Camryn & get up to together.  I know he secretly enjoys it, as a happy wife is a good thing to have about right!  My children think "Mo-om, you have no life", I think they need to realize that "Mom's horse & her horsey friends" keep me from being a perpetually need Mom ;)
There are two videos, the 1st I accidentally quit taping and had to start over.  While doing video 1 I realized that Camryn noticed when I dropped the cone back on the ground, and rather than heading to another, she preferred to stay there and pick up the original again.  You'll hear in tape 2, I solved this by placing the cone she'd just given me on her ample rump and allowing it to fall off as we progressed to the next cone.
 Please hold the applause...

PS I dropped my riding crop in the pasture, Camryn  helped me in the search.  I asked her to pick it up and give it to me.  Wish I'd got that on video, hmmmmmm could be an upcoming video.  Hopefully Camryn disagrees with my children in that "I need to get a life!"

Monday, November 8, 2010

OUCH!!! New helmet ordered...

Camryn and I were playing having a great time in the pasture.  I'd put several cones down, would ride out to one, she'd touch & get her click/treat.  We'd progressed to her picking the cone up, just not to the point of reaching back for me to take it.  She did enjoy throwing them a lot though!!!  Anyway we were at the back of her pasture a few feet from the woods, when it happened.  Camryn isn't a spooky horse by any means, to her new things mean the possiblity of something perhaps being edible.  As she swung her ample self around, I proceeded to do a one rein stop.  As this was happening I could feel the spook disapating and she'd begun to swing back around to take a looksee (could be food you know), I was also thinking "I can ride this out no prob".  Technicly I did, the saddle didn't.  One of my habits (besides wearing a helmet), is to recheck her girth at the mounting block.  Well, I didn't so as she swung one way, the saddle slid down her side causing me to whack my noggin pretty good.  Sound effects from within the helmet probably sounded worse than it actually was!!!  I sat up, Camryn was standing looking down at me, I was surprised at the look of concern on her face.  Last time, I'm pretty sure she laughed!!!  My head hurt, my legs felt like rubber, I looked around to see what caused her spook.  About 6 feet from us was a huge gray/white hawk enjoying a squirrel dinner.  I'm guessing he flew right over us, grabbing it as it climbed a tree.  Decided the old saying about getting right back on the horse, wasn't wise if you had a concussion!!!  Camryn and I walked back to the barn, untacked, then she joined me in picking up the cones.  She does pick them up and hand them to me from the ground by the way.  The hawk was still eating, Camryn just watched with interest as it flew away when we walked up.
Oddly enough, hubby had just fallen at work hitting his head two days ago.  He's in Canada today, so I texted that we were a concussion couple!!!  Also that I was getting a new helmet!!!  He called right away to make sure I was OK.
Ordered the Tipperary Sportage 8500 Helmet online.  None of the tack stores in the area carry them and I'd heard good things about them.  Shame I'll have to miss the good riding weather till it comes.  But, as I was wearing my helmet, I'm uninjured so am able to ride again which is a HUGE BLESSING!!!

Sunday, November 7, 2010

Busy weekend. Camryn spa day

This weekend, been busy trying to have things ready for winter.  Brought in bedding for the winter, the bags vary in weight from 75lb to 95 lb.  We were able to fit 19 bags on our smallish truck and ATV trailer.  Should be set for quite a while on that.   Bless Dear Hubby for loading and unloading these.  For my part I placed the pallets in the barn for them, then pulled the bags forward for him to lift. 
Today, I burned the last of the brush pile I've gathered from various wind storms in the pasture/paddock.  I've been clearing our woods the past few years, got the dead fall I've gathered this year burned as well.  Woods are looking so good, nice and rideable.  Hubby is planning to fence, but have a few groundhogs I need to evict before that happens.  Also have a few large cherry trees back there so I'm rather hesitant to allow Camryn back there period.
On the Camryn front, didn't ride at all this weekend but, she did have a spa day. Conditioned her bush of a mane, as well as her tail.  Camryn doesn't have the traditional Haflinger mane, not sure if it's from her genes or the fact that she gets sweet itch, hence rubs it a lot.  Though it's not long, I love the way it stands up in the breeze.  When she shakes herself it just goes every which way. Just realized I didn't get pix of her lovely tail prior to braiding!   Last winter I didn't braid and regretted it, it was long enough to drag the ground, deep snow caused snowballs/iceballs on the ends, then mud.  Not winter yet, but was in the mood to experiment and pratice braiding it anyway.

The End

Friday, November 5, 2010

What does rain mean?

Around here rain means wet horse.  No clue why, Camryn chooses to stand in the rain when she has a perfectly dry barn to stand in.  But, 9 times out of 10 that's just what she does. I hang her hay nets in the barn, her water is in the barn, Camryn has no problem eating and drinking there, as soon as she's done outside she goes.   Maybe prior to being here, having being kept in a tie down stall she feels since the option is there, why waste it standing inside?  She still snoozes under the magnolia even though as of this week the tree is bald.  Her winter coat when wet gets these pretty waves all thru.
Wonder if she'd self rinse?
K, Mom enough with the pix, just hang my hay net and be done with it!

Thursday, November 4, 2010

Cardi content

Seems I haven't included the Cardis enough in the blog for some people (Kristi)!!!  So, today I'll focus on the baby of our Cardigan Welsh Corgi clan.  Ivy, aka Mirage Steadfast & Loyal is her name, playfulness and cuddling is her game.  Ivy was one of two litters born during my eldest son (Chris) 2nd tour of Iraq.  Steadfast & Loyal is the motto of the Army 4th ID, the Ivy Leaf their insignia, so this is were her name comes from.  Both litters name theme of course had the military in mind.  I gave each new puppy person a list of names chosen by my sons platoon from which to choose their pups registered name.  I haven't been doing the dog show thing for a few years, so Ivy's Championship is in limbo though she does have one of her majors along with a few single points towards that.  Occasionally Ivy get to come back to the barn to play, not often as she can be a tad bit horse clueless.  Ivy gets so busy showing off for Onyx that she races herself behind, in front of and under Camryn.  Fortunately Camryn is fine with this and seems amused!!!  As you can see in Ivy's photo's she has an impish personality, she's a friend to one and all and a wonderful ambassador to her breed.

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Snow in forecast

We have snow in the forecast later in the week.  I've been taking advantage of the past few days and riding Camryn after work before it gets dark.  We've stuck to her pasture area as since the leaves have fallen, Camryn can easily see the neighbor horses and  has chosen a pathway she feels is the best way to get over to them.  Unfortunately her chosen path, involves some trespassing which I'm not keen to do!!!  While she has never "just taken off" with me to get there and I've never "felt" that was her intention.  Keeping her off Jacks property is difficult.  When her mind is set on something she can be a bit difficult to persuade.  Amazing how easily Camryn flexes, that is until she knows doing so turns her away from her intended path LOL.  Just tells me we still have work to do, and as fighting with an over 1000 lb drafty mare probably isn't such a wise idea.  I instead stay within the fence on days I can feel a fight might ensue. 
One new thing I've managed to do while saddled is open/close the gate from her paddock into the back yard.  Now that we've done that once, we'll be able to work on that and hopefully perfect it.
Till next time...

Sunday, October 31, 2010

Hafy Halloween

Camryn being a creative kind of girl took it upon herself to come up with a Halloween costume.  Can you guess what she is?  Scroll down to find out....
Now tell me isn't that creative? 
As a side note, she's probably pretty depressed right now, I know I am.  We almost got her a real horse trailer.  One of those deals that sounded to good to be true. "It was."  Luckily, I investigated a bit before sending the cash as it was a scam.  So, Camryn still has be be her own horse trailer.

Saturday, October 30, 2010

bit of a windy ride today

Have been impatiently waiting a wind free day.  Just not going to happen it appears.  Except a quick naked ride (Camryn was naked not me), around the pasture on Sun., it's been nearly two weeks.  So today we girls decided to saddle up and ride.  Danette on Dakota and Lori on Eclipse met me on their horses at the back of my woods and we headed to Danette's arena.  Danette lives one house over from me, she has a home barn with her two horses and Lorie's horse.  She then has a boarding barn w/indoor arena, which can be accessed off another road or via the woods.  We generally use the woods with Camryn and I meeting up where our properties merge.  On our rides Camyrn doesn't much care if she's lead, middle or last, today we chose first.  Eclipse (Arab) normally leads, though he'll just go with the flow as well, Dakota (Spotted Saddle Horse) is the only one of the three with a preference, leading is not in her vocabularyry unless perhaps we're headed to her home barn, then she might choose to lead.  Something comical always occurs when Camryn is leading in front of Dakota.  Comical because Dakota is gaited so she moves out faster than Camryn.  Camryn (and I) prefer to amble along enjoying the sights.  If Dakota feels Camryn is moving to slowly, she'll reach out and lip (never uses teeth) at Camryn's ample Hafy butt.  This just cracks us up, Dakota saying "move it", with Camryn's attitude being "if you wanna go faster, why don't you lead girlfriend?" It's one of the things I so enjoy about my golden girl, she goes on totally unfazed by just about anything. Nothing exciting happened which of course is what you want in the saddle.  Doesn't read as well, personally I like boring ;)

Friday, October 29, 2010

It must be love!

Our barn isn't large by any means. Once a horse was on the way, hubby built a lovely 12x12 stall, a hay loft, made sure the water and electric were operable.  He cut down lotus trees, and turned them into fence posts, he and my oldest boy tag teamed putting these in.  Fencing in a large paddock, and pasture, I mean I could just go on and on.  Hubbies dream never involved horses or any animal beyond your basic dog out back.  But, knowing and loving me, he's made all this happen. Our barn used to house three indoor/outdoor dog runs, along with Hubby's ATV, tractor, mower, and various other husbandly DIY stuff. Several of the larger items had to move outside.  Hubby still kept his tools, and not huge items in the barn.  I had my horse stuff area, he had his hubby stuff area.  I was content and happy, not bothered with the lack of space.  Without any prompting what so ever, Hubby began moving his stuff into the shed, which is actually pretty big.  Still the ATV and what not had no real home of their own.  Sooooo, hubby solved the problem by adding on to the shed.  Is my Hubby the best or not?  I say he is!!!  disclaimer: Hubby doesn't read this blog, so this blog entry is not made in order to gain anything for myself.  Also, he doesn't have any brothers girls LOL
Not quite finished, but well on the way

Thursday, October 28, 2010

Treats? Did you say treats???

Camryn food motivated?  No, never LOL
Could it be an Apple?

Please, let it be an apple...
Mmmm, doesn't look or smell like an apple...
Drat, it's just Mom and that darn camera again (SIGH)
Can you tell Camryn is getting her winter woolies in order?  I just loooove running my hands thru her winter coat, so soft, furry and warm.