Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Introducing Reej...

Wanted to introduce Reej aka Karina Rioja Rubera.  Don't ask me about the name (long story). He's 12 years old and like most of my dogs is a Cardigan Welsh Corgi.  Reej was born for the show ring, however no one ever informed him...Reej came to us at 7 months old, we were told he was nervous but, with some life experience he should be find.  Not the case, socialized him, tried showing him, did Obedience, Agility.  All of which he did great at so long as it wasn't in the ring!!!  Like a "hot" horse he spooks easily, is comfortable and easy to be with on his own turf with his own people. Take him from the familiar add something different and he's a very frightened boy.  So after much thought, not wishing to pass on his fearful temperament, Reej was neutered. He's happy, content with his lot, & a much loved member of our household. . 

 I have to admit there are still times, when I look at him and sigh.  If only he knew how handsome he is, he'd have kicked butt in the breed ring
 Reej has mellowed somewhat with age.  Oddly enough this mellowing was soon followed by a seizure disorder this past summer, he's now on Pheno for the rest of his life. 

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  1. He really is a beautiful dog. I'm glad he has a home full of love and care... :)