Friday, December 31, 2010

Camryn beeps in the New Year...

People use horns and such to make noise while bringing in the New Year.  Camryn decided she could too!!!


Camyrn dismantled her usual horn while "attempting" to video yesterday.  This one is sturdier, but has a different feel and noise.  I'm sure the duct tape I used had an odd taste to it as well.  Also, I don't normally have her horn taped to a stick.  She's used to my having it in hand, but for video purposes the stick worked better.   So...while Camryn loved her old horn, she's a bit hesitant when using the new horn. 

Camryn & I have a few goals for 2011:
  1. Camryn wants to keep her new figure, she's lost 325 pounds since moving here last Jan.  Her new weight is "drum roll please".....1033 pounds.  Her Vet will be so proud.  I hope to loose and maintain weight as well.  Not nearly as much however!!!
  2. We hope to get a new truck/used trailer this year.
  3. Participate in Ohio's Buffalo Girls Ride for The Cure this fall.
  4. Just joined ACTHA and plan to participate in some of their rides here in Ohio this year.
  5. Perfect Camryn's basketball skills.
  6. Take more riding lessons.
  7. Get dear Hubby to get up on Camryn at least once.
  8. Do a lot more artwork & perhaps sell some for Camryn cash flow!
  9. Have fun & ride, ride, ride...

Happy New Year to you all...


  1. If it's any consolation I have the same problem with a mare who wants to dismantle musical instruments!

    A Happy New Year to you both as well xxx

  2. How many hands is Camryn? I hope you are accomplishing all the goals that you set! Great job on the blog, I really am enjoying it!