Wednesday, December 29, 2010

belated Merry Christmas...

     Hope all had as wonderful Christmas as we did here.  I'd videoed the dogs unwrapping gifts to post, unfortunately it's apparently to long to post SIGH.  So, no visual.  Let it be known, though Tye is elderly he's very youthful when it comes to "ungiftwrapping"!!!  Oddly enough the crew doesn't bother gifts under the tree until Christmas morning.  Once they (Tye in particular) see "Dad" with a gift in his lap, the party begins.  Tye doesn't care if it's canine or human gift, he's gonna unwrap it!  He's a riot.
     We had our family get together the day after Christmas as the kids either had other plans, or work in some cases (nephew works at Walgreen's) couldn't get Christmas off.  Picked up my mother on Christmas day to enjoy a small dinner with her, as I couldn't allow her to spend the day alone with just the cat.  Mom got to spend a few days here with hubby and I.  Day after Christmas we all converged at my brothers home.  Good food, and family what more could you ask :). 
     Equine gift wise, Camryn now has a "blocker control halter", seems more humane than a stud chain and should come in handy this spring when I'll need to reteach that grass isn't to be eaten when being led.  We do have issues with that.  Oddly not when leading on our property, just when out and about!!!  Also my darling hubby gifted me with Ez-up stirrup rotators/extender.  Having issues with the extender part however, I can't reattach the stirrup hobble as the extender is just to big.  I've written Ez-up so we'll see what they have to say.  I may  just have to improvise with a leather dog collar.  Should work in concept anyway.  Sometimes you just have to "improvise, adapt, & overcome obstacles thrown your way!!!


  1. Glad to hear that you had a nice holiday!
    We did too:)
    I was looking at the picture of Reej, he is a very handsome boy!

  2. Yeah, Reej is gorgeous. His sis was in the top 10 & Reej is nicer than she. I'm sometimes bummed that we couldn't strut his stuff together. Or get pups from him. But, we love him just as he is. Luckily DH has anxiety issues, the two of them totally understand one another :)

  3. I can only imagine what it would be like if we allowed Delilah to unwrap gifts. The tree would never be safe again, not that it really is now but at least is is still standing. lol