Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Our first meeting...

This time last year, I made the decision to sell my TWH gelding.  We'd been together three years, he taught me a lot but, we just never clicked in the saddle.  I learned that a former endurance horse wasn't the same as a been there done that horse LOL.  I like moseying along enjoying my surroundings , he was always in a hurry!  Even more so if we were headed home!!!  A bit barn sour, fortunatly his 360 to come back home was easy to sit!!!  Also, as I have neck problems, lifting his saddle onto his back was becoming more and more difficult.  Thus, we did more groundwork than riding. 
My priorities when looking for a new horse were: level headed, not in a hurry, trail experience easy to get along with, and shorter!!!   I took along my riding buddies in my search.  You know how your horse friend are always up for horse shopping :).  We looked at a few but, none felt right, one in particular I didn't even bother to ride.  I didn't have a specific breed or color in mind, though I'd been around a few Haflinger and they'd left me with a positive impression.  I found an ad for an 8 yr old mare on Craigslist (gotta love Craigslist), sounded like this girl might just work for me.  Made my phone call, the seller sounded honest and didn't mind my questions at all, answered many without my asking.  Decided to set up an appointment to take a look, called my friends and we set out the next day. 
While Camryn was as rusty as he'd told me, having only been ridden a few times the past three years, this showed but, she behaved quite nicely under saddle.  As we rode away from the barn, Camryn's 1/2 sister was inside the barn and began yelling for her.  I felt the slightest of hesitation  from Camryn when she heard this.  Then felt Camryn decide she was working and sis would have to wait.  Her decision was the selling moment for me, I knew how easy it would've been for Camryn to just high tail it back into that barn with me on her back.

Jan. 2010
Camryn all tacked up after "trying her out".
  I brought her back to the barn grinning from ear to ear, then had one of my friends take her out.  She came back with the same grin on her face.  My friends had my question list so they continued chatting with Camryn's owner as I lead her about getting a feel for her.  Everything I needed, sane, calm, short and I just plain liked her.  I had no bad vibes from her what so ever. Rather than feeling on edge on a strange horse, I was having a blast, I felt totally calm and confident on her.   My friends and I exchanged the "well, what do you think" look, we all nodded to go for it.  A little bargaining and Camryn as to be picked up in two days.  I had brought my camera along, so took a few pics so Hubby could see my new girl. Heading back home we all discussed our thoughts.  Camryn had thumbs up from us all.
"to be continued"

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