Friday, December 3, 2010

Doing dishes or room with a view...

How can I complain about doing dishes with a view like the one below?  Answer is:  I can't!

Mo-oooom, I NEED more food!!!
Isn't she just adorable, laying her cute little muzzle on the fence, silently nagging me LOL  Camryn's favorite view (when she's finished her hay) is standing at the gate, watching for me.  When I appear she either yells in her very deepest voice, or begins grunting.  Oddly, she only does this with me, not hubby.  Maybe she doesn't realize that while I serve the food, Hubby provides it?
HEY YOU!!!  Mr. Neighbor give Mom a call would ya!
Camryn's second favorite view is spying on the neighbors.  Maybe she thinks they'll give me a call to tell me she's starving to death???  She really enjoys summertime pool parties and bonfires, we're rural but, she has several yards to keep tabs on and she does it well.
From the right side, she has her horse friends to watch, from the back her pasture and woods.  Unfortunately her pasture floods most of the winter, meaning it's a good thing she has the neighbors to watch.


  1. She is so cute. I couldn't resist that face and the dishes would just have to wash themselves as I'd be out the door with carrots, cookies or apples...

  2. She's a beauty and seems like just the right horse for you. I was interested to read about your decision to sell your other horse and get another one - it looks like you made a very good choice. I've only met a few Haffies, but they seem like a great breed. And thanks for stopping by my blog!

  3. I always find it easier to do dishes with horses within view.

    She does look like a charmer.