Thursday, December 9, 2010

Wish I'd had camera handy...

Some would've called Camryn a bad girl.  Myself, I think "she's one smart gal."  I mean the one time I've forgotten to chain the inside gates that lead into my tack, feed, bedding, Onyx, & spare hay area my "darling" discovers the mistake.  I knew something was up when I didn't hear the usual nicker of "feeeeed me" as I came out of the house.  Even though it's dark, the outside flood light on the barn, and the night light in the barn, showed me one of the gates inside was swung wide open.  Sure enough, Ms.  Camryn's Ample Bootee is bellied up the the hay bar munching away.  I wish I'd had my camera as it was really quite the sight.
 She's squeezed between my saddle, and Onyx indoor dog house, front feet up on the raised platform that keeps the hay off the ground.  Onyx is on a bale right next to her head as she eats.  Onyx looks up sleepily, Camryn turns her head with a mouthful of hay, her expression is one of "Oh, Hey look what I found here Ma!" Woulda been a prime Kodak moment for sure.
 Camryn then of course turns her head for another mouth full.  I could tell by what was gone she'd just started her feast.  I simply went up to her head, touched her chest then steered her backward, out of where she'd wedged her drafty self, out the gate and shut it.  Though I could tell, Camryn didn't feel this was fair of me, she immediately cooperated.  As I moved her out, I just kept telling her "gooooood girl, back, goooood girl, back...Once I had her out, she walked right to her stall door and waited to be tucked in for the night.  See, she is a goooood girl :)
Gotta love such a wickedly smart girl, and I won't be forgetting to double chain the gates again.  Much to Camryn's disappointment,, I'm a quick learner just like she is...


  1. So cute! Even without a camera, you did a good job of painting the picture for us! I can just see her wedged into a tight space as she fills her belly! She IS a good girl, and smart too!

  2. I could totally see Morrissey doing this!