Thursday, December 2, 2010

reminiscing still

The weather and an out of town hubby have me reminiscing regarding finding Camryn along with her early days here...So, I continue from yesterdays post...
I have no trailer (hopefully to be remedied come spring!), so we found someone to help go pick Camryn up.  Poor guy, had to listen to Lori & I ramble on in excitement the entire drive there and back.  Camryn loaded quite easily, unloaded the same.  A bit looky, looky as I lead her down the drive to her barn, seemed more out of the curiosity regarding being on a new planet than nerves.  Had lunch waiting in her stall, which she settled right down too.  I was worried as she was now to be an only horse that she might have some difficulties being in a strange barn, in a strange stall, with a new person all alone.  Perhaps having been kept in a tie down stall for several years, she felt like she'd hit the big time in her 12 x12!!!  I hung out most of the day with her.  Danette next door who is horsey as well, came and hung out as well.  Between Danette, Hubby, and myself, Camryn had plenty of company and attention :).  Danette & Hubby couldn't get over how drafty Camryn was, rather like a Belgian who'd been tossed in the dryer and shrunk in height!  The word "tank" was used quite a lot.
Next day, I walked her along the paddock fence before unhaltering and turning her out.  She soon discovered she had horse neighbors, they all began a conversation for a bit.  That didn't take long once she discovered hay laying about in several small piles.  I was rather surprised at how quickly she settled.  Don't get me wrong, she did have several quirks, had to adapt and improvise a bit.  One being that she'd worn her halter most of the time, she was unused to be haltered and unhaltered, after a few days, she was fine with this.  Camryn was a bit pushy on the ground having not been worked with over much.  That and being Amish trained, she had little knowledge when it came to some ground manners. Still she was friendly, willing, not a nervous girl by any means, just plane easy to get along with.  Plus, being January I wasn't planning to just hop and, so we could bond thru groundwork till spring for the most part.  Being this also happened to be Camryn's 8th Birthday, it was an event.  Sorry no cake LOL
Myself on Camryn
Chris on Camryn
Day three my eldest son Chris stopped by to check out his new "sister!"  After hanging out with us a bit, Chris decided to just hop on as I held her lead, so with just a halter and lead rope Camryn had her first ride at her new home.  She took this as she took everything else in stride, Chris asked her to walk and they just strolled about her paddock together.  After, Chris gave me a boost so I could do the same.  While I didn't have my helmet handy (I know, I know), I did have my camera with me, you can see from these pics how Camryn came about being nicknamed a "Drafty Hafy Gurl"...
To be continued...


  1. She is just a beautiful solid little girl! :)

  2. Got to love those haffies. I got my Haffie as an unbroke 2 year old but he reacted to his new home the same way. "Cool digs, so what do you have to eat around here?"

  3. HA! Mitch came off the trailer, went right into his paddock and went "ZOMG! Hay." The minute he found the noms, he was home to stay.