Saturday, December 11, 2010

First snow ride...

Haven't saddled up for a variety of reasons since the week of Thanksgiving.  Between the holiday itself, family commitments, weather, cleaning bridle, I just haven't had the chance.
Today I got to ride YIPPEE!!!  Danette (neighbor) called as she was tacking up Dakota.  I wouldn't be ready for approx. 20 minutes to meet her out back and ride over together.  Had contemplated simply riding over alone to her arena.  Had never done this period, let alone in snow, that and her other mare Molly was very upset about Dakota leaving.  I just had a feeling once we hit the woods, Camryn would be sucked over to where Molly was having an anxiety attack.  I also knew my having this feeling would basically insure this happening!!!
Decided to ride in the paddock first, Camryn was a bit edgy at first, still behaving nicely.  Once she felt relaxed and soft, we headed back to our pasture.  She's off pasture since pre-Thanksgiving due to flooding back there.  First thing she did was want to take off for the gate to head back in the woods.  Momma foiled this with a one-rein then we played around a bit, clicking for whoa's, circling, flexing, just getting her focus on my rather than the gate.  Didn't take long and we piddled about near the barn a bit.  I then allowed her to head for the gate, stopping and changing directions several times.  Then away from the gate, so on and so forth.  A few times I dropped my riding crop as I'm unused to riding w/gloves.  I forgot I'd taught her to pick things up for me for a moment, then remembered I didn't need to dismount.  How nice it is to have Camryn do this.  Once she handed me the crop only to lower her head again to present me with a stick.  That just about had me rolling with laughter, what a good girl. 
We rode thru the flooded area several times, Camryn didn't mind at all.  I contemplated heading over to the arena after a while then figured we were having a good time at home.  So, why ruin a good day with the prospect of a fight staying away from Molly?  Yeah, I'm a wimp but, a better safe than sorry wimp LOL
 Got chance to use the electric bit warmer.  I give it a big thumps up, Camryn gives it hooves up.  Definitly would purchase again...

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