Sunday, December 19, 2010

frozen poop & pick axe!!!

Yup, it's official, I'm crazy.  Normally I clean Camryn's paddock daily.  Of late, her lovely deposits have turned to poopcicle's.  No way can my muck rake tackle it, my trusty shovel doesn't work either.  Light bulb moment came, I grabbed my pick axe and walla, I began to make progress.  One dislodged from the frozen ground, I tried picking the frozen apples up with my muck rake.  Most simply slid right off, there had to be an easier way to do this.  Another light bulb moment, I have 5 dogs, hence I have a large pooper scooper right :).  Not finished yet, as it's been about a week, hubby is ill with the flu so I want'ed to get back in for him but, I did put a pretty good dent in the poo!!!
According to my computer screen it's a balmy 25 degrees out...


  1. We use a garden hoe - to dislodge and move the poo - and a metal shovel. Works like a charm!

  2. Laughing....I've been there! Warning - don't try to kick the piles. Voice of experience will tell you that you can just about break your toe!
    It amazes me how a pile of poop on top of the snow will insulate the snow and keep it there for a looonnnngggggg time!